Brought Together In The Aftermath

Sequel to Brought Together In Darkness

By ArtikGato

Disclaimer: YAHOO!!! I OWN DIGIMON!! RIGHTEOUS!! *wakes up* @#$@%#$!!!!

Author's Note: Hello, it is I, ArtikGato,back to bring you the bizarre sequel to Brought Together In Darkness, and it is called Brought Together in The Aftermath.  

Ok, here are my warnings/rants/ect.:  If you haven't read Brought Together in Darkness, then READ IT!! You will be utterly lost reading this one if you didn't. Ok, not utterly lost, but you'll be pretty darn confused! Ok, this is another romance fic, but with a twist. This one NOT ONLY contains Izzlei and Karien (introduced in the last fic), but also Sorato (grumble grumble...I'm trying to be official) and, something that no other fanfiction writer (that I know of) has EVER attempted: Daimi (Daisuke(Davis) X Mimi). That's right, this is a Daimi fic. I'm a trailblazer. But, I figured that since the last fic had weird romance in it, the sequel should. Read at your own risk. It's not a lemon, but it's just plain weird, and I'll probably get a lot of flames. Not that I care. OK, on with the fic! Oh, and please note that I am a AVID supporter of Takari, Kenlei, Taiora, and Mimato. I wrote Brought Together In Darkness and this fic purely to mess with your heads. Well, not really, but it's a good enough reason.

Aigh! Ok, one last note,(I promise!) this takes place some time after Malomyotismon was destroyed, and some time around Christmas, since it's a holiday fic. I also wrote it as sort of an alternate storyline with my other fics, so the Digiworld is still only open to Digidestined. Right. On with the fic!!

Poor Davis and TK. They never saw it coming. I think they were the only ones that didn't see it coming, in fact. They were too busy making sure that Kari didn't spend time with the other to notice that she was spending more and more time with Ken. Ok, so at first, we all thought that it was nice that she was spending more time with Ken. We thought it was sort of an "I'm sorry for not trusting you" thing. Well, that lasted a few days. Soon, everybody caught on. I mean, it was hard NOT to catch on. Every time we'd have a Digidestined meeting, she'd always be next to him. Of course, then TK and Davis would nearly kill each other to get the seat on the other side of her, neglecting the fact that she was always next to Ken. Poor, naive boys.

            They didn't take it very well. You see, a day or so after Christmas, all of us Digidestined got together in the Digital World for an "After-Christmas, Post-New Year's" celebration. And, she finally told them. They were crushed. Poor TK just said that he was happy for them, and left with Patamon, followed by Matt and Sora. Davis didn't handle it so smoothly. He almost killed Ken, and Tai and Izzy had to actually hold him back. Then, Kari got mad at him, and left with Ken, making Davis even more mad. Davis and Tai finally left, leaving Izzy, Yolei, Joe, Cody, and Mimi in the Digital World.

            Everybody tried to make the best out of it, though. Tai decided to play a game of soccer with Davis to help him keep his mind off of killing Kari and Ken, and Cody and Joe decided to go with Matt, Sora, and TK when they went to go see a movie. They were there mostly to keep TK company while Matt and Sora sat somewhere else. Yolei, Izzy, and Mimi decided to go keep Tai and Davis company. Mimi was, you see, in town for the Christmas/New Year's holiday. She was staying with Sora and Mrs. Takenouchi, like she did every time she was in town for more than a day.

            "What's the name of this movie, anyway?" Cody whispered to Joe.

            "I don't know," Joe replied. On screen, a girl with brown, short hair walked around a corner and into a coffee shop. TK suddenly started to sob.

            "Oh great...uh…TK, it'll be ok.." Joe started.

            "Why did we bring him to see a movie about a girl that looks like Kari??" Cody demanded, exasperated.

            "Don't ask me, ask Matt and Sora...wherever they are," Joe replied. TK just stared at the screen, silent.

            "This movie obviously isn't helping, why don't we try and see if we can switch movies or something?" Cody asked.

            "Why not, there's got to be SOMETHING playing that will help keep TK's mind off of--"

            "Kari.." TK said, sobbing. Cody and Joe looked at the screen, and that brown haired girl was back on screen. With an exasperated sigh they stood up, and each of them took one of TK's arms and dragged TK out of the theatre. On the way, they passed Matt and Sora.

            "What's up? Why are you dragging my little brother out of the theatre?" Matt demanded.

            "Well, in case you haven't noticed," Joe started, looking at them and noticing that they were practically sitting in the same seat, "the main character of this movie looks A LOT like Kari," Joe replied. Sora blushed, and Matt sweatdropped.

