He had been on his own for a while now. He didn't feel like he deserved to have anyone with him after what had happened with Donna... and Rose. It still pained him whenever he thought of his Rose, off with the human version of himself in the alternate universe. The Doctor walked around the console of the Tardis, distractedly flipping switches and pulling levers, when all of a sudden it started to shake.

"What are you doing, old girl," the Doctor yelled as the Tardis gave a lurch and the console started to smoke. Before the Doctor even had time to react, the Tardis landed with a great bang that sent the Doctor flying. The Doctor quickly got up and ran out of the Tardis right before it started to fill with smoke. As soon as the Doctor stepped out of the Tardis, The doors locked behind him.

"Really? You choose now of all times to do this?" the Doctor banged on the door, "please let me in old girl." but no matter how much he pleaded, the Tardis would not let him in.

Eventually the Doctor gave up and said, "Fine. I'll just go for a stroll then. I have to figure out where I am anyway."

The Doctor turned around to look at his surroundings. He deduced that he was in Cardiff around the year 2008. This knowledge saddened him because it was so close to Rose's time and he couldn't help the thought that if she had never met him, she would still be in London during this time. The Doctor, still wallowing, decided to walk throughout the city so that he could clear his head. As he walked, however, he noticed a few people staring. They looked at him with excitement and awe, and even though people had given him these looks before, he usually had to do something impressive before he got them. The Doctor continued on his walk until a girl, around the age of 15 came up to him.

"Excuse me, David. I know you're probably busy, but I was wondering if could have your autograph and maybe get a picture?" he girl looked at him pleadingly.

"Um, I'm sorry; I think you have me confused with someone else. My name isn't David."

The girl looked at him for a few seconds before something seemed to dawn on her. "Oh! Are you in character? That makes sense, I mean you're wearing the suit, this is so cool! I think I read somewhere that you were a method actor, but..." As the girl rambled on, the Doctor noticed that crowd had started to gather around him. they all yelled out at him to sign something for them or to take a picture. As the crowd started to enclose him, the Doctor started to worry.

"Ok! Let's have everyone calm down for a second," the Doctor said calmly," I think you have the wrong person. My name isn't David, I'm the Doctor. Now, I'm sure this David guy is extremely handsome; otherwise you wouldn't have confused us. However, I can assure you that I am not-" the Doctor stopped short as he came to a realization and he looked up, very much hoping to see Zeppelins in the sky. His view was blocked by an awning, however, and he was just about to push through the crowd when someone yelled, "Oh my gosh, there's Billie Piper!"

The crowd around the Doctor lessened. The Doctor, curious to see what had caused such a distraction, turned to where the crowd was now gathering. He did not expect what he saw. There, at the top of some steps was his pinks and yellow girl, the one he had never expected to see again, the one he still loved so very much.

The Doctor let out a gasp