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The cool night breeze caressed my face. I leaned into it closing my eyes, only one word resonating in my mind.


Where was he?

It had been 3 days since J.T and I had found a note from him explaining that he was going somewhere, but he would be back soon. Needless to say J.T had been on the verge of having a heart attack, while I had felt like someone was crushing my heart from the inside.

J.T and I rarely agreed on anything, yet in that moment we were a united force, both of us fuming at Vincent. How could he do this? It was so incredibly reckless of him.

I sat on that fire escape; I considered what I would do when I saw him next. I was torn between throttling him and kissing him.

"Hey Cat, I'm going to head out, okay?"

Slightly turning, I caught the look of concern etched all over my baby sister's face.

Forcing a smile for her I nodded. "Sure thing. Try not to get too smashed."

Heather gave a little giggle, before saluting. But before she left the room, she turned back around – facing me.

"Cat, are you sure you're okay? Lately you've been having these crazy mood swings. One minute you're all depressed, the next minute you look like you're about to cry. And I know it's not PMS, cause there's a whole box of tampons sitting in the bathroom. And then there's the whole disappearing off for hours on end thing, and then when you come home you just come and sit out here. So... what's up with that?"

I cocked an eyebrow at Heather's rant. It sounded like that had been building up in her system for a while. She was standing, with her hands fisted on her hips, waiting for an answer. I sighed, turning so I faced her.

"Look, I'm fine. I guess I've just been stressed out with work lately. We've had a whole bunch of crap to deal with lately. I suppose it's been getting on top of me. And I just like sitting out here, it's calming, I guess."

Heather nodded sagely. It seemed she bought my feeble excuse.

"Okay. If you need to bitch, my ears are open."

Chuckling I reached up to give her a quick hug.

"Thanks, sis. Now go, before someone gets to the vodka before you."

Heather let loose another one of her infectious giggles, before spinning around and heading out of the door. I sighed, feeling the smile melt off my face. I didn't know how much longer I could keep lying to Heather.

The truth is, every night I came out and sat on this fire escape. Just wishing, yearning for Vincent to appear. I had been to the warehouse everyday and still there had been no word. J.T and I refused to discuss the possibility that the note left was a fake, planted there by Muirfield to throw us of the trail.

Vincent was okay. No, he HAD to be okay. There could be no alternative.

Knowing I was alone in the apartment I brought my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms around them, trying to hold myself together. I felt the tears burn their way down my cheeks. The dam broke, and the river of tears coursed through it.

I don't know how long I sat there sobbing, craving for the feeling of Vincent's arms wrapped around me. Taking a deep breath, I hopped through the window, pulling the crumpled piece of paper from my desk. I had read the words written on this so many times I knew them off by heart, but by holding this insignificant piece of paper I felt closer to Vincent. Like there was something tangible to connect me to him.

Dear Catherine and J.T,

I know you guys must be freaking out. Especially you, J.T. Don't worry, there's a new jar of Tums in the cupboard.

I'm so sorry to do this like this, but trust me when I say this is the easiest way to tell you about why I've left.

Don't worry, I'm coming back. I'll be back before your fathers wedding, Catherine. I promise.

There's something I have to do. I can't really say much about it other than it will help all of us out. Don't worry, Muirfield is absolutely not involved.

But I suppose, despite my promises, there's the chance that something may go wrong. J.T., if I'm not back by the wedding, I want you to release my blood. And Catherine, look out for him, okay?

Despite what he says, he needs someone. And I know the two of you will look after each other.

I'm doing this for you both as well as me, so try not to get too ** at me.

See you both real soon.

All my love,


I wept, clutching the letter to my chest. Dad's wedding was in two days and Vincent still hadn't come back. The need I had for him was so strong; I thought it would crush me. I was at a loss as to why the hell he had left in the first place, he had only hinted as to why in the letter. I just wanted him back.

The memory of our first kiss struck me, potent and powerful. We had been sitting on the fire escape just hanging out. It had felt nice; to sit together and laugh, to act as if Muirfield didn't exist. I had been recounting the painful experience that was the Firefighter's Calendar Launch Party. Vincent had been laughing his head off at me and in mock indignation I got up to go back through the window.

Before I could even get one foot through, I felt his arms ensnare me; pulling me back towards him.

"Hey, sorry. But come on, February is cozy?"

I turned my head to give him a good telling off, but my witty comeback died in my throat as I realized just how close we were. Both of us were silent, he no doubt listening to the racing of my heart. His arms tightened about my waist. A shiver of delight passed through me. After months of avoiding the issue of our feelings for one another, here we both were. Finally in a position to do something about it.

I reached a hand up to place it against his cheek. Staring into each others eyes, I knew his heart was beating as wildly as mine. He inched closer and closer towards me. I closed my eyes just as his lips touched mine.

Months of longing exploded into heat, hands clung, fingers twining in hair. Vincent suddenly tore his mouth from mine, laughing at the shocked expression on my face.

"Your sister is home. I'll see you later, promise."

And with that he pressed his lips to mine one last time and leaped into the night.

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