            "Really? I hadn't noticed..." he said, sheepishly.

            "Well, we're going to go see if there's another movie playing. Later," Cody said, and with that, they dragged a silent TK out of the theatre, and into the lobby.

            "You stay here, I'll go find out what else is playing," Joe said, and let go of TK, after making sure he was capable of standing on his own two feet. TK was silent, still. After a half a minute or so of silence, Cody spoke up, unable to take the silence from the normally talkative TK.

            "Hey, TK, are you thirsty? I need a refill for this soda," he said. Silence.   

            "You'd think with all that crying he did he'd be at least a LITTLE thirsty" Cody mumbled under his breath. "Are you hungry? They have chocolate covered rice balls!" Cody suggested. Silence. Cody gritted his teeth. "What about some pop corn??" he almost demanded. Still silence. Finally, Cody just gave up, grabbed TK's arm, and dragged him toward the concession stand. "Come on," he said, as he dragged the silent TK over to the concession stand.

            "Hello, may I help you?" asked the attendant at the concession stand.

            "Yes, I'll have a refill on this Coke, and a medium sized bag of popcorn," Cody said.

            "Anything for your friend?" she asked, as she rung up his total.

            "TK, want anything?" Cody asked. Silence. Cody growled under his breath, and elbowed TK. Silence. Exasperated, he turned back to the counter.

            "I guess he'll have the banana and strawberry shake," Cody said. TK suddenly gave out a wail.

            "That was KARI'S favorite!!!" he wailed, and slid to the floor. Cody groaned.

            "Make that the blueberry and chocolate," he replied.

            "What's with your friend?" the clerk asked.

            "His best friend who he was also in love with is going out with one of his other best friends instead of him," Cody said.

            "Ouch," the clerk said, and ran up the total. "That's 9 and a half Yen," she said. Cody grimaced, looked at TK, and sighed.

            "All right," he said, and pulled out a 10 Yen bill. The clerk handed Cody his cup full of Coke, a shake, a bag of popcorn, and a candy bar. "What's the candy bar for?" Cody asked.

            "It's for your friend. Tell him he has my pity. But don't tell anybody, because if my boss finds out I'll be fired," the clerk replied. Cody nodded. TK groaned, and stood back up.

            "He says 'thanks', I think," Cody replied, and tried to hand him his shake. Silence. Cody growled, exasperated, and managed to get all four items in one hand, and TK's arm in the other. Cody then drug TK back over to where Joe had left them.

            "Good news, there are three movies playing and...were you at the concession stand?" Joe asked. Cody dropped TK's arm, and tried to give him his shake. Silence.

            "Yeah, and--" Cody started, but Joe interrupted.

            "Why didn't you get ME anything?" Joe asked.

            "Well, gee, I don't know, maybe because I had to drag HIM along with me??" Cody snapped back. Joe blinked.

            "Ok, ok, geez!" Joe replied.

            "Sorry, Joe, but TK--" Cody started, but Joe interrupted him again.

            "No need to apologize," Joe replied, knowingly. Cody nodded.

            "So, what movies are playing?" Cody asked, trying to give TK the shake.

            "There's Death By Lawnmower, which is a murder-mystery, A Christmas Carol Gone Bad, a horror movie, or there's The Care Bears Family Vacation, which is a horror movie in it's own." Joe replied.

            "Well, we know which movie NOT to go to," Cody replied, and, finally, gave up on trying to get TK to take his shake. "Do you like blueberry and chocolate shakes?" he asked.

            "Yeah, why?" Joe asked.

            'Here you go, Happy New Year," Cody said, as he shoved the shake into Joe's hands, and finally was able to get the bag of popcorn open.

            "I say we go see Death By Lawnmower, even if it is supposed to be rated triple R and is supposed to be the goriest movie ever made, at least TK won't be able to think know who," Joe replied.

            "Sure, why not. Sounds like an interesting movie," Cody said, munching on popcorn.

            Meanwhile, across town, Davis kicked the soccer ball, which went zooming toward Tai, who jumped out of the way.

            "Good grief, Davis! You don't have to kick it so HARD," Tai replied. Davis just gritted his teeth, and growled.

            "Ball," he demanded, still furious. Tai grimaced, and went to fetch the ball. Up in the bleachers nearby, Izzy and Yolei sat, huddled together, and Mimi sat a few feet away, watching the game. She was bored out of her mind, but in reality, she couldn't have been anywhere else. She sighed.

