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Chapter 4

Riding in a car was a lot different than taking the train. I leaned the side of my forehead against the window, struggling to keep my eyes open. I'm not even sure how much time had passed since I left the hotel with that psychopath. Time seems to just run together these days. I had been looking for Edward ever since I left, with no avail. I don't even remember the last time I had a good night's rest. I couldn't help it though; the longer it's been since I've seen Ed, the more I worry about him. I mean, I'm sure he can take care of himself and all, there's just something in the pit of my stomach that's telling me something else. Another large yawn escaped my lips as I watched intently out the window at everything that passed us by. Empty fields, small farm houses, and the occasional tank to remind you that you really aren't as safe as you think you are.

Right before I was about to fall asleep, something caught my eye off in the distance. It was a blonde haired girl holding hands with a small child. She was walking along the fence carrying a basket of what seemed like freshly picked vegetables. Something about her seemed so familiar, even though all I could see was the back of her. I watched them intently until we caught up on them. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped slightly when I was able to catch a look at her face.

"Stop the car!" I shouted into the front seat at the man that had been driving me around all this time.

"What?" He looked into the review mirror at me, a puzzled look in his eyes.

"I said stop the bloody car!" My head was sent forward into the passenger seat as he slammed on the brakes. Before he was able to come to a complete stop though, I had already opened the door and jumped out. A large smile was fixed across my lips when I caught another glimpse of the girl. "Enya!" My eyes almost welled up as I wrapped my arms around the blonde girl's neck. Her body tensed up immediately under my embrace and she could only mumble out a couple of inaudible things. I let go of her and wiped away the small water that was building up in the corner of my eye. "It really is you, isn't it?"

"I beg your pardon…?" Her brows narrowed into a confused scowl.

"Mommy, that girl looks just like you!" The little boy she was holding hands with tugged on her arm.

"I'm sorry, have we met somewhere before?" she yanked the little boy behind her to keep him quiet.

"Enya, don't be silly! It's me, Madeline, your sister…" I couldn't tell if she was playing a joke on me or what. I have no idea how my sister made it here, but I certainly wasn't one to complain.

"I don't… have a sister…" Her eyes moved all around my face in confusion. My sister Enya and I are identical twins. We look exactly the same for the most part; the only really noticeable differences are hair color and eye color. Enya was blessed with beautiful long blonde hair and ravishing green eyes.

"Have you honestly forgotten who I am?" She just nodded. "You must be joking? Were sisters..."A loud bump in the street woke me up as my head was sent smashing back down into the window. I had been having the same dream of her ever since I ran into her yesterday. That girl, she looked exactly like my little sister Enya, but she had no idea who I was. She thought I was crazy…

My sister Enya and I were born in the town of Rush Valley sixteen years ago. We lived there with our father and two cats. Our mother died almost immediately after giving birth to us, sending our father into the start of his downward spiral. They had originally moved to the city so my dad could start his automail business, and of course what better place to be then there. It's my father's fault that I'm in this position in the first place. That's why it's so important to me to get back, so I can protect my little sister from that disgusting man. He had always blamed us for our mother's death, punishing us whenever he could. When my sister and I were about four years old he started to get into alchemy. He tried every chance he could to perfect it down to a T. He had even started using us for some of his more dangerous techniques, human transmutations. That man was desperate enough to try anything, just to bring back our mother. The first major experiment was when we were just six years old, when he took my leg from me. I clenched my fists tightly and scraped my teeth together as my mind played back the events of that night.

"Sister, I'm scared…" Enya whispered to me. She was standing in front of my bed in her small pink dress, her stuffed blue bunny clutched in her arms. I sat up and scooted back in my bed, allowing her to climb in if she needed to. "Daddy locked himself in his room again…" She wiped a tear from her face with the back of the bunny's head.

"Don't let it bother you too much, Enya, he just really misses mommy."

"But Maddy, He's doing really strange things in there… What if something bad happens to him?"

"Nothing's going to happen to…" But before I could finish my sentence to door to my room slammed open. He was standing in the doorway; a slightly deranged look glimmered in his eyes. He made his way across my small room and crouched down beside the bed next to Enya. He examined us both over for a second before putting his hands on Enya's shoulders.

"Enya, sweetheart, will you come help daddy with some of his work?"

"I don't know, daddy, what kind of…"

"Daddy, Enya isn't feeling good." I interrupted, a rather large knot welling up in my stomach. "I'll help you though." I quickly hopped out of bed and slid my glasses on.

"But, Maddy..." She grabbed onto my small purple dress as if trying to stop me. We had the exact same feeling about what was going to happen next, but even then, no one was going to hurt my sister.

