Pairings:SasuNeji, SasuSaku
Warning: Slash (male x male), profanity, sex, cheating

Summary: He's leading a double life- that of a married man with a perfect wife and that of a homosexual. Even when he gets caught in his web of lies, something still makes it to be the best mistake he's ever made.

A/N: Lime!

A Beautiful Mess
Chapter 1: The Sixth Week

Here I am again, he thought to himself as he came upon the bar stool. It was a Friday night. He had gotten off work twenty minutes ago and debated if he should be coming back here. What was the vice president of Uchiha Corp, THE Fugaku Uchiha owned accounting firm, doing at a place like this?

"Mr. Uchiha, good seeing you as always" a short blonde hair, blue eyed bartender greeted. "How are you on this fine Friday night?"

"I'm well, Naruto, thanks for asking," Sasuke replied tiredly; those long, twelve hour shifts five days a week were starting to get to him. "I'll be having a scotch tonight."

"Coming right up, handsome," Naruto winked as he walked to the other side of the bar for Sasuke's drink.

When he received his drink, Sasuke placed his lips around the rim, taking a small sip of the scotch; the coaxing heat smoothed down his throat. It hit the spot, especially after a long, stressful week at work. He looked around, taking in the atmosphere while sipping his scotch; the room was dimly lit with an assortment of yellows and oranges for up lighting. The smell of cigarettes and alcohol lightly tainted the air. It wasn't too crowded tonight; the chattering of singles- some on dates, others using cheesy pick-up lines to score a lay- rang throughout his ears.

His observation broke when he felt a vibration on his thigh; reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his cell phone noticing a well-known number on the caller I.D.


"Hi, honey. It's 10:30, and I was wondering if you were coming home tonight?" a soft voice came through the phone.

"I'm afraid I won't be home tonight, dear; someone messed up filing some important documents, and I'm stuck here sorting," was the lie. "I'll probably check into the hotel across the street since I have an early shift tomorrow."

"Oh," the soft voice paused, disappointment apparent in her tone, "well, I just wanted to make sure. I was on my way to bed. I love you, and I'll see you tomorrow." Sakura replied cheery, trying to mask her feelings at the moment. "Don't work too hard."

"I love you, too."

This had been the sixth week of him lying to his wife on Friday nights. He couldn't possibly tell his beautiful, pink haired wife- the perfect woman to have on his arm when going to marketing events and formal functions- of five years that he was having a drink at a gay bar. A gay bar? The vice president of THE Fugaku Uchiha owned accounting firm sneaking away from his emerald eyed beauty for a gay bar?

The thought of how it sounded is exactly why he had continued to lie to her for this long. He truly had nothing to lie about, however; he hadn't been secretly seeing or sleeping with anyone else. That was until-

"Can I get you another drink?" a sultry voice chimed in the background as Sasuke put his phone back into his pocket.

Sasuke turned back to the bar to see a long haired brunette with porcelain like skin and the most alluring silver tinted white eyes in front of him. His heart began to race as he tried to inconspicuously stare at the reason for his coming to the bar.

Neji: the gorgeous bartender (a waiter when they first met) that had entertained him six weeks ago when he was misled into coming to the bar by his co-worker, Suigetsu, to meet his friends. The conversation between Neji and Sasuke had been amazing, having covered everything from politics to arts to business then sports, causing him to stay much longer even after his co-workers had left. That night became the starting point of his deceit.

"Hey, Neji," Sasuke was finally able to dislodge his choked voice from his throat, reaching a hand to rub the back of his neck. "How have you been this week?"

"Well, I've been okay. Business was slow earlier this week, I had a test in four out of six classes, and the Hawks lost the hockey game on Sunday. Yeah...I think okay is about right," he answered, earning a low chuckle from Sasuke. "Oh, you think that's funny?" Neji asked, placing a hand on his hip and tapping a foot.

"No, it's not funny; it's just I wouldn't expect someone as perfect as you to be having such an unfortunate week," Sasuke said coyly, scooping a piece of ice into his mouth with his tongue.

"If I didn't know any better, I would say you were flirting with me, Mr. Uchiha," Neji said snatching the empty glass playfully from Sasuke's hand to refresh his drink. "Let me guess, scotch for you tonight again?"A light blush dusted Sasuke's cheeks as he nodded to Neji. "You know what? I'm going to get you something else. We need to broaden your horizon."

