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Tom was bored.

Not that it was ever a good thing.

His idiot followers were wrecking his plans again. He'll have to use even more of his charms on the staff. Everyone knows that Dippet would be following him like a pathetic puppy if given the chance. The only one that doesn't favor him is Dumbledore.

Old coot, he thought with a sneer. Tom had been clever enough to cover up all his doings and his followers' wrongdoings with very reasonable explanations. Even if Dumbledore is suspicious, he doesn't have evidences.

He looked around the forest, up at the castle that he called home. For years, no one had ever found out about his meetings. Perhaps it's time for some more...sessions?

"Abraxas. Entertain me," he drawed silkily, watching as Abraxas stumbled to his feet and kissed the hem of his robes.

"W-what would y-you like for me to do, m-my lord?" he asked shakily.

"You certainly deserve punishment for this insolent question," Tom said coldly. He fingered his yew wand with long, pale fingers. Though his face was covered by his black hood, Malfoy's gaze followed his hands to his wand, an expression of horror on his face. The commanding young man's handsome face twisted into a sardonic grin. "When I tell you to do something, you do not question my orders."

"Please, my lord! Please, I only wanted to please you-"


As he watched Malfoy writher and scream on the forest floor, he saw his other followers tremble with fear out of his peripheral vision.

That is satisfaction enough.

He ended the curse with a flourish. "You will learn next time of-"

His words were cut by a flash of green light from the sky and a deafening explosion as all heads whipped around.

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