"Excellent," He grabbed my small hand and walked me out of my room. We were never usually allowed to go in his room unless he said otherwise, so nothing really prepared me for the sight. There were strange circles and papers scattered all over the walls and ceiling. His bed was sideways and against the wall to make room for one really gigantic assortment of shapes that filled up almost the entire floor.

"Daddy, what is all this?"

"You're going to help me with a little experiment, Madeline." He pushed me into a small X in the center of all the drawings.

"What kind of experiment?"

"We're going to bring mommy back, isn't that great?"

"But how, daddy? Mommy is dead…"

"I know that, but we're going to bring her back!"

"How are you going to do that?"

"Just stop talking so I can concentrate!" I flinched when his loud voice cut through my ears. He then crouched down to one side of all the strange drawings and spoke a few words. The shapes began to glow and flash, then the room suddenly turned into a strange white abyss.

"Daddy?" I frantically looked all around for him, but there was no one else there. "Daddy!" I shouted as loud as my small lungs would let me, but I never received an answer. As soon as I went to turn around again, a strange door appeared out of nowhere. I approached the strange door, letting my curiosity get the better of me. When I was close enough to the door it opened, strange pictures and words began to fly into my head. It was an information overload. Things I had never seen before, things I didn't understand, and things that made no sense; all flying at me at once. Until it all just randomly stopped. I fell back onto my bottom and took a deep breath, trying to process everything that I just saw.

"Madeline…" Hearing my name called faintly caused me to look back up at the open door. A blurred figured stood in the doorway and called to me a few more times. Then before I was able to decipher who it was calling to me, several black arms reached out for me. They grabbed onto my right leg, as if trying to pull me through the door with that strange voice. I screamed and cried with all my might, struggling to get free of the tiny arms. Then before I knew it, I was back in my father's room. He was clutching me in his arms, apologizing over and over again. There was a horrible pain in my right leg, but when I tried to lift it up to see why it hurt so bad, nothing happened.

I may have lost my leg that day, but I gained a vast knowledge of alchemy. It wasn't until six years later that he had the balls to try that again. He didn't just take my leg that time, he took everything from me. I swear to god, if I ever get back across that damn gate I'm going to kill him. I let out a big sigh and reached up to rub the side of my face. Key word: if… I've been here for four years and I'm not a single step closer to seeing my sister again. I know that if I can just find Ed, we can help each other get back home. Even that was turning out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. How far could he have possibly gotten anyway?

I was forced to continue on foot when the driver found out I didn't have enough money to pay him. Lucky for me though, the next town was only but a short walk away. It was a lot larger than the other town I had been to, a lot more people were here as well. It was more or a less a trash hole though. It was as if all the riff-raff and criminals that escaped from London ended up here. The one thing I wanted to do first was find some better clothing with the money I hid from the driver. These clothes are comfortable and all, I'm just sick of all the strange looks I get from people. Even now, as I walk around this dead-beat town, people still look at me as if I had a bomb strapped to my back. It's so unbelievably annoying.

In the center of town was a fairly good sized market. There were a few produce stands, a couple stores, and even a decently sized pub. Most importantly though, was the clothing shop, which was actually pretty big. It was if I had found another place untouched by the war. I walked into the clothing shop and was greeting by the old lady that seemed to run the place. The store was pretty big, they had what seemed to be clothing for everyone; men, woman, children. I walked over to the rack with all the pretty dresses and looked through them. Out of the corner of my eye the old woman was watching me. The amount of people in here shopping and she has to go out of her way to watch me? Or maybe I'm just thinking too much into it. I pulled a really fancy lavender dress from the rack and walked over to the mirror. I held the dress in front of me and turned from side to side. It looked like it would fit, and it was really pretty; but could I actually afford it?

"Did you find something you liked?" The old woman approached me, eyeing me with the dress up and down.

"Maybe, but I'm not quite sure…" I folded the dress over my arm and let out a sigh. I looked over at her and she had her arms up in the air with a bit of a scared look on her face. "Is something…"

"T-take whatever you want…" Her eyes were fixed on my belt and I looked down to see what her problem was. The handle of the small revolver was hanging partially out of my pants. Great, the old bat thinks' I'm going to rob her.

"You know what, never mind." I set the dress down on the small table next to the mirror and walked out of the store. Do I really look like the type of person that would rob and old woman? I mean seriously, who does that crap? The gun is for my protection and mine alone. It only has two bullets left in it anyway, why the hell would I waste it on someone that isn't even attacking me? I swear, this damn war has everyone terrified over stupid things. If you want to be scared of something, you should have been with me when the damn bombs dropped on my house. I walked over to the pub and a small bell chimed as I entered through the door. Already I could tell that I was the odd man out, or woman I should say. Considering the fact that I was a sixteen year old girl, and this pub was filled with men almost in their forties. I made sure to sit all the way at the other side of the bar so that I didn't draw attention to myself.