Sasuke watched as Neji walked to the other side of the bar. Man, did he enjoy watching that perfect little ass of his switch when walking, and what made it even better? The bar had theme nights where the staff would have to dress accordingly. Tonight was Western night, and the way Neji's leather chaps tightened around his blue jeans, indirectly pushing his ass up was making Sasuke swell.

Feeling himself staring a little too hard, he shook his head breaking his mesmerized eyes away from Neji. Dammit, this can't be happening,he thought to himself, looking at the sexy bartender pour different liquors into a shaker. I'm…I'm not-

"He we are," Neji interrupted Sasuke's thoughts upon his return. Looking a little concerned as he placed the tall glass in front of the other man, he asked, "Is there something wrong?"

"Oh…no, no," Sasuke replied shakily, placing his eyes to the glass in front of him. "Wha- what is this?" he questioned, skeptically looking at the silver eyed beauty.

"It's a special cocktail I came up with in bartending class," Neji stated. "I would tell you what's in it, but it wouldn't be a special anymore, now would it?"

"Hn," the raven retorted. "It smells really sweet, and I don't like sweets too-"

"Dammit, will you just try it?" Sasuke's eyes narrowed as Neji's voice rose in slight annoyance of him.

"I was just saying, man."

"I understand that," the brunette responded, "but for the past six weeks you have been coming here, you've ordered the same thing. Me being a bartender now, I can't let my most loyal customers continue on a routine path when there are so many different things to try." He was drying a glass with a bar towel as he spoke to Sasuke. "I bet you live a very mundane life, don't you?"

Sasuke casually sat back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest. With a raise of an eyebrow, he started, "for your information, my life is just fine. I have a good job, I have a lovely home, and I have a perfect wi-" he stopped himself from revealing Sakura was his wife. He wasn't ashamed or embarrassed to let anyone know about her; in fact most times when people would ask, he would just come out with it. For some reason, he felt himself hesitate to tell Neji about his home life. He didn't understand why, but the swirling of butterflies from his nervousness with the brunette bartender had him uncertain of himself.

"What was that last part?" Neji asked, placing the dried glass on a rack.

"No-nothing" Sasuke stuttered placing his hand on the drink in front of him. "You're right; I do live a mundane life. It's always work with late shifts, incompetent people, and the worst attitudes you could possibly deal with." He sighed, "I would love a change."

"You don't have a girlfriend?" Neji asked, leaning forward and propping his head up in his hands with his elbows upon the counter. "Surely someone as good looking as you pulls from every direction; look how you carry yourself," he pointed to the tailored suit Sasuke was dawning with a matching tie and neatly kept ebony tendrils. "You look amazing to me."

The nervous feeling in Sasuke's began to heighten.Is…is he hitting on me, he asked himself, slightly biting his bottom lip to keep his intrapersonal thoughts unspoken.

Neji chuckled, "What's the matter? Are you not good at taking compliments?"

"I…ugh," Sasuke fumbled for the right words to say, making sure not to slip up about his wife back at home. "No," he lied again, "I'm not seeing anyone right now."

"Damn, that's a bummer," Neji remarked, standing up from the counter. "If only you were gay, I would so be trying to get at you." That being said, he turned on his heels to head back to the sink where dirtied glasses had been piling up.

Sasuke's eyes widened. "You're- you're gay?"

Neji turned his attention away from the soapy water, smiling as he answered."Yeah, I am. I mean, I do work at a gay bar."

"I thought you were just working here to pay for your tuition?"

"Oh, well yeah, that's the major part of the reason," the brunette began washing glasses again, "but, yeah- I'm gay." Neji could tell by the slanted expression Sasuke was wearing that he was confused, and he let out a low chuckle. "What? You look like you've seen the ghost of Christmas past or something."

"I honestly can't believe you're into men," Sasuke said bewildered. "I mean, you're so into sports…hockey at that- the most grueling sport there is-"

"Yeah, and?" Neji asked, dropping the glass back into the water and leaning against the bar, folding his arms with a smirk.