            "I hate being the only single female Digidestined," she said. Yolei had Izzy, Kari had Ken, and Sora had Matt. Mimi cursed her luck. "No fair, Sora is supposed to have TAI and I'M supposed to have Matt!" she grumbled. "But, fate has made it this way. Stupid fate. I guess I just HAVE to accept this.." she said, and grimaced as a yelp came from Tai, who was hit by a speeding soccer ball.

            "Davis!! Would you WATCH WHERE YOU'RE KICKING THAT THING!!!???" Tai yelled. Davis just glared at Tai, and said, in a low, hateful tone, "Ball,"

            "What is WITH you, Davis? Soccer ALWAYS cheers you up!" Tai replied. Davis snarled.

            "Ya wanna know what's wrong? I'll tell you!! KEN plays soccer!! Ken and I always used to play soccer after school, that is, until he BETRAYED ME!!" Davis said, loudly.

            "Ok, let's go play,, then," Tai replied.

            "And you, you are the big brother of the GIRL THAT JUST BETRAYED ME!!!" Davis yelled. Tai backed away.

            "Look, just because I'm her big brother doesn't mean--" Tai replied.

            "I'm sorry, Tai, but I can't stand to be near ANYTHING that is related to that...that..." Davis started.

            "Davis, if you say it, so help me, I WILL be forced to hurt you," Tai said. Davis just snarled, and demanded "Ball," Tai, exasperated, threw the ball at him, and ran off the field and up to Yolei, Izzy, and Mimi, who were now down at field side.

            "What was THAT all about?" Yolei asked. Tai shook his head.

            "YOU three take him," he said. Yolei, Izzy, and Mimi blinked.

            "Do what?" Mimi asked.

            "You take him! I can't be in his sight, because I'm related to Kari, and I can't play soccer because it reminds him of Ken--" Tai started, and they all ducked as the soccer ball zoomed over their heads and into the stands.

            "BALL!!' Davis yelled at them, angrily. Exasperated, Mimi went to get the ball.

            "You three take him now. He can't go home, he might destroy something. You guys have to cheer him up," Tai said to Izzy and Yolei.

            "But Tai--" Yolei started to protest.

            "Just do it, please? I have to go look for Kari anyway," Tai said.   

            "Lame excuse," Izzy said, under his breath. "All right, we'll try to cheer him up," he said, out loud. Mimi ran up, and threw the soccer ball at Davis, accidentally nailing him on the head.

            "Oops," she said. Davis just stood up, and kicked the ball as hard as he could toward the net.

            "So what are we doing?" she asked.

            "I'M going to try and find Kari, you three are going to cheer up Davis," Tai said, and started off in the direction of the street.

            "Wait a second! How are we supposed to--" Mimi started, but was cut off.

           "Just DO it, all right?" Tai pleaded, and disappeared around the side of a building. Ka THWAM, the soccer ball hit one of the poles holding the net up, causing the trio to cringe.

            "So, Davis, what do you want to do?" Mimi asked. The four of them were now walking down the street, searching for something, ANYTHING, that might cheer Davis up. Yolei and Izzy walked in front, huddled as close together as possible, leaving Mimi and Davis walking behind them. Davis just walked along, staring at the street, with his hands in his pockets.

            "Go kill Kari and Ken," Davis replied.

            "Uhm…besides that," Mimi said.

            "Go destroy something," he replied. Mimi sighed, exasperated.

            "How about something NON destructive, like--" she started.

            "All right, how about I go home and cry??" Davis replied, sarcastically. Mimi glared at him, but said nothing.

            "All right, all right, about we go watch a movie?" Izzy asked.

            "No," Davis replied.

            "Roller skate?" Yolei suggested.

            "No," Davis replied.

            "All right how about we go to a strip club then," Mimi said, sarcastically. Yolei almost burst out laughing. Izzy grinned. Davis just scowled.

            'NO!" he yelled. All three sighed, exasperated.

            "Fine then--" Mimi started, but Yolei interrupted.

            "I've got an idea, let's go to the lake! There's usually TONS of stuff to do there!' Yolei suggested.

            "Fine," Davis finally gave in.

            "This movie doesn't seem like it should be rated triple R--" Cody commented, but was cut off by someone being ran over by a lawnmower.

            "Wow, that's a lot of blood..." Joe said, in danger of passing out. TK stared at the screen, still silent as a rock. At least he wasn't thinking about Kari. After the scene passed, Cody sighed in relief, Joe shook his head, and TK settled back into his seat, with a grin on his face. Cody and Joe exchanged worried glances, afraid he'd finally lost it, and then Cody spoke up.