"Aren't you a little young to be in here?" the man behind the bar walked over to me, cleaning some glasses with a rag.

"I'm a lot older than I look…" I shot him a rather nasty look and folded my arms across my chest. Of course I was lying, I'm exactly as old as I look, but he didn't need to know that.

"Pardon my rudeness then, ma'am" He set the glass down on the counter behind him and handed me a small menu and drink list. This would be the perfect opportunity to get my first taste of alcohol, but I just couldn't bring myself to lie to him any further. It was as if he already knew better, but wanted to be nice; and I wasn't one to abuse someone's kindness.

"I'll just have a glass of water and some soup, if that's all right." I handed the menu back to him and rested my arms on the counter.

"No problem, miss." He set a glass on the counter and filled it up with a small silver pitcher before walking through a door that seemed to lead to the kitchen. I took a deep breath and slammed the now empty glass back onto the counter. I guess I was a bit thirstier then I had thought.

After I finished my soup and paid the man I left the pub. Not sure exactly where I should be going next or what to do. I wandered around the small town trying to come up with a course of action. As far as I could tell, Edward wasn't here, which was really starting to become a pain in the ass. It was as if he had disappeared off the face of the earth. Part of me was willing to give up the search already and be on my way, but another part of me wasn't. I didn't know which part to listen to. Would I ever be able to forgive myself for giving up? A sudden bit of shouting coming from an alley way I had passed captured my attention. Mostly because it was in a different language, similar to the one I had heard from the two soldiers those few nights ago. My first instinct was to run away in fear of repeating what happened, but of course my curiosity got the better of me and I made my way towards the shouting. I was sure to keep my distance and stay mostly hidden around a corner, just in case they didn't want any company.

Of course with my luck, I wasn't able to hide for very long. One big sneeze later and I'm running for my life. I don't even know what the hell they think I heard, but I can't even speak their damn language! Still, I'm running for my life from a group a guys twice my size, through a town I don't even want to be in. The shit I get myself into it, I swear. Then, as if things couldn't get any worse, my automail locks up on me, sending my crashing down into the dirt. The last thing I remember were a pair of hands on my shoulder and a something bashing me in the back of my head before everything went black.

I woke in a dark room, the scent of must and mold filled the air. After my eyes had a bit of time to adjust I noticed it was more of a prison cell then a room. A musty, damp, quiet, and more than likely rat infested prison cell. What a mighty fine mess I've gotten myself into this time. I picked myself up off the concrete floor and made my way around the cell, taking in every possible escape route. Of course there was none. The only exit I could find from this damn thing was a large wooden door with bars in the middle of a small window. I looked out through the bars to see what was out there, but it was more or less pointless. It was so freaking dark down here there could be a party going on out there and I would never know. I tried yanking on the door handle and kicking it with my automail, but it was no use. If they hadn't taken my gun from me I could have used that.

"I thought everyone else had been killed…" A faint but rather familiar male voice came from outside the room.

"Are you talking to me?" A stupid question, but something made me ask anyway.

"Well, obviously…" I knew that, jerk! From there I just ignored him and went back to slamming my automail against the door. "If you're trying to get out it's pointless, I've literally tried everything."

"You say that," I paused for a tired few gasps of air, "but I seriously doubt you've tried this."

"Well, to me it sounds like you're slamming metal against the door. So, yes, I have tried that."

"Yeah, well I doubt you're as stubborn as I am!" Not that being stubborn is a good quality to have; it does help in situations like this. Which in fact, did pay off. I grabbed at the now broken handle and yanked it out of the door, bringing the door with it. The room outside was just a long dark hallway that had a bunch of doors that looked just like the one I came through. The only light that filled the room were coming from a few candles at each end of the long hallway. "I'm out, now where are you?"

"How the hell did you manage to get out? Do you have any idea how long I've been stuck in here?" I laughed a little bit at his frustration. Sure, I felt bad for him for being stuck here too, but it wasn't as hard to break out as he made it sound.

"Stop whining and tell me what room you're in!"

"How the hell am I supposed to know what room I'm in?"

"I don't know; stick your hand out of the damn window or something!" Of course it didn't strike me that I couldn't see until after I had already said that.

"There, can you see me?"


"Then what the hell?"

"Shut up I'm thinking!" I started to run my hand along the doors on the left side of the room first, hoping that I would be able to feel his hand when I came across it.

"Would you keep your damn voice down, they will hear you."

"Sorry, I get loud when I'm nervous…" After making it to the end of the hallway I started along the other side of the room, only to find out he was right in front of me the whole damn time. "Stand back…" I gave him a few seconds before kicking away at the door with all the strength in my leg. After a few moments the door swung open. My eyes met a pair of golden brown ones. At first they were filled with relief, and then filled with anger and disgust. There was no doubt in my mind at that point; I knew exactly who that was through the darkness.

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