Chris Mclean said "Hello watchers! You see after some seasons of Total Drama you're starting to think 'What do the players do while they're not on the show?' Well I hired Micaityl to tell you all! In this story called "Not on Total Drama!"

After the opening Chris was back hogging the screen. Chris said "You just noticed that the lean part of my last name wasn't capulized. Well my real last name is Mclean because I'm always clean! So anyways-" Chef duck tapes his mouth. Chef said "Chris! You are not hosting! I'm not either! Its just random teen writing about us!"

"Okay, Thanks Chef. Now let's go Ezekel." said Chris.

Ezekel was released from a mental hosspital. Ezekel said "Finally. I'm not feral." You see that he was helped being non-feral. Ezekel later got to his house. When he opened the door DJ, Dawn, Tyler, Mike, Jo, Brick, Lighting, and Zoey where throwing a party at his house.

"What the-" Ezekiel was suprised.

DJ said "We're throwing a party for you!"


Tyler said "I was here for the cake. Jocks get hungry."

Lightning yelled "You a jock! Ha ha! Sha-Lightning is better than you."

"At least I don't speak in the third person!"

"Lightning is Sha-good at sports, and you. You Sha-suck!"

"Want to bet!"

Jo said "Ten dollars saying sha-idiot will win."

Brick said "I say Tyler!"

Zoey said "I say Lightning! What about you Mike?"

"Uh." Mike stuttered. Then he turned to Chester. "Ah you kids. Throwing parties these days."

"Oh no! Your MPD is back!"

He then turned back to normal.

"They are!"

Lighting said "Who sha-cares!"

"I do care Lightning!" Zoey frowned.

"Whatever." Lightning said.

Later, when Lighting and Tyler were about to race, it started raining.

"This seems bad." Dj sadi.

Dawn suddenly said "Lighting! Tyler! Don't race! Something bad is going to happen to one of you!"

Tyler laughed 'The bad thing is the Lightning will lose!" He started running. Lighting said "Wait up!"

Ezekel laughed "My first time watching a race."

Brick asked "You've never seen a race?"


Lighting was ahead. He yelled "I'm winning! Sha-Lightning!" Then Lightning got struck by lightning. He went flying and ran right through Geoff's house window. Geoff, Bridgette, and Owen were playing Monopoly.

Owen yelled "Great balls of gravy! Its raining men!"

Ironically, at Zeke's party they were dancing to "It's Raining men!" Mike shirt was torn off my a table. "Party fever!" said Vito.

Brick said to Jo "Hey Jo. You know you need to pay me the ten dollars on the bet."

Jo said "I never made a bet!"

"Put yo hands up put yo put yo hands up!" Vito danced.

Micaityl: Next chapter: Scary Story Time! Who will tell a scary story? Is it Noah? What about Owen? Cody? Also, is that Sierra outside the window!? You'll find out soon enough on Not on Total Drama!

Chris: You stole my line!