While I wasn't ready to go forward with Sunshine and Rainbows, there were a few moments that I was sad that I couldn't include. So this series is to share those in the form of one-shots. Who knows how far these my go! I hope you enjoy.

These will make a lot more sense if you have read S&R

This first one is very short, but oh-so-necessary!

"Auggie, a moment please?" Joan's tone was disturbingly serious.

"Yes ma'am." Auggie replied as he rose and took her arm.

Nothing was said until they got to her office and closed the door. Joan didn't encourage him to sit.

"Auggie, what are you and Annie up to?"

Her directness caught Auggie momentarily off-guard, which made it easy for him to show complete confusion. "What do you mean?"

Joan sighed. "Skip the evasions. I know that you and Annie are up to something. Since you are involved, I'm not too worried, but I would like to be read in sooner rather than later."

Auggie was silent for a moment.

"Tell me, August."

He inadvertently rolled his eyes at the use of his real name. "Are you spying on us, Joan?"

"It wouldn't take a spy to see that something is up. I know that you and Annie have spent just about every free moment since Amsterdam together. I know that your door has been shut when she talks to you more than you have ever shut that door. I know that when she received her most recent mission, the two of you couldn't wait to talk about it in private. I know that you know what she's doing. So as your superior I am ordering you: Read. Me. In."

Auggie took two deep breaths and turned away. "Joan," he started. Then he turned toward her and lifted his eyes, hoping he was close to making eye contact. "It's not what you think."

" Please tell me she isn't researching more information from Eyal." Joan's voice pleaded.

"No." Auggie replied in an even voice. "We're dating."

Stunned silence wasn't a usual reaction for Joan. Auggie worried that she wasn't happy with his new relationship, until he heard a light laugh. "Really?" Joan asked.

Auggie smiled. "Yeah."

"And when were you planning to complete your paperwork?"

"Soon." Auggie drew out the word.

"I expect it on my desk as soon as Annie is back."

"Yes ma'am." Auggie replied.

"And congratulations, Auggie."

"Thanks Joan."

Auggie returned to his desk with a smile that scared Barber a little.