"And when we talked about image in the media, you spoke about how you thought women were sexy and how you loved the womanly figure."

"Sasuke, I'm an artist," Neji responded with a "duh" to his tone. "Of course I can appreciate the female anatomy; it's truly a work of beauty."

Sasuke was completely dumbfounded. "But you're…YOU'RE NOT EVEN FLAMBOYANT!" he burst, placing his hands on the bar counter flustered.

Neji let out a huge laugh. "Oh my, you are too funny," he exclaimed, walking towards the raven haired man. Placing a hand on a tensed shoulder, Neji added, "I'm sorry I just completely turned your world upside down. I don't have to be the stereotypical 'I love shopping, fingernail polish, and boy bands with a high voice and exaggerated clothing' guy just to declare my sexuality." He removed his hand once Sasuke's shoulder relaxed. "I just like what I like, and I happen to be like a stereotypical heterosexual male, except I like men."

Sasuke's onyx orbs gazed into the silver tinted ones in front of him. Never in his twenty five years of living had he met someone like Neji. It began to make sense to him why he was lying to his wife about where he was every Friday night. He couldn't bring himself to admit he may have just fallen for someone else; someone who had shared the same interest as he, and someone who happened to be even more beautiful than the woman he had waiting for him at home- that someone else being another male.

Shaking himself from his thoughts and looking away from Neji, Sasuke took a quick sip from his long forgotten drink and was taken aback by how tasty it was. It was sweet, and he although he truly did loathe sweet things, it had a distinct spiciness that countered the sweetness of the mix.

"This is pretty good, Hyuga," Sasuke complimented, still sipping from the glass. "Go ahead and make me another, please?"

"I guess I can since you asked so nicely," and once again, Sasuke found himself watching Neji's perfect ass walk across the bar.

Damn, I'm in trouble he muttered under his breath, finishing his first glass. Placing the emptied glass onto the bar counter, he sat back loosening the top button of his pinstriped collared shirt. Putting his arms behind his neck and leaning his head back, he felt his body sink into a warm comfort from the alcohol. He closed his eyes awaiting his next drink; a sly grin plastered itself on his face.

What in the hell did he put in this thing, he watched Neji walk back to him with a smile. I feel…really good.


Sasuke awoke with a serious pound pulsing throughout his skull. Dammit, he cursed as he sat up, placing a shaky palm to his forehead. Rubbing in gentle circular motions, Sasuke shifted his eyes scanning the unfamiliar scenery around him.Where am I?he asked himself as he took in the mysterious room. It wasn't decorated like his room at home with the pink and cream flower petal bedding and a cherry blossom tree painted on the wall compliments to Sakura; nor was the room blandly decorated like a hotel room. It was a nice sized room with a brown and beige stripe theme with mahogany furniture. He liked it a lot more than what he had in his own home.

"I see you finally woke up," Neji called from the doorway of the bedroom."I was just coming to check up on you."

"Where the hell am I? What happened?" a confused Sasuke asked, still rubbing his throbbing head.

"You're at my apartment," Neji answered, walking towards his bed where the raven haired man was sitting. "After you chugged down the first drink I made you, you kept asking for more. I should have known after the second one, I shouldn't have given you anymore. You were a mess, especially since you had that god awful scotch in your system from beforehand," he chuckled, leaning against a bedroom wall across from Sasuke. "You were slurring your words, slumping over the counter with the cutest dopey looking grin, and telling me these very detailed fantasies you've been having about you and myse-"

"What the fuck did you do to me?!" Sasuke asked accusingly, startling Neji with his harsh tone.

"I- I did nothing to you!" Neji defended, pulling himself off the wall.

"Is that what you do? Drug good looking rich guys who come to the bar and bring them back to your place to fuck them over while intoxicated?" Sasuke continued to slander the brunette's character with his unforgiving words. "What? Are you too damn lazy to go get a real job? You know…something that would actually be sufficient enough to pay for your pathetic schooling instead of traipsing around some fag bar? You have to bag the first rich guy you meet? Is that why you're even fucking gay in the first place, so you can be the bitch in the relationship and be taken care of?"