            "Hey, TK, what are you so happy about?" Cody asked.

            "That is EXACTLY what I want to do to Ken!!" TK said, smiling evilly. Cody and Joe veered away from him. Evil TK was freaky.

            "G-glad you're happy..." Joe managed to say.

           "Ah, here we are, the lake!!" Yolei said. They had arrived at the lake on the outskirts of Odaiba. There were people ice skating, since it was winter, and taking walks around the shore.

            "Ok, what should we do first?" Mimi asked.

            "Well...we're going to go sit, because that was a long walk," Izzy said. Yolei nodded.

            "All right then, Davis, do you want to go sit--Davis?" Mimi asked. Yolei and Izzy walked off in one direction, and Davis walked off in the other. Mimi looked from one direction to the other and, cursing her luck, decided to do the nice thing and follow Davis.

            "Davis! Wait up!" Mimi exclaimed, and went after him. Davis sat down on the shore, and began chucking rocks at the lake.

            "Uh, Davis, you DO know that the lake is frozen over--" Mimi said.

            "No kidding," he replied, harshly, and chucked another rock at the lake.

            "AAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!" cried one of the ice skaters. Davis grimaced.

            "Oops," he said. Mimi couldn't help but smile, even as the poor ice skater crashed into the shore near them and started yelling curses at Davis. Davis just resumed throwing rocks at the lake. After the wounded ice skater had skated off, Mimi walked a few feet closer toward Davis, and sat down.

            "Just so you know, I know exactly what you're going through, Davis," she said. He scoffed.

            "Oh really?" he asked, not believing her. She nodded.

            "I went through the exact same thing with Matt," she said, staring out at the lake, grimly. He blinked, and looked at her.

            "You did?" he asked. She nodded again, tears forming in her eyes.

            "Yes. Ever since the first time the seven of us original Digidestined were pulled into the Digital World I'd been in love with Matt...probably just as in love as you are with Kari--" she started.

            "Were," he corrected her. She just shook her head, and continued.

            "And yet, he totally overlooked me, and went for Sora, my best friend..."

            "Weren't you mad?" he asked.

           "Furious! But. I just got over it, and Sora's still my best friend. I just hate Matt now," she replied. Davis snickered.

            "My problem is, I CAN'T hate Kari." Davis said.

            "Too bad," Mimi replied.

            "How'd you get over it, anyway?" Davis asked.

            "First of all, I forgave Sora. Second of all, I went home and burned every single picture that I owned of Matt," Mimi replied. Davis got a big sweatdrop on his head. "Sounds like Jun..."

            "Yeah, but I can't hate Kari. So, what should I do?" Davis asked.

            "Well...I suppose you can't just forgive and forget?" Mimi asked, hopefully. Davis shook his head.

            "Then...your only hope is getting a girlfriend," Mimi said, knowingly. Davis scoffed.

            "You say that as if it's actually going to happen. I don't have a chance at getting a girlfriend," he said, and threw another rock. They both grimaced as it hit the same ice skater as before. Mimi shook her head, and cleared her throat.

            "Don't be so hard on yourself, Davis," Mimi replied.

            "But it's true! I act like a total idiot, I can't do anything right, I--" he started.

            "Stop that! Look, you have a LOT of good qualities! I mean, I AM a girl, I think I can spot what girls like in a guy," Mimi replied. Davis blinked, and then narrowed his eyes.

            "Name one," he said.

            "Well, for one thing, you're really, REALLY sweet..." she said. He looked completely clueless. "I may not have been around much back when you guys were fighting in the Digiworld and stuff, but when I was, I noticed that you ALWAYS seemed to say and do nice things for Kari. I mean, you practically bent over backwards for her at the slightest little thing..." Mimi explained.

            "She thought it was annoying," Davis replied.

            "I know a lot of girls that think it's sweet," Mimi said. "And I happen to be one of them," she thought.

            "Still, JUST being, uh, 'sweet', as you put it, isn't going to get me a girlfriend," Davis said.

            "Well, you're also honest," "And I like honesty"


            "And loyal," "A rare trait in guys"


            "And you're just so...innocent..." "Which is what makes you cute..."

            "Innocent?? Are you nuts?" he demanded.

            "No, I'm serious! You got almost mortally wounded by what happened earlier..." Mimi attempted to explain. Davis was silent for a second.

