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The shrill ring of phone pierced my ears. Snapping my head up, I eagerly snatched it from where it lay on my windowsill. Heart beating wildly in my chest, I unlocked the screen only to feel my hopes crushed at the caller ID. Tess, not Vincent or J.T. Sighing I ignored the call I wasn't in the mood to play 20 questions tonight, I knew she thought something was up; my mood had been a little... erratic at work lately, considering the situation.

The loud knock on the door startled me. My eyes flew around the apartment, resting finally on my gun where it lay next to my badge on the dresser. Paranoid or not, I grabbed it before walking cautiously to the front door. The knocking continued whoever was on the other side of the door was getting impatient. Over the sound of my drumming heart I could make out two hushed voices, whoever it was they weren't alone. Tensing, I gave thanks that Heather was gone; the last thing I wanted was another person I loved in danger.

Gripping my gun even tighter, I reached up with my left hand to open the door. Taking a deep breath, I pulled the door open and instead of revealing a group of assassins, I was presented with an irked Evan and an angry Tess.

Hurriedly, I hid my gun behind my back.

'Guys! What are you doing here?' I plastered a weak smile on my face, in an attempt to act as if everything was completely normal. And from the looks on Evan and Tess' faces I wasn't particularly succeeding.

'Cut the crap Cat.'

Tess sounded very pissed. Closing my eyes briefly I tried to ignore the rising emotion bubbling in my chest – I just could not deal with this tonight.

'What are you talking about Tess? And what are you and Evan doing here anyway?'

'What am I talking about?! What am I-'

Before Tess could get stuck into her full blown rant, Evan stepped forward and looked straight into my eyes.

'Look Cat, we know something's going on, you've been distant and upset at work. It's clear you're hardly getting any sleep and we are worried about you – we are your friends!'

'Look, it's not that I don't appreciate the thought guys, but honestly I am fi-'

'Do not stand there and lie to our faces Cat, you are clearly not fine. I mean for god sakes, does someone who is fine answer the door with their gun in hand?'

Tess cut me off, anger burning in her eyes; she raised her hands from her hips to mime sarcastic quotation marks around the word fine. I could feel rage of my own building within; I tried telling myself that they were just being concerned friends, and that I should be grateful that they're taking the time to check up on me but... I just wanted to be left alone. I just wanted to lie in my bed until Vincent came home. I just wanted to ignore the world until I felt his arms around me again.

Before I could even respond to Tess' accusing glare, there was a distinct crash coming from my room. Whipping my head round, towards the sound I felt my heart begin to race in my chest.

I have to get rid of Evan and Tess now.

'What the hell was that Cat?!' Tess was staring at me, one hand already resting on her gun.

'Nothing, probably just someone from upstairs, they've been moving furniture about all evening...'

'Bullshit.' Evan's cold hard voice shocked me. Before I could try and convince them to leave, a sound came from my room that shattered my heart. A sound so laced with pain and anguish, I felt tears spring in my eyes. A sound that I would recognise anywhere.



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