Emma sat down on the bench with Henry.

"Mom what is going on?"

"Henry I don't know how to say this but we have lost someone close to you."

"Who?" Henry asked her really didn't want to know was it Regina. Emma took a deep breathe and held her son's hand.

"Archie." Emma said Henry just fell apart in Emma's arms. Emma pulled her son close she never thought she'd even have any of these moments with Henry only because she never thought she'd see Henry again. But now she was his mother, she had to start acting liking it boy was she terrified. She just held him tight. She didn't want to cause a scene but she new everyone in town mostly knew and that they all would have respected her and her son. She turned her head and saw Regina drive away. Damn she really wanted to believe that she was innocent. Henry pulled away from his mother.

"Who did this?" Henry asked. Emma couldn't say Regina that would just kill the kid but at the same time it was the truth.

"Regina I am sorry Henry." Emma said Henry gave her this look and then got up and ran away. Emma couldn't think she just ran after her son she didn't let him get that far. He stopped in front of the diner breaking down. Emma just held him close she bent down too him and he wrapped his arms around her. Then she stood up he wrapped his legs around his waist. He was definitely too big for this, but Emma knew he needed this. "Shhhh Henry it will be okay." She whispered into his ear while rubbing his back. Thank god the apartment wasn't too far away she carried Henry upto the door and then James walked back with Snow.

"Do you want me to take him." James asked Emma didn't want to let her son go. He was definitely too big for this though she really didn't care. She nodded no to her father and got into the apartment thank god they were only one flight up. Henry wasn't speaking. Once they got into the apartment Emma sat down on the couch with Henry. He let go of her but still hugged her.

"Henry I am sorry that she..."

"Don't say it mom please." Henry said removing himself from his mother and buried his face into the couch. He didn't want to talk to anyone. Emma stood up and looked at James and Snow.

"He's had a really hard few days."

"Yeah it didn't help that he walked in on Snow and I." James said looking at Snow.

"That wasn't good for either of us." Emma said with a bit of a smile but then looked back at her son. He was curled up into a little ball on the couch crying. Snow walked over to her grandson and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Henry do you want some hot cocoa?" Henry shook his head no.

"I am going down to Granny's diner gonna grab some dinner." James said looking at Snow.

"I am going too." Snow said the two left leaving mother and son alone. Emma walked over to her son and sat down.

"Kidd I am not good at all this parenting stuff but I want you to know that I am trying and that if I screw up I am sorry." Emma said Henry sat up looking at Emma.

"You aren't screwing up you are doing everything I need."

"Are you sure?"

"Who found him?" Henry asked she knew exactly what he ment.

"I did and Ruby."

"Oh my gosh." Henry said he left the tears stream freely from his eyes and hugged his mother. Emma just held her son no words were said for a while but that was okay because all they needed was to be together. Working there way through what ever, if that ment Regina and Gold, or just getting through everyday life. They were going to work there way with this family stuff. Emma wasn't going to give up on her son again or fail him like Regina had.

A/N- I felt bad for Regina but at the same time I didn't I love the Henry and Emma moments of tonight!

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