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Running, that's all I did today, I ran and ran to find that other blond who just magically vanished, shit! Was that ghost or something? I can't really explain and well I don't really believe in ghost somehow I got influenced by Izaya so its kind of unbelievable for me. but then again if it was Tsuki why the hell he isn't stammering? And no scarf! He can't live without that damn thing!. Groaning I stopped in front of a store to catch my breath and leaned on the wall, if that was Tsuki is he alive? If he is why isn't he showing his self to me? maybe he was mad.. who can blame him though it was my fault in the first place. I chuckled lowly and started to walk instead, maybe im just over thinking and starting to hallucinate. Gosh maybe my insanity is now kicking in since I stopped taking the meds, looking down I blankly walked and stopped in my tracks as I looked at the place I was currently in. it was the park near the school, the park where I always go . with a sigh I went and stood in front of my bench, the bench where no one really sits since it was unstable and behind it was a dead sakura tree and everyone find it creepy. The bench had been broken and I just stared at the piece of wood before feeling something wet slid down my cheek, and I realized.. I was crying. Wiping it with the sleeve of my jacket I hope that it would stop but sadly it didn't and tears flow down, all the guilt, regret and disappointment I felt this past few months came all in a rush. Bring my hands to my face to cover it I started to sob and cried, when was the last time I cried like this? Ahh right in the rooftop with Tsuki. Damn! That stupid blond again! My sobs were getting heavier and heavier, I can't breathe and I did not dare remove my hands in my face, im getting back into the darkness where once I lived, there is no escap- what?
my breathing hitched as I felt strong arms wrapped around my waist and froze at the familiar comforting warmth that enveloped me, my hands slowly dropped.

"Tsuki?" I murmured only to myself but then I didn't expect an answer.

"yes, Roppi-san?"

eyes widen I stood still and starts to sob again, his arms tightening around me as he nuzzled at my neck and I turned around to see the blond smiling at me his glasses and scarf are present. Clenching my fist brought it up to clench at his shirt instead as I returned the hug. "Tsuki.." I murmured and looked up to him as he bought a finger to wipe my tears.
"im sorry Roppi-san" he murmured. Suddenly I recalled something and pushed him away.

"you mean are alive all this time?" I asked in disbelief, two months I grieved for his death and then here he was appearing like a clown in a party saying 'surprise im alive!'.

"y-yes I am.. Im sorry again" he scratch the back of his neck.
clenching my fist I brought it to the idiot's jaw and strikes as hard as I could, Tsuki backed away clenching his jaw and looked at me. "r-roppi-san.. are you-"

"Shut the fuck up! You stupid blond! You big fat liar! Did you know I was mourning over to your 'fake' death and that everyone knew about it except me! I feel like a fool and then now you came here suddenly proclaiming you are alive! Did you know how hard is it for me! that I blamed myself and i…i.. I didn't know what to do! I can't think of anything else aside from you! I tried killing myself to follow you and I can't do it because .. because you… ah fuck! i.. love you so much that I can't bear to lose you! I can't b-mmf!" my rant stopped automatically as I felt soft lips melded on mine and I realized I was being kissed. My eyes automatically closed as responded on the kiss and deepens it yanking the blond tresses before pulling away, I was panting for two reasons, the kiss or my rant.

"im sorry about your jaw.." I murmured.

"its fine I d-deserved it" he smiled and looked at me with his face tinted with pink. "R-Roppi-san? Can you repeat what you said?"

"that was too long to be repeated.."

"just the last sentence will do" he smiled and I blushed, I was ranting to much that I blurted things out without my control.

"I forgot it! Don't make me!" I looked away as I could feel the heat on my cheeks and started walking tugging the blond using his sleeve instead of his hand, it was still awkward for me and im not really used of being touchy.

"tell me p-please Roppi-san"


"why? Y-you said it quite loud"

"I did not!" I argued as we walked, I could even feel the smile he had even when im not talking to me.



"I love you too~" he smiled and jumped kiss at my cheek, feeling another wave of heat on my cheek I grabbed his scarf and wrapped it around his mouth.

"Sh..shut up will you!" I groaned and started to went back in the dorm.

After the graduation Roppi and I decided to live together like Shizuo-san and Izaya-san, the ones left on the school were Psyche and Hibiya. Delic went and found a singing career in Shinjuku. I looked at the perfect raven in my front as he packed his things on out dorm, since I was done all I did was observed him, he was just so perfect bending down and stretching his beautiful body, I shook my head as I felt my cheeks warm out, how come I thought of something like that?! This is Delic's influence!

"its quite rude to stare you know" the crimson eyed male glared at me as he continued to pack.

"sorry" I mumbled as he just rolled his eyes scowling. I know that was rude considering we are now lovers but I know Roppi is just being mean in the surface it was what Psyche said.. what was it again? Ah right a Tsundere.. 'don't worry Tsuki-chan, Pi-chan is just being a tsun-tsun but he really loves you!' yep that was what he said.

"are you sure about this?" I looked up and saw Roppi gripping a shirt.

"about w-what?"

"I mean.. us together… Tsuki, you know im not stable.. and, I can hurt you as well, so I was wo-"

"no! please lets l-live together" I smiled and went to take his hand and kiss each digit before brushing his raven locks.

"I love you Roppi"

he froze and the pink dust started to leak on his cheeks as he looked down and murmured something under his breath, I raised a brow and looked at him."


another mumble.

"uh..wh-what is it a-"

"I love you too"

my smile widened as I heard his response, it was low and barely above a whisper but I heard it and I was more than enough to bring our face close together to kiss that wonderful lips. For now im happy at our situation, I guided him out of his dark world while he bought mine to light, it was just a fair deal and I won't regret any single thing I did for this man, he deserved it and he deserved more, I'll just have to show him the love he didn't felt while he grew up I will make it up to him and im sure he will do the same, without using abusive words I hope.. but well that what made me fall for him, his attitude is also counted, I would really love to paint him every day. One thing for sure in know, we both need each other.