Hello, ! Inspired by Stone-Man85's epic Aquatic Kingdom Hearts series, I decided to mix together that along with a franchise that I have held dear from childhood: Godzilla. Also, to those thinking this is a sequel to any of Stone-Man85's previous AKH entries, you're going to be disappointed. This is set after the Atlantis arc of the first Aquatic Kingdom Hearts but it ignores the ending. In this one, Olette is not introduced, Rourke is dead or as Cookie put it "Transmogrified and then busted into a zillion pieces". This is also a sequel to Godzilla vs. Destoroyah of the Heisei series. Expect references to the Godzilla franchise all over the place. Now before I begin, I'd like to add: I do not own Atlantis the Lost Empire, The Little Mermaid, Stone-Man85's OC's or Godzilla. I do however own my OC's and ideas. Without further ado, I give you Aquatic Kingdom Hearts: Godzilla Reborn.


Monsters are tragic beings. They're born too tall, too strong, too heavy. They are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy.

Ishiro Honda

And though you're dead and gone, believe me

Your memory will carry on.

My Chemical Romance

The sea. The sea holds many secrets. If one were willing to explore, one would find a piece of treasure or rare artifact hidden beneath the churning depths. Even a civilization or two that had succumbed to the wrath of the endless water and end up like pebbles in a pond could be found by those who would search to the ends of the earth.

The sea is also one of the least explored regions on Earth. Deep beneath the waves, there exists an almost alien world. If one were to dive deeper and deeper where no light can journey, one would find a collection of oddities including creatures that may as well be beings from another world. It is also the perfect place to hide.

And hiding was just what the titan was doing. Deep inside of an underwater canyon rested a leviathan. The creature was gigantic, a god amongst living things. Its body was the color of fresh ashes and grooved like an old oak tree. Giant spikes the shape of maple leaves ran down its neck to its long, segmented tail. Its head was reptilian but also had a vaguely feline look to it. Its eyes, the color of smouldering embers, were closed as it lay dreaming of a tragic memory.

The city is in flames. Buildings now lay crumbled and shattered. In the midst of it are two titans fighting amongst each other. One is a giant saurian with skin the color of charcoal with patches that glow bright orange almost as if it is on fire. Its back is decorated with leaf-shaped dorsal plates glowing with an inner fire and, at a glance, appear to be melting like butter in a summer day. Its cougar-shaped face bears fiery red eyes.

Its combatant is something out of a nightmare. Its body is red and violet with spikes protruding from its shoulders and a bone-white floral-based pattern on its chest. Four wings emerge from its back, two large and two small that resemble wings of a bat. Its tail looks like that of a prehistoric scorpion but, instead of ending in a stinger, it ends in a cruel pincer. Its head is demonic with a sharp, bony frill on each side and a long, sword-like horn extending from its forehead. Its eyes are soulless and yellow.

The image then flashed and was replaced with another.

The saurian's spikes glow with the light of a small sun. It opens its jaws and a stream of red light strewn with lightning erupts from its throat, striking the demonic monstrosity.

Again, another image flashed.

The demon-like beast spreads its wings in order to bid a hasty retreat. However, it does not go far as missiles from the ground and bolts of freezing energy strike the beast, severing its wings and sending it plummeting to its doom.

Then the last image flashed, causing the beast to stir from its slumber.

The saurian is being fired at with the same weapons that brought down its nightmarish adversary. However, they prove to be useless. The beast's body glows brighter than the sun as it lets loose what can be determined as a death roar-

At that moment, the leviathan's eyes shot open, ending its dreams. It was almost as if, it didn't want to remember something. Like a tragedy, a long time ago that had cost it something it cared about and would be even more horrifying to relive it again and again. The monster then let sleep overcome it again.

There were once beasts just like it. Beasts who had walked the Earth as titans of their time. Now, only one remained.

And so it begins. Well, kinda sorta. This is just a prologue. But don't worry, there's lots more to come. So stick around for humor, epic battles and more monsters than you can possibly shake a stick at. Oh, and be sure to send reviews.