Infuriated, Neji bit his bottom lip clenching his fist as he tried to calm himself down. He then bit his tongue hard enough for blood to seep through the opened cut. Wanting to not start a fight, Neji looked down, letting out a heavy sigh and composing himself before looking to the man in his bed.

"You know what?" he started, glaring at the man who just insulted him, "I knew you were a pompous jackass who thought he was better than everyone else the first day I met you. Not everyone can live the glamorous life of being rich, the heir to a very successful company, and having people jump at your every word, Sasuke. I was just being nice, seeing you were in no condition to take yourself home and brought you back to my place," his gaze averted the other man's now. "I thought we were actually becoming friends," he paused, "but I guess I see what you really think about me now. I can't believe I almost-" he stopped, biting his bottom lip again to bite back his next few words. "Nevermind, I'm not going to argue with you. Please feel free to escort yourself out." With that, Neji turned on his heels, leaving his own room so Sasuke could get himself together.

Remorse washed over him from his random outburst, and the raven gathered himself and walked towards the bedroom door. How could he possibly make it up to Neji for the insensitive accusations he had just placed on him? He honestly didn't feel that way about him, or he wouldn't have been sneaking away from his wife just to see him. His confusion was put to rest as it dawned on him. I have to do something to make this right, Sasuke said to himself as walked through a hallway dimly lit by the light in the living room.

As he approached the front of the apartment, he noticed Neji sitting upright on his couch. He wore a stern face; his jaw was clenched and his nostrils were flared, but his eyes held a subtle look of hurt in them. His hands were clasped together; he twiddled his thumbs as if he were meditating most likely on Sasuke's ridiculously harsh words towards him. Here goes, Sasuke thought as he approached the male.

"This is a lovely place you have-"

"Save it," Neji retorted before Sasuke could get his last word out. "Your coat is hanging by the door, and your shoes there as well. Oh, don't worry: you took those off yourself; I just placed your shit out of the way when you handed them to me."

Neji's harsh tone sent an icy chill running through his spine. His answers were very short; his voice was unwavering, and not once did he look in Sasuke's direction. With a heavy sigh, Sasuke tried to reach out to the other male again. "Neji, I didn't mean what I said about you."

"It's pretty hard to believe that," Neji responded; his voice became softer as the hurt from Sasuke's words amplified within him. "You can see yourself-"

"I'm not going anywhere," Sasuke interrupted sternly. He walked towards the long haired brunette. Standing in front of Neji, who was now looking directly past him, he placed a gentle hand upon his chilled cheek, slightly gliding Neji's gaze toward him.

"You and I both know I didn't mean what I said," the raven spoke softly. "We have been talking for the past six weeks, for hours on end. I have stayed with you while you closed the bar. I have lied to my-" he paused again, telling himself not to mention Sakura, "my coworkers saying I was working late just so I could come spend time with you. I have opened myself up to you, relatively quickly compared to anyone else." He drug his lengthy fingers alongside Neji's cheek, letting them wander into the brunette locks that framed his face. "Please, Neji, give me another chance?"

A light blush crept upon Neji's cheeks as the warmth of Sasuke's breath ghosted over his lips. His obsidian eyes filled with unwavering compassion pierced through him. He fingers smoothly ran along his skin, sending goose bumps to creep upon his slightly warmed flesh. His creamy white skin contrasted with his bluish-black hair; his bangs swept softly in his face. Neji's breath hitched as he continued to gaze at the attractive man in front of him.

"I-I don't know what to-" Neji was silenced by the swift press of Sasuke's lips to his own. He closed his silver tinted eyes as he kissed the raven haired man back. He parted his lips, and a soft moan escaped his throat as Sasuke began to lay him back onto the couch, pressing his body flush against the brunette's.

Settling himself between Neji's thighs, Sasuke deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue between the other man's lips asking for permission to ravish his mouth. And Neji did oblige, allowing him entrance into his wet cavern; their tongues eagerly swirled around each other in a sultry dance as the kiss deepened. Sasuke began to grind his pelvis into Neji's, causing the brunette to release a moan into his mouth. Sasuke liked it; a mischievous smirk hinted his slightly puckered lips. He continued to grind into Neji while adding a little pressure behind the kiss; the brunette beauty's body began to writhe in want beneath him.

