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This is why she didn't do feelings. This is why she never opened up to anyone before. No one could be trusted. Not even her.

Santana had been on her way to meet up with Quinn, both needing to confide in the other about what had transpired within the last couple of months. As she strolled down the street, she couldn't help but notice how much Brittany had changed her life. She no longer felt the need to go out every weekend and try to find some semblance of comfort in a stranger's arms, then sneak out early the next morning without having a name to their face.

She wasn't as much of a bitch as she used to be either. Santana had realized this when she was out walking with Kurt the other day. A young girl had stumbled into her, causing both of them to fall over. Now normally, Snix would have brutally assaulted her with words sharper than knives, but Santana pushed it all down, opting instead to help the girl get back to her feet. Her face alarmingly red, the girl squeaked out an apology and ran away before causing herself further embarrassment. Santana turned to Kurt, who had a knowing smirk on his face. She may not have gone all Lima Heights on an innocent stranger, but when Kurt opened his mouth to comment, she didn't stop herself from slapping him and continuing on her way.

Brittany was slowly wearing away Santana's sharp edges and "badass" fa├žade into something that was more, well... her. The person who still slept with her childhood stuffed animal. The person who loved cuddling almost as much as she loved having sex. The person who was actually a romantic at heart. The person that she had always wanted to show people, but was too terrified and insecure to do so. And Santana hated that she loved it so much.

As she ventured on to where she was supposed to meet Quinn, a small diner that served just about everything, she couldn't fight the smile that was plastered on her face as she thought about Brittany; not that she even tried. Being so caught up in her thoughts, Santana almost didn't notice that, as she stepped into the restaurant, the object of her thoughts was also there. If it was even possible, her smile grew bigger.

Looking around, she realized that Quinn hadn't arrived yet. So, naturally, she started to sneak over to the booth that Brittany was sitting in. Before she got far, however, Santana froze in her tracks, and the seemingly permanent smile fell from her face. Brittany wasn't alone.

Across from her sat an undeniably beautiful woman who had purposefully unruly red hair. Santana knew who this was in an instant.

Brittany's ex-girlfriend, Charlotte.

Charlotte and Brittany had dated for over 2 years before Charlotte confessed to having been with another women for almost a year. Brittany broke it off immediately and vowed to never talk to her again, even going so far as to move to a different state. But obviously Charlotte had found her.

Brittany had told Santana that Charlotte was her first love, which means she would always have something in her heart for her, but she assured Santana that she wasn't in love with her anymore. That she hadn't been for a long time.

But now seeing them together like this, Santana's worries came rushing back to the surface. Having tried to sneak up on her, Santana was standing behind Brittany, so she had no idea what her face showed of her feelings now. That being said, she could see Charlotte's face perfectly. So she didn't miss the flash of determination in her eyes right before she leant across the table to grab the back of Brittany's neck and pull her in for a kiss.

Santana's mouth opened in shock, and she let out a choked sob.

As she heard the completely heartbroken sound, Brittany quickly detached Charlotte from herself and whipped her head around. What she saw made her own heart break a little. Santana was standing there, her face crumpled up in despair and confusion.

"San..." She whispered, sliding out of the booth to stand before her. Before Brittany could take a step, Santana was already headed towards the door, trying desperately to hold the tears back.

"Santana! Wait!" Brittany cried out, running after her. She ignored her and continued to make her way to the door, running into a waiter and getting wine spilled down her shirt in the process. As she burst through the door, Santana stumbled right into a startled Quinn. Santana clung to her, needing some sort of stability as the world seemingly crashed down around her.

Quinn was too stunned to find words. She looked up from Santana's anguished face when she heard the restaurant door slam open again. Taking in Brittany's expression that was laced with regret and worry, and the satisfied smirk on a red head's face behind her, Quinn had some sort of idea of what had happened and knew that she needed to get Santana back to their apartment.

Before she could start steering her in that direction, Brittany hesitantly placed a hand on Santana's shoulder. "Santana. Please."

Steeling her face, like she had done so many times before, Santana shrugged off her hand and turned to face her. "Don't, Brittany. Just... don't."

Brittany was completely lost about what she should do. She could practically see Santana building up her walls again, the same walls that she had only just begun to knock down. Santana was shutting her out, cutting her off, and she had no idea what to do. She could only stand there and watch helplessly as Santana and Quinn walked away.

"Well," Charlotte started, causing Brittany to turn and face her , "now that she's out of the picture, is that a yes? Will you give me another chance?"

For the first time in her life, Brittany slapped someone.

Santana didn't cry on the walk back to their apartment. She didn't cry as soon as they stepped inside. She didn't even cry when she told Quinn what had happened. Her face was an emotionless mask, one that Quinn had not seen in a long time. She had rarely seen Santana use it since they left Lima, Ohio and left all of their baggage behind. And, she noticed, she hadn't seen it all after Santana had met Brittany.

They are meant for each other. Quinn thought as she listened to Santana talk. She only hoped that they got through this, because she didn't want to see Santana revert back to old habits again.

When Santana discovered that Quinn and Rachel had plans that night she all but pushed Quinn out the door, assuring her that she was okay to be by herself for the night. It wasn't until Quinn reluctantly left, closing the door only after she reminded Santana that she was just a phone call away, that the dam broke.

She barely made it to her bed before she collapsed, her pillow immediately becoming soaked with her tears. How could Brittany do this to her? Even though they had never confirmed with words that they were girlfriends, Santana truly thought that what they had was something much more. She felt that the word "girlfriend" just wouldn't suffice. She had also assumed that Brittany had felt the exact same way. But, obviously, she had been wrong.

What made it worse was that it happened with Charlotte. Someone who had hurt Brittany so badly that it caused her to move to a different state. And now she had done the exact same thing to Santana. Santana was completely confused as to why she would do it, too.

After crying herself out, Santana's breathing slowly calmed down and her sniffling faded until the only sound in the room was Santana's soft snoring. Just before she was completely overcome with sleep, however, there was one thought swirling around her mind.

I love her.

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