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We're headed back to Madge's house to get my car, and I wonder what she'll think of me. I'm sure she still feels some anger for what I did… you know, kind of ripping the carpet out from under her with Peeta. Hell, maybe she just thinks it's gross that we hauled ass out of there to have sex. Who knows?

Peeta drives with one hand on the steering wheel, the other resting on his thigh, his fingers thrumming continuously. Is he nervous or angry? I can never tell anymore. What I realized yesterday was true. He is angry a lot more lately, but maybe that's the sadist in him. Maybe I'm not enough and he's just exasperated. If last night wasn't enough I don't know what is… I mean, really.

"You're not going to talk to me?" I ask, since I have no idea what else to say.

His seemingly icy eyes flicker to me and he sighs. My hand is very invitingly resting on my knee, open for anyone who'd like to hold it, but Peeta keeps to himself. "I… what do you want me to say?"

"I don't know. Why are you anxious?" I question, placing my hand over his so it'll stop tapping. I push down, gripping his muscular thigh. "You could say, 'Katniss, I'm sorry I went overboard last night.' 'Katniss, fine weather we're having.' 'Katniss, you look lovely today." I cock my head to one side and smile at him, and yet again he doesn't return it.

"Stop," He says, giving me my hand back, "I already feel like an asshole, you don't need to taunt me."

I frown. "I'm not taunting. For normal people, this is called a conversation." I say slowly.

"Katniss, that's taunting." He mumbles dryly.

I stare at the ceiling dramatically. "You're. So. Up. Tight." A chuckle derives from Peeta, and I look to him with a smile as we pull into Madge's driveway.

Then, a question pops into my head: What if I'm the one getting tired of Peeta? These past few days he's been monotonous and… I don't know. Maybe there's a secret dread I don't know I feel when he touches me, a certain desire to flee when he calls my name.

"Hey," Peeta says for the fifth or sixth time now, but finally he wears a smile. "get out of my car." I play it off with a grin, and I virginally kiss his cheek. "I love you." He tries. He doesn't get a response. I watch him back out of the driveway, but as I go to open my car door, I stop, throw what miniscule things I have in, and head to the house.

I knock once and head inside. "Madge!" I call, nearly screaming when I turn a corner and bump into a tall, stalky figure. I look up to see gray eyes, full lips and a chaste smile. "Dear god, Gale," I pant, "You scared the shit out of me…"

He laughs; a whole hearted, unfamiliar sound. "Sorry, Catnip. I kind of wasn't expecting you either. What're you doing here?"

"Same to you. I-I just needed to talk to Madge."

"Diddo." He beams at me, and I feel the warmth of an unwelcome blush creeping up my neck from under the collar of Peeta's shirt, which I left on in exchange for mine.

Katniss! What the fuck are you doing?! I literally just got the shit beat out of me for hitting on Finnick last night, and now I'm standing here as red as a cherry as I gape at Gale. I really need to talk to Madge.

"You look different, Kat." He says, inclining his head.

"I'm not a morning person." I say bashfully, now fully aware of myself and my hormones wrong doings. "Is Madge upstairs?" He nods, going to say something, but I duck behind him and bolt to her room.

"BYE!" He yells, heading back out. I hear the crackle of his car leaving the driveway when I find Madge in her room, getting dressed.

"Oh god," I mumble, closing my eyes. "Madge! I'm having problems!"

She laughs, either at my declaration or my reaction to her partial nudity. "Boy problems?" She asks. I nod, and she advises me she's dressed.

"I-I hit on that guy Finnick last night, and that's why I was at Peeta's. We had a fight and we made up but… wait, why was…?" My voice trails off as I look to her bed, her sheets a mess and dirty. I notice she's not wet, so she's not naked because she had a shower. "You slept with Gale?" I ask, a certain, dark part of me getting angry to a scary degree.

"Yes!" She squeals, "Oh my god, yes! It was fantastic! He was so soft and yet he was… I sound like an asshole." She cuts herself short, "What were you saying?"

I can't tell Madge I got all hot and bothered talking to Gale. But… I could say I blushed, that's not a serious offense. "Then, when I bumped into Gale downstairs, I got all blushy and… bimbo-ish." She looks at me, and I tense, waiting for her reaction.

"Oh no…" She says, "You and Peeta are… are you okay?"

"For the most part. He-he told me he loves me and I didn't say it back. He knows and understands why, but-"


"Why what?"

"Why didn't you say you loved him back?" She clarifies.

"I… I don't know if I do."