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"Hey Max!" I spun around and held my helmet on my hip.

"Sup Igs?" I asked setting my helmet on its hook next to my father's gear.

"Well seeing as it's the fireman's picnic and there's that water tug-of-war set outside we recruit people and battle it out."

"Paramedics versus Firemen, seems pretty fair." I grabbed my helmet again and went to find my partner Taylor and our paramedic trainee Tanner.

"Hey, Iggy is challenging me to tug-of-war. You guys are my team." I said walking up to them. "Hi dad," I waved to my father who was talking to Taylor and Tanner.

"I'm in and so is Tanner this is perfect training seeing as sometimes we have to use the hoses." Taylor said, "Sorry chief can we talk about this later?"

"Sure thing Taylor." My dad said walking towards some other guys from probably Shift B.

"Max you got your team?" Iggy walked up with 5 other guys, I recognized two of them from Shift A, but the other two must have been from Shift B.

"Ig, you have five guys. We play it with 3 people on each team." I sighed

"Oh yeah, uh, Grady and Matthew uh"

"Yeah, yeah you're gonna have to let us go." Grady said 'pouting'

"Grady stop making Iggy feel bad, he probably wants to meet these two guys from Shift B." Matthew said, he was a police officer but he was a firefighter at one point at the station. He was our regular cook seeing as everyone on the shift either sucked or didn't want to cook, we soon found out Iggy could cook amazing food.

"Hey, we can go its fine," One of the guys said that I didn't recognize said. I looked at him and noticed he was in his gear but I saw a little bit of blonde hair underneath his helmet, along with his blue eyes. He was built sort of like a football player.

"No, I really want to talk to you guys, and find out how life is on the B Shift."

"It's fine really Iggy I wanted to talk to Zack anyway." Matthew said as his pager went off I admittedly checked mine but I heard dispatch calling for the police. "Well I guess I'm going to some wreck with station 8, lovely." We waved goodbye and watched as Matthew jogged to his car.

"I'm gonna go get a drink and talk to Nudge" Grady said

"Hey don't get on her good side that's for Jeremy and Jeremy only!" I yelled after him, "I'm Max, this is Taylor and Tanner." I pointed at my co-workers

"I'm Zephyr, also known as Gazzy and this is Fang." I looked at Zephyr, then at the other guy who was supposedly named Fang.

He had his helmet off so I saw his jet black hair that looked really shaggy, his onyx eyes you could literally get lost in.

I shook Zephyr's hand and then Fang's.

"So we gonna do this?" Iggy asked I nodded and pulled my helmet on

"Hold on, Tanner and I have to get our turn-out gear on." Taylor and Tanner walked away and I was left with Iggy and the new guys.

Okay, I didn't know if they were new guys but they were new to me so they are officially new guys.

"Let's do this thing." Taylor laughed coming back with her gear on, Iggy and I nodded at each other then took our teams to opposite ends of the field.

I picked up the nozzle of the hose and Taylor held onto the hose behind me Tanner behind Taylor holding the hose also.

"Go!" Jeremy shouted and Iggy and I released the water out of the hose hitting the yellow ball that was above us hanging on a wire.

The yellow ball instantly started going toward the red plastic tie on Iggy's side. The guys instantly backed up and aimed at the ball again. I smirked at them and kept aiming at the ball even though I could barely see it through my face mask because of the water being sprayed into my face by Iggy.

After a few minutes of pushing the ball back and forth my team won. I took my helmet off and shook my blonde curls out of the helmet and tightened my ponytail.

"So Ig, how do the 'medics beat the firemen?" I asked him smirking, I saw Fang smirking behind Iggy.

"I have no clue…" Iggy responded looking down.

Beep. Beep. Beep I heard the pager and the alarms inside the station go off. I stopped and listened to dispatch to find out if I was going out or not.

"Squad 24 and Station 6 report to 476 East Baker Road for a P.I. (Personal Injury) accident outside of the house. Accident is right in front of the house." I jogged over to the squad and got in the driver seat. Tanner jumped in and sat between Taylor and me.