            "I still don't have a chance at getting a girlfriend. At least YOU can get ANY guy you want. I'm doomed to be single my whole life..." he trailed off. Mimi scoffed.

            "Yeah, right. If I can get ANY guy I want, why couldn't I get Matt?" Mimi demanded.

            "Well...ah..." Davis attempted to reply.

            "And what makes you so sure that I can get ANY guy I want?" she asked, looking at the ice skaters, and grimacing when she saw the guy that had been hit by the rocks by Davis.

            "Well, you...ah...I know a LOT of guys that, ah, 'respect' you," he replied.

            "Really?" Mimi asked, half believing him.

            "Yeah, I know that Joe and Tai 'respect' you, and I'm pretty sure TK and Cody do to," Davis replied.

            "And what about you?" Mimi asked. Davis blushed, and looked out at the frozen lake.

            'Well, yeah, I respect you, but not in the same way as they do, er, I mean..." Davis said, with a big sweatdrop. Mimi laughed.

            "See what I mean? You're so innocent," she said, half sarcastically. Davis looked at her, not quite sure whether he should be nervous or confused...

            "What I mean is, I actually respect you, but they...ah.." he started.

            "I get what you're saying. But, let's be realistic, this is Tai, Joe, Cody and TK, just because they 'respect' me doesn't mean that I can get 'respect' from ANY guy I want," Mimi replied.

            "Yes you can! I mean, anybody who's lucky enough to get you..." Mimi interrupted him.

            "I appreciate what you're trying to say, Davis, but realistically, that's not the way it works," Davis stopped, blinked, and then shook his head.

            "This isn't about you anyway, it's about me, and how I'm supposed to get over Kari," Davis said.

            "I still say you should try and find a girlfriend," Mimi replied.

            "And I still say you're nuts. I don't have a chance with anybody." Davis said.

            "You don't have such slim chances as you think, Davis,"

            "All right, then if you're positive the girlfriend thing won't work, then all you need is a little time AWAY from them. If you don't see them, you can't be mad at them, and you can start to get over it," Mimi suggested. Davis blinked.

            "Actually, that's a great idea! I can go to the Digital World for a while!" Davis exclaimed.

            "Well, ah, actually..." Mimi said, but Davis jumped up.

            "We've still got two weeks left of Christmas break, I'll just spend it in the Digital World instead of here!" he exclaimed.

            "But...ah..." Mimi tried to say, and stood up, but Davis was already planning on what to take.

            "Wait a second, what about your--" she tried to say, but he was already headed in the direction of his home.

            "Thanks, Mimi, you're a lifesaver!" Davis exclaimed, as he jogged out of view. She just stood there, baffled. Yolei and Izzy ran up.

            "What was that all about?" she asked.

            "It looked to me like Davis was cheery, was I hallucinating?" Izzy asked.

            "No, he was cheery," Mimi said.

            "What did you do?" Yolei asked.

            "I just told him that all he needed was some time away from Kari and Ken to forget about it and get over it, and he took off saying something about spending the rest of Christmas break in the Digiworld..." Mimi said.

            "He's not serious, is he?" Yolei demanded.

            "Well, technically, he could stay in Digiworld for that long, it's been done before, and since Malomyotismon was destroyed, there aren't any evil Digimon left..." Izzy said.

            "So I actually gave him the right advice?" Mimi asked.

            "Looks that way to me," Yolei said, looking in the direction Davis had disappeared in.

            Joe and Cody drug TK out of the theatre, AGAIN, except, this time, TK still had that evil grin on his face.

            "Ok, what's say we go watch A Christmas Carol Gone Bad instead?" Joe asked.

            "Yeah, anything is better than that, "Cody replied, referring to Death By Lawnmower. TK still had that evil grin on his face.

            "Let's remember not to let TK by any lawnmowers or Ken until this all blows over, ok?" Joe asked, as they dragged TK into the theatre marked 'A Christmas Carol Gone Bad'.

And so concludes Part One! Did you like it?? Was it funny? I'd just like to say that my creative streak, my evil streak, and my comical streak sort of came at the same time, so sorry if I offended anyone, sorry, and if I made you laugh...that was supposed to happen. ^_^ That whole 'Death By Lawnmower' bit was inspired in part by my crazy, insane friend Krysta, so I'd just like to thank her for inspiring the comic relief for this fic. And this was supposed to be a serious fic? Oh, one last thing, if I offended any Care bears fans...sorry. I used to LOVE the Care bears, just so you know. If you liked it, REVIEW!!! I love getting reviews!! Daimi forever!! Rock on! Peace out!