FLASHBACK - 3 weeks ago

Tori walked into a dark room, curtains draped down and the bedroom lights off. The only light coming from the room emitted from a 40 inch LED television. She examined the room, the walls were covered in midnight black paint. After spending countless nights here, Tori still couldn't believe how scary looking Jade's room actually was. It wasn't like a normal teenagers room, no, Jade's bedroom had scissors hanging on one wall, and posters of horror movies on every other. Tori had to admit , Jade was no ordinary 17 year old. It frightened Tori very much during the beginning of her relationship with Jade when Jade first took her to her room, but after one minute of cuddling with Jade in her bed, it all went away. Somehow, Tori felt safe whenever she was in Jade's arms, neck pressing down on Jade's shoulders.

"Babe, close the door will you?" the goth commanded, not leaving her eyes of the TV. The basketball game was just too intense to even look away. The Thunders was 1 point away to catching up with the Heats.

Tori sighed, "Jade, I'm your girlfriend not your damn maid." Tori couldn't help but get a little pissed. She had been dating the dark eyed beauty for almost 5 months now and still treats her like crap most of the time. Wouldn't it kill Jade to be more romantic sometimes? Tori thought. But still, being a good girlfriend, Tori shut the door closed.

Jade smirked, "Are you sure about that?"

Tori gave Jade a slight smack on her shoulder. "Jade!" Tori yelled with a frown on her face

"OW" Jade muttered acting like it hurt. "I was gonna say I wouldn't mind if you were, cos you'd look sexy in a maid's uniform" Jade grinned picturing her girlfriend in a jet black mini skirt bending over to pick up her swiffer, revealing Tori's white thong in the process. In her daydream, Tori wore a white unbuttoned top , showing of the Tori's tan breasts. "Oops" Tori seductive voice said taking the time of her life while reaching for that swiffer.

Seeing the lust in Jade's dark green eyes Tori couldn't help but smack her again.

"Jeez Vega!" Jade let out "What the hell?" She snapped out of her trance

"That's for picturing me naked" Tori raised her eyebrow

"I was not" Jade said shaking her head

"Then what were you lusting about?"Tori accused Jade crossing her arms

Jade smirked again, "God, picturing you in that maid's uniform was just so sexy" Jade said bring her arms to Tori's slender waist, pulling the half Latina close to her. Jade's left hand bringing Tori's head an inch away from hers.

Tori blushed and couldn't help but get turned on. The raven haired beauty stood right in from of her, as Tori smelled the scent of vanilla on Jade.

Almost instantly, Tori threw herself at Jade, initiating a kiss. Jade responded back, amused and bit down on Tori's bottom lip, letting out a moan from the brunette. Jade's tongue soon made its way to inside Tori's mouth massaging her tongue with her own. Soon, things got really heated, and the two were making out passionately. The brunette, clenched Jade's black hair while Jade started feeling her girlfriend up making her way up to the hook of the brunette's bra.

"Hold on a second" Tori said, stopping their make-out session. Her heartbeat still adjusting from all that passion. Tori grinned as an idea struck her mind. "Let me try re-enacting the scene you pictured me in with wearing that maid's uniform"

Jade smirked letting out a playful chuckle. "Well aren't we kinky all of a sudden" Her eyes focused on Tori, lust and desire still evident.

Tori laughed and rolled her eyes, "So you don't want to see me in a maid's uniform after all?

"No, I mean you go right ahead and do that" Jade smirked, her heartbeat just returning to normal after making out with the brunette.

"Ok babe" Tori said in a seductive tone, before pulling up to Jade giving her a quick kiss and making her way to the closet looking to put a sexy ensemble together.

A few minutes later, Tori came out of the closet turning to Jade. The moment she saw Tori, Jade's eyes widened and her mouth dropped, leaving her speechless as if Tori had put a spell on her.

"So, what do you think?" the half Latina asked shyly, blushing at Jade's reaction.

Tori dressed up in a flattering low back cocktail dress that shows a tiny bit of cleavage in front that is slightly above the knee in length. Accompanied in high 4 inch red stilettos she borrowed from Trina. Tori's well lotioned body and soft glowing skin added to her sexy look.

Jade snapped out of it and responded, "Vega, Vega." Jade smirked, "I specifically said maid uniform.."