I started the truck up and turned the lights and siren on as I drove out of the garage as I heard the chief (She'll call her dad chief when she's on her shift) tell dispatch we were on our way.

I saw the smoking cars that had hit head on in front of the house. I pulled off behind the station 8 two engines.

"Squad 24 on scene." I got out of the truck and pulled my hair up into the helmet. "Taylor, check the doors on each car." I said grabbing the sterile sheets from the side of the truck in the third storage door from the driver door.

"All doors are jammed tight from one car and the back right on the second car is open." Taylor said grabbing the Jaws of Life in the storage area next to the one I was just in.

I looked at the cars just as one engine burst into flames. The station 8 guys grabbed the hose that was already filled with water and sprayed the water onto the cars hoods.

"Tanner and Taylor work on the guy you can get to I'll get these doors open." See I was the one in charge of these two. They nodded and Taylor headed towards the car.

"Here Batchelder, give me the Jaws I'll open the doors you just get in through the back window." I nodded at the fireman and went to the car with the sheets in hand.

"Here Tanner." I threw the bag at him and he caught it and ripped the bag open and handed it to Taylor to put it over the driver.

I went to the back window of the other small car and tapped my finger in a diagonal line from the middle to the corner. It broke a hole in the middle of the window and I pushed the glass to make a greater hole. I looked in and I saw a kid in the backseat.

"Yo get me two more sterile sheets, and call for an ambulance I've got a kid in the back seat!" I called out then climbed in when a guy turned around and went to the squad.

I sat in the back seat and after the guys tried to open the door with the Jaws I motioned them to stand back. I turned sideways in the seat and kicked the door open. I unbuckled the seatbelt that held in the car seat. I back out of the backseat and carried the car seat out after me. I sat it on the ground and checked for a pulse on the kid. Weak. I ran to the squad and grabbed the oxygen tank and went back to the kid; I put the oxygen mask on the child.

Climbing back into the car I covered the driver and the passenger. I climbed back out of the car and went to the front end breaking the glass the same way I did as the back window. I reached over and unlocked the door and pushed it open with my foot careful not to hit or touch the driver. I climbed off the top of the car and went to the driver's door and the firemen went to pull the driver out.

"No! Don't pull him out yet." I put my plastic gloves on and checked for a broken spine. "Okay now you can." I put a neck brace on him just in case I missed something and the men pulled him out of the car laying him on the blanket that had been laid out on the ground.

I checked for any other broken bones and then checked the passenger out for a broken spine before they took her out of the car and over to the sheet.

"Max, want me to call into Rampart?" (Rampart is from an old TV show called Emergency) Taylor asked

"Yeah, go ahead; I'll take over once I get these three under way of getting them ready to go." I heard the ambulance coming and I checked the three for injuries.

I looked over at the kid as she started squirming.

"Hey, hey, sweetie don't move that much okay?" I talked to her in a calming voice; she nodded and closed her eyes. "Taylor, I'm gonna call in." Taylor nodded and I took our biophone (portable phone used by paramedics on the 70's don't know when they got rid of them if they got rid of them guess I'll find out when I go through my paramedic training) from Tara as she put the first victim into the ambulance. "Squad 24 to Rampart."

"Go ahead 24," a nurse answered.

"Rampart, we have 3 victims; two females and one male. First victim, male age around 23 unconscious, BP is 130 over 70. Pulse is steady. There seems to be no injuries other than a laceration to the forehead. Second victim, female age around 16 unconscious, BP 140 over 80, steady pulse. There is a possible fractured arm. Third victim, female age around 6 conscious, BP 90 over 70, pulse is weak but steady. I have applied gauze to victim one's forehead, splinted the second victim's arm and gave the third victim oxygen."

"Alright 24, they are all stable. Get them here quickly."

"10-4 Rampart." I took the car seat and the oxygen tank to where the second ambulance was waiting.

I set the car seat on the bench and watched the ambulance attendants take the stretcher to the patients. Tanner and one of the guys picked the girl up and placed her on the stretcher and they took it to the ambulance. I helped put the male on a back board and carry it to the ambulance.

