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A HariPo drabble collection

by mew-tsubaki

Note for all chapters: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not to me. :[ These are 50 AU drabbles, frolicking with my very 1st OTP, Ginrius—so read, review, and enjoy! :} Boot camps used: OTP Boot Camp Challenge, Character Trait! Boot Camp Challenge, Cross-gen Boot Camp Challenge, & The AU Diversity Boot Camp Challenge (all in the HPFC)

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Prompts used: breathless (OTP), dark! (Trait), substitute (X-gen), rose (AU)

Word count: 428.

Alternate universe: vampires.

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1. In the Dark of the Night

They are not of the Wizarding world.

Once, they had been, but that's just a thing of the past now.

Now, now they are breathless creatures with hearts that no longer beat.

They no longer feel.

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They meet through a family friend. The Potters get along with nearly everyone, so Blacks and Weasleys and Malfoys and so on and so forth are all invited to dine under one mansion roof. It gives a whole new meaning to "pureblood."

He leaves his parents' and brother's sides, because he's a grown man, and heads for the veranda that's laden with roses and lilies, because James is as sentimental as ever. Maybe James couldn't leave his human self entirely alone, Sirius muses.

Sirius discovers that he's not alone on the veranda, actually. That redheaded firebrand who's Harry's age—Ginny Weasley—is sipping her drink. "Enjoying the night air?" he asks.

Ginny glances at him and then returns her gaze to the Moon. "I just wanted to escape there." She swishes her drink around, and the scent is familiar to him.

He doesn't call her out on it, drinking pig's blood instead of human, as the Malfoys and his own family do. In fact, he admires her for it…because he only drinks pig's blood, too.

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Somewhere along the way, the lines become clear. The Malfoys, Notts, Flints, Crouches, and majority of Blacks want nothing to do with those unwilling to be anything but their "true" selves. Sirius does not agree; he sides with the Potters, Weasleys, Prewetts, Boneses and Longbottoms.

His lovely mother snarls at him while his father and brother stay out of the way at this council to rule on outlawing the drinking of human blood. "Take your hog's blood and sup with your hog whore, you filth!" Walburga hisses, directing her fury at Ginny, who happened to land the seat beside Sirius.

Sirius opens his mouth to retort, but Ginny stands and says, "Clearly the only filth in here is the mother he was saddled with!" Her brown eyes flash, and a girl thought weak for not drinking human blood manages to fling Walburga across the room with a telekinetic strength more powerful than any of them have ever had.

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Ginny apologizes to him, but he does nothing but grin.

He's never met such a woman like her, in either his life or un-life.

They may be breathless creatures with hearts that no longer beat…

…but, as he grips her hand to reassure her that everything's fine, he finds that he no longer believes them incapable of feeling.

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No matter what universe, Sirius' mother will always be a bitch. ;P Anyone realize that Regulus technically was alive here? :') I also kind of drew on my favorite old vampire stories (the kind like True Blood and Vampire Kisses and darker stuff, not Twishite, tyvm)…

Thanks for reading, and please don't favorite without reviewing! I came up with the 50 AUs for this collection, and they VARY! 0.0 Anywho, see you in the next universe!

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