Before Jade could finish her sentence the frustrated brunette interrupted "I know babe, but-"

Then Jade grabbed Tori's waist, pulling the girl closer to her while looking at Tori's luscious strawberry scented lips, "But this princess attire you have on is ten times sexier"

Jade closed the gap between her and her girlfriend until Tori's waist was against Jade's. Jade had a thing for the color black, and surprisingly, that's what Tori was now wearing, Jade thought. Still observing her girlfriend's features, she lusted after Tori's beautiful curves in that hot ensemble, and shortly after noticed the brunette's tan chest. Tori's cleavage was presented proudly in that tight cocktail dress, and Jade craved them. Jade had to admit, she was getting intensely horny right now.

"I have a feeling you desperately want me to fuck you right now" Jade snickered.

Tori was getting pretty hot right now being this close to Jade's lips, but she pulled be hearing what Jade said. "What?"the skinny petite blurted, "I am not some sex crazed slut Jade"

Jade raised her eyebrow at this and couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "Vega, shut up"

Leaning forwards, Jade captured Tori's lips and pressed it against hers. The brunette caught on and soon, she had let Jade's tongue slip into her mouth. Jade loved the taste of Tori's lips, hell, she craved for them. Their kisses deepened until they were soon exhausted and it was hard to breathe. After 5 minutes Jade moved her way down to her girl's neck, letting a slight moan from Tori. Tori's arms making their way to the back of her lover's neck, pulling on hard. She was about to need it.

Then, things proceeded to get steamy. As Jade positioned herself on top of Tori, pinning the fragile girl on the bottom of the bed, she grabbed the zipper on the back of Tori's dress. The zipper glided easily down and Jade pulled the dress over Tori's head, revealing the tan girl with nothing but her bra and thong on. It made Jade grin when she realized she was right about Tori wearing a thong in her maid daydream. Soon Jade was now at Tori's collarbone, sucking on it gently. While doing this Tori had now but two legs over Jade, locking her in that position, which she really din't mind. The goth continued to unhook the brunette's bra revealing those perfect breasts. Jade dove in and sucked her right nipple, while massaging the left with her hand.

"AHHH-Jade!" Tori yelled shutting her eyes

Soon, Tori's nipples turned into hard peaks, and now Jade was moving on to her lower extremities. Jade kissed her girlfriend's toned flat stomach and her hand made its way to Tori's thong, which was slightly wet. Jade smirked and began moving her fingers around Tori's clit. It was so wet, so fucking wet, Jade thought. And that's the way she liked it. Jade continued stimulating Tori there earning a moan from the half Latina.

"oohhh jeeez" Tori clenched her fist grabbing the covers, "Babe, get inside me already!"

Jade had a devious look on her face, "So tell me that. Tell me how much you love me fucking you"

"AHHH" Tori let out another moan, "I - I, LOVE YOU FUCKING ME JADE!" Tori couldn't believe how loud she sounded, and she couldn't believe Jade just made her do that!

But before Tori could think further, two finger slipped inside of Tori making the brunette scream in pleasure. Jade was in there-and she was in there pretty deep. And it made Tori crumble and moan even louder. Jade's fingers thrusted into Tori, penetrating the inside of Tori. Oh how much Jade really did love fucking Tori. The way Tori grabbed onto her back, leaving as much as ten marks there, heck once, there was even blood coming out. But Jade liked it, blood just fit into her whole goth thing. She also loved the way Tori moans, it was just so hot and filled with so much need and desire. And just a few seconds later, Tori let out a great moan, signaling the near of her climax. Jade pushed her fingers harder, in and out of Tori, until-

"Ohh my Gosh, Jade I'm gonna ! - " Tori pulled as she could onto Jade's black hair, "OHHH JADE!"

Tori reached the long awaited climax, and now covered Jade's bed covers with her cum. Jade took her drenched fingers out of the now sore Tori and put them in her mouth.

"Mmm, baby you taste so good" Jade groaned, settling her two hand over Tori's waist. Her hands exploring that area as Jade's lips traveled it's way to Tori's soft luscious strawberry lips. Tori could taste herself on Jade, and slipped her tongue into Jade's- the woman who made her cum so hard. They shared a passionate make out session, until both Tori and Jade were completely worn out. Jade got off Tori and plummeted to the space beside Tori.

Wow, Jade thought

Panting, and not quite regaining her normal breathing yet, Tori shut her eyes and relaxed. Her sexual frustration just let out after the shattering sex she had with Jade.

Jade wrapped her arms around Tori's waist, cuddling Tori into her embrace. Tori fell back to Jade's shoulder. She felt comfortable, and it felt like like her head just belonged in the corner of Jade's shoulders. There she felt safe.