I sat next to the little girl and watched Tanner close the back and walk to the squad and take off behind us.


We had just returned to the station about an hour later and I was taking my gear off. I quickly told Taylor to show Tanner how to fill out a report (They have to fill out a report of what happened at the scene) I then sat down at a picnic bench next to Iggy grabbing his second hotdog from his plate adding ketchup and taking a bite out of it.

"Hey!" Iggy yelled noticing I was eating his food

"Hey, I was out on a run I'm eating this… a long with these." I grabbed some chips and ate them. I heard chuckling across from me and I looked up taking a bite out of the hot dog. "Oh, hey Fang, Zephyr." I said with a mouthful of hot dog

"Seriously Max, call me Gazzy." Zephyr said


"Just do it Max." I looked at Fang and saw he was wearing all black in the middle of summer.

"Fine, Gazzy."

"Good choice." Fang smirked

"I guess so." I laughed; I looked around and saw that people leaving and picking things up.

"Max!" I looked over at chief, "Can you guys start cleaning up?"

"Sure," I heard the alarms inside the station go off and I waited for my pager to go off.

"Engine 24 report to the cross roads of Main and Bridge Street for a down power line." I sat back and relaxed as Iggy ran off and got his gear on with the rest of the guys and hop into the engine.

"So I guess it's just us three." I said looking around.

I stood up and threw my trash away a long with Iggy's.

"Let's start with the tables," Fang sighed.

Gazzy pushed tables against the back wall while Fang and I put tables upside down on the ones pushed against the wall.

When we were done we started on taking down the water tug-of-war. After that had been put away we worked on picking the garbage away.

"So close!" Gazzy yelled as Fang tossed a napkin towards the open trash bag he was holding. I grabbed a plate and ran up to the bag.

"Slam Dunk!" I yelled as I put it in the bag.

"Show off," Fang said grabbing his missed trash and putting it in the bag.

Gazzy went and put the trash bags in the dumpster and came back over.

"Well I've got to go home seeing as I'm babysitting my 16 years old sister." Gazzy said

"Why are you babysitting her she's 16," I laughed.

"I don't even know…" Gazzy sighed "Bye," I waved goodbye to him.

"He's mom doesn't want her to grow up, also she's thrown a huge party before too." Fang said

We talked for a while until his phone rang. I guess this is as good as time as any to tell you about myself.

Well my name's Max, Maximum Batchelder. My dad is the chief of station 24 also known as the one I work on; my dad's name is Jeb Batchelder. I have long curly dirty blonde hair that I always keep in a ponytail. I'm 22 and I just got out of college two years ago. My mom passed away when I was 6 and since my dad practically has to live at the station when he's on duty. So when I was younger the schools I went to were within 12 blocks of the station, so after school I'd walk to the station and practically live there too.

"Well I've got to go bye." He waved and walked away through the open garage doors.

I walked up the stairs to the sleeping loft.

"Hey guys." I waved at Taylor and Tanner and went to my dad's office. "You guys want a mini snickers?"

"Sure, I'll take one." Tanner said from lying on his bed

"Same," Taylor said from her bed where she was playing cards

I grabbed a handful and threw 1 at Tanner and Taylor then sat on my bed.

"Engine 24 clear," I heard over the speakers

"So that Fang guys pretty cute don't you think?" Taylor asked sitting next to me on my bed leaning against the brick wall that separated the beds. (Its two beds per wall section)

"Yeah I guess, but you know my dad though he'd transfer the guy in a heartbeat." I said grabbing my pillow and setting it on my lap and leaning my elbows on the pillows.

The alarms went off again and Taylor and I looked at the speaker listening to dispatch.

"Station 8, Engine 78, Engine 12, and Station 24, report to 476 East Baker Street for a structure fire that has spread to the houses on each side." Tanner, Taylor and I stood up and run to the pole.

I slid down it and went to the radio.

"Squad 24, 10-4." I got into the driver's seat and I drove out of the station lights and siren blaring and turning on to the street. "Wasn't that the address from before?" I asked Taylor

"Yeah I think so."

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