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blood is all I can see.
blood was everywhere , it doesn't freak me out like normal people do, infact I am amazed at the wonderful sight before me, it's so red . I've seen blood before not once not twice, almost every day and mind you not just small drops of it, it was a pool of blood and to be exact it was my own blood. It doesn't bother me actually I like to see them drain out of me since that is the thing I want to happen. What's the point of cutting my own wrist if I don't intend to die?
I stared at the pool of blood, I am currently sitting in the cold tiles of the bathroom in my dormitory, I know anytime I might die, my visions started to blur and dizziness is starting to kick in.
I'm going to die… finally..
that I accepted my fate and slowly closed my eyes to embrace death, I can feel the death coming to envelop and devour me in this darkness, yet…yet there is always …always a creature that prolong my reunion with death.. This pure creature that kept me dragging away from that dark gate and I hate it.
I hate him.

"Ro-Roppi-san!" a worried voice swept through my ears and apparently my senses came back in recognition of such voice, tilting my head there I saw at the door a blonde boy who had a worried expression, yes just worried, not fear I guess his used to it. I remembered the horror crossed his face when he saw me in the same position as of now before. But this blond…This innocent blond kept on saving me.
Always saving me, that's why I hate him.
I looked at the door the said blond rushed over to my aid kneeling beside me, not minding his white scarf being soaked with my blond as he wrapped it around my wrist. Adjusting his glasses the blond helped me stood up and carried me –princess style- and rushed straight to my bed placing me softly, he fumbled on his phone.
"H-hello..R-roppi-san is…" he nods before answering "o-okay" he dropped the phone and looked down at me, predicting who he called it must be Shinra it's always him, my cousin Izaya.. Is a friend of that weird doctor, A sigh escaped from the blonde's lips as he frowned.
"Why? W-why do you keep d-doing it Roppi-san?" the worry in his voice was visible, I looked at him but then I whip my head to opposite direction, I can't tolerate to see such face, so innocent and full of life, I closed his eyes feeling my consciousness drift and ignored him. Yes that is what I always do ignore him, ignore my roommate,and ignore the person beside me.
ignore Heiwajima Tsukishima.