By ArtikGato

Disclaimer: *hits Veemon upside the head with a mallet and knocks him out cold* There!! Now, then, I don't own Digimon. But, in my own right, I DO own MC, Dark Lord, any Digimon I made up in previous chapters, Yukyuu, and Chaomon.

Author's Notes: This isn't actually part of the story. =( Sorry! You remember a while back in the story where I said that I would post the Digimon that Dark Lord got his stolen attacks from? This is where I'll do it. Also, feel free to skip that, if you don't care, and get to the GOOD part: a preview for Brought Together in Chaos!!

Also, those of you patiently awaiting Chaos...don't expect much any time soon. I JUST got back to school. I'm a Junior, and I have FOUR CORE CLASSES, three honors and one a Senior level Math course, to contend with! After homework and watching about an hour or so of TV, I have like 0 time to do anything. Sorry. I'll get as much done as I can!! School sucks!! Math is evil!! (just like TK's hat!!)

Dark Lord's Stolen Attacks:

Part One: None (DL wasn't even AROUND in this part!!

Part Two: None again (DL wasn't introduced until the end of this part)

Part Three:

            Twin Sickles: Snimon (duh)

            Blaze Buster: Tyrannomon (duh again)

            Energy Cannon: Gorrillamon (duh, duh, and I do say DUH!!)

            Ice Blast: Seadramon (hard to figure THAT one out, huh?)

            Horn Blaster: Unimon

            Volcanic Strike: Monochromon (more precisely, MC's parents!! =( Meanie!!)

            Fire Breath: Flarizamon (Flarelizarmon in US)

            Nemesis Ivy: Alraumon (Aruramon in US—Palmon lookalike)

            Fire Wave: I made it up (I think?)

            Shadow Scythe: Phantomon (my FAVORITE Digimon!! Wahoo yeah!!)

            Orange Inferno: I made that up too (I think?)

            Shadow Star Wave: I KNOW I made this one up!! Doesn't it sound cool??

            Terra Destroyer: Blackwargreymon (who by the way ROCKS!!!)

            Fire Fist: I'm pretty sure that this is one of Meramon's attacks. If not, then maybe Flamedramon's attacks. I'm not sure which.

            Darkside Quake: Minitarumon

            Solar Ray: Centarumon 

            Gloom Dust: Alraumon (Aruramon in US—Palmon lookalike)

Part Four:

            Binding Energy Coils: I made it up. It was inspired by Giran's attack from the World Tournament in Dragon Ball.

            Energy Ray: I think this is another one of my creations.

            Magical Metamorphosis: Imitamon (my own creation)

            Black Wolf Claw: Blackgarurumon

Part Five:

            Supreme Cannon: Omnimon (US the Japanese, it was Garuru Canon, which sounds a WHOLE lot cooler...but anyway...)

            Transcended (?) Sword: Omnimon

            Mega Claw: Blackwargreymon (well, it was more like Mega Cl- but whatever...)

            Eterna Laser: Komorimon

            Reverse Digivolve: Apocolymon

Part Six:

            Orenji Sphere: My own creation(literally 'Orange Sphere. I couldn't find the Japanese world for 'circle' at the time, so I went with Sphere)

            Komori Claw: My own creation (literally 'Bat Claw' Sounds like a move Batman uses, huh?)

            Shadow Reflect: Another one of my own creations for Komorimon/Dark Lord

            Regeneration: An overly used name for an attack, but whatever.

            Parry Force: Megadramon

Part Seven:

            Magna Explosion: Magnamon

            Flower Cannon, Rapid Fire: Lillymon (what a copycat that DL is!)

            Screaming Darkness: Marshmalo—er, Malomyotismon

            Nightmare Claw: Myotismon

            Giga Cannon: Machinedramon

            River of Power: Metalseadramon (^-^ Heh, for some reason I typed 'Rover of Power' instead of 'River of Power' and then had to go back and correct it. I can just see it now...a bunch of barking dogs fly out of Metalseadramon's nose thingy and start attacking his enemies...heh heh...)

            Ok, this isn't really an attack, it's a quote I stuck in there. I put 'Fine! It's time to show you what TRUE power can do!' In there. I pulled the quote from 03, I think the horse Deva said that.

            Cursed Orb: A play off Makuramon's 'Primal' Orb.

            Dark Destroyer: A play off of Moon=Milleniumon's 'Dimension Destroyer'

Part Eight: Suprisingly, he didn't call out any attacks in this part. He was too busy blocking


Preview of 'Brought Together in Chaos

Summary: After the end of Brought Together in the Aftermath, TK is feeling lonely. All of his other Digidestined friends now have girlfriends or boyfriends of their own, and he has no one. When the Digidestined have a Christmas party over at Ken's, he gets lonely and goes for a walk. Then, he sees something that changes his life. A ghostly girl and another strange apparition appear in front of him, and try to tell him something, but before they can, they disappear.

For the next week, everyone prepares for school to start again. The Digidestined bid farewell to Mimi, who has to go back to New York. In the mean time, TK can't stop thinking about that ghost girl, Yukyuu, and the strange apparition Chaomon. Then, the night before school is due to start, Yukyuu appears in TK's dream, and tells him that she is trapped inside a mysterious world called the Realm of Chaos. She says that she needs his help to defeat her master, the Lord of Chaos. What will TK do? Will he be able to help her? Find out in Brought Together in Chaos!! (whenever I get around to typing it...)