Sasuke's fingers trailed from the locks alongside Neji's face down his smooth neck; the brunette let out a soft chuckle in response from the sensitive spot on his neck being stroked as he continued to kiss the other.

"That's funny to you?" Sasuke breathed into his mouth.

"No," Neji responded, not breaking the kiss. "It just feels different."

Fingers continued their trail downward, smoothing over the shirt along Neji's chest; grazing over a hardened bud beneath the shirt, Sasuke stopped and teased it, circling then tweaking it as Neji arched his back in pleasure. Moving along the rippling abs of the Neji's stomach underneath the shirt, Sasuke's hand sank into the other's sweat pants, finding purchase around the base of the brunette's hardened length.

Neji broke the kiss; his eyes widened as he stared into the lust filled obsidian pools. Sasuke began to stroke the hardened length in his hand firmly yet lightly gripping when stroking from head to base and loosening his grip coming back up. With his other hand slipping under Neji's shirt this time, his fingers returned to the earlier abused bud that was still hardened. Neji shut his eyes, and his back arched further up as he enjoyed his body was being played with.

"You know, this is my first time doing this with a man..." Sasuke whispered huskily in the brunette's ear, licking the outside as he continued to stroke and tweak.

"Wh-what made you want this with me?" Neji panted through parted lips; his pants grew heavier as his member throbbed in a wanting desire to release.

"Hm, I don't know," Sasuke continued to whisper, "maybe it's because I've never had a man as arousing as you to pull my attention; now that you have, I'm beyond infatuated with you." He placed his lips against the sensitive spot on the brunette's neck. He kissed softly, and then took the patch between lips, alternating between sucking and nipping.

"Mmm...Sas-mmm-sas-" the brunette stammered in saying his new lover's name. Neji pulled his leg up, dragging his toes along the couch cushion as his body began to beg for release. The pleasure coiled in his stomach when he felt his peak coming as Sasuke continued his motions painfully slow. Heavy breaths left his lips as he closed his eyes tightly, and his mouth held open.

Noticing the brunette's climax was almost there, Sasuke sucked the patch of skin between his teeth harder and pumped the throbbing erection faster producing a loud, intense moan from Neji.

"Oh, fuh-" Neji couldn't finish his sentence as his seed spurted in waves onto Sasuke's hand; his hips jerked upward as he emptied himself, soiling his pants in the process. Sasuke released the deflating member in his hand and the patch of skin between his teeth, placing a kiss upon the bruised flesh and to Neji's plump lips.

Pulling back from the kiss with a suck to the other's bottom lip, the raven watched the brunette pant heavily beneath him; beads of sweat trickled from his brow, and his eyes were closed as he rode out his climax. He licked his fingers clean of Neji's seed, sitting up and removing himself from in between Neji's thighs. Neji placed an arm over his eyes; the rise and fall of his chest slowed down as his pants grew lighter. He stretched his leg back down, and Sasuke as settled on the other side of the couch from him, the raven pulled both limbs onto his lap.

Neji removed the arm from his eyes, looking up at the ceiling and letting out a heavy exhale; he sat up, looking down at his pants that clung to his skin. "I should probably change these." he said with a deep blush heating his cheeks. Sasuke let out a low chuckle as he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss onto the other man's lips.

"I'm happy I could please you," he replied, touching his nose with Neji's and letting a small smile grace his face. He slipped his fingers into and ran them through the brunette's sweat slick tendrils. "You're so beautiful, Neji," Sasuke uttered over the brunette's lips. "I'm glad you brought me back here."

Neji planted small, quick kisses upon the other's lips. "I'm glad you didn't leave when I told you to," he responded, rising from the couch. His mind was intent on getting in the shower for the second time tonight and changing his clothes.

As he walked towards his room, Neji was halted by Sasuke calling his name. "Would you mind if I stayed with you tonight?" the raven asked, causing a lift of an eyebrow from the other male.

"I don't know if you can handle a night with me," Neji said teasingly, winking as he turned around and continued into his bathroom.

A smirk graced Sasuke's face as he watched that perfect ass once again walk in the opposite direction of him. Good thing Sakura isn't expecting me home tonight, he mentally noted as he got up, following the man that ass he loved so much belonged too.

/End Chapter 1.