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Hello and or good evening pineapples! This is my very first fanfiction ever in my life…

So after some time I finally decided to take a shot at making my own story with its own little twist and turns for the heck of it since I always seems to have some form of time on my hands ha ha. Most of the inspiration for me were the stories "Touhou Chronicles" by Etherdrone, "Perfect Covert Fantasy" by Radio McArbiter, and "Chaos Fantasy Chronicle" by Blidgna.

Ah I forgot to mention mine will contain it's own OC as well. Heh heh I'll try my best and suggestions are encouraged.

Disclaimer: I don't own Touhou. Only the OC is mine

Your phone rings with an unknown number. Would you pick it up?

Chapter 1: Red and Blue lights Flash Stop or Keep Going? Part 1

[Location: Outside World – Entering some city cities' mountain area ]

Joyous driving music brought to ya by Apollo 440 ~ Can't Stop The Rock


A poor unsuspecting sign gets caved as a powerful car smashes through it in dynamic fashion

The sound of a mighty engine roars throughout the area as a lone vehicle speeds at an excessive rate down a very inactive road due to it being late in the night on a very cloudy night blocking out the moon. This did not phase the car in the slightest as it had its headlights on anyway as they acted like a swords which cleaved through the darkness of the night into the roads that lead to the mountains.

"HAHAHA!" said the man appearing only to be in his early twenties laughs loudly while bobbing his head to the beat of the music. "I LOVE THIS SONG!" he calls out to no one in particular completely ignoring the speed limit sign which only cause him to smirk and switch gears to go a bit faster. His eyes give off a barely noticeable glint as he approaches an upcoming turn as if he's analyzing the means to get around it at high-speed .

"Heh" was the only sound he made as he tapped on the brakes while steering and switching gears to cause his car to drift around the bend maintaining high-speed.


The lone car shoots right by a conveniently well placed suspicious looking billboard advertising something. No one was aware of the hidden presence that sat behind it in the darkness...

Headlights shine in the dark with the sound of a quieter engine starts up to pursue its prey.

The man was in one of the best moods he's ever been in since whatever came to mind. Because he had installed new parts to his precious car. His car in particular was a second generation 4 speed manual transmission Dark Yellow that appeared to give off like its black in dark areas. 1969 Dodge "Super Bee" with a yellow paint job, hood was painted black with the words "Six Packs" in red along the dual hood scoop to mimic the originals, custom built Hemi V8 engine and suspension, 8 Ball on the shift, classic style rims were kept but refurbished with a chrome finish, and did not add a spoiler. This was his prized possession in his life as he managed to successfully restore it off from some old timer who told him if he can fix it he could have it. From a regular person's view from outside and inside, it looked no different from a restored stock looking muscle car with new toys inside that just came off the lot only it just looked like a bumble bee.

"Man installing these new parts, engine and a better suspension really make this bad boy run way better. Better than those measly over rated super cars so many kiddies are hyped over these days right?" He says while staring out into space as if he's looking at someone. He breaks the staring he was just doing to take a moment to grab at a bottle of water that was sitting in the cup holder for a sip only to decide against it as he put it back down quickly and grips his steering wheel tight for the next turn that's coming up sticks it to the inside of a turn.

"Ha! I know if this beast of a machine had a mind of its own like in that one movie. It'd be very happy right now." he shouts

"Gotta love driving at night is so freaking awesome! No annoying slow poke drivers, no road rage driven drivers cept me. Just me, my ride and the road and best of all…NO COPS IN SIGHT HAHAHA!" said the man as he lets out another boastful laugh as he takes another sip of his water.

"Feels good to drive reckless on unpopulated roads haha!"

[Location: Outside World – Some City cities' mountain area, Time: Night]

"Wait…what is...that?" he trails off as he finally notices the other car that's been following him for a while taking another swig of water only longer this time from all his laughing and shouting.

Wow I didn't even notice that guy.

Suddenly the car that has been trailing him picks up speed at an alarming rate and lets off a noise all drivers hate to hear.

Flashing lights primarily red and blue flashing in rhythmic pattern soon follow after the sound of a police interceptor finding its next prey.

Music abruptly ends with a record scratch! ~

SFX brought to you by Metal Gear Solid "!" noise

"PFFFT!" he spit takes as he the sudden realization of the trouble he has just brought upon himself hammers like a nail being driven into a wood post.

"…Aw shit…why cop radar? Why have you failed me this time?" he said looking over to a small box on the dashboard. All the enthusiasm he had just deflated like a balloon with a tiny puncture in it.

Unlike in the movies he does not take off into the night to cause a grand chase of classics vs law enforcement. He takes the smarter move for the moment and shall be a man of the law and take responsibility for his recklessness. His car soon decreases its speed and pull over to the side over the road with the interceptor following right behind until they come to a complete stop. Although for some strange reason this particular interceptor stops quite a walk away for a ticket giving. Mainly because he doesn't want to jack his ride up so early after just fixing it up.

The engine to the beast goes to sleep for the moment.

"I wonder how long it will take for donut monster to come out of his mobile cave?" He wonders to himself as he can hear the sound of the door to the other car open along with radio chatter from inside.

Even though the car stopped further back this man could hear what was being said crystal clear through an unseen force as if though it was unnatural although he could not suppress his chuckles.

"Heh heh heh I can hear all that chatter over that easy mode to hack radio chatter. Looks like some sap wrecked his BMW M3 GTR running from some corvette ha ha!" he muses to himself and mutters something in audible as he's looking in the his review mirror. To the average human eye this man just appears to be looking at his mirror but reality he is watching everything that is going on in a select radius.

This man may not look it but he has magic properties of great potential and he doesn't even realize it "Ah no matter how many times I do this its always sorta creepy. Like Im some sorta super computer" talking to himself as he types on an invisible keyboard but then pauses.

"Then again aint as freaky as that weird lady in that back alley thing after that one race..."he tries to think of that same event but nothing comes to mind.

It was always like that for him now that he began to reflect upon himself in those fleeting moments before the donut monster was upon him. The farthest he could remember back to was a memory of the sound of a gunshot and him being on the floor gasping for air and staring in the eyes of a silhouetted figure that said "I'll consider it" before reaching their hand out to him. Hell he doesn't even know how long ago that was. Anything before that is just a white blur and numbers as if someone erased and jumbled the remains of them up.

Siiigh ~

Another weird thing he noticed was those weird openings in the air that would seem to appear from time to time these past few months. Although every time he tried to catch it the thing it would always blink out of existence like it was never there to begin with. He had to admit he was freaked out about it at first. Eventually he got used to it's antics as it used to pop up in the worst of places. Though he did find it more annoying then creepy after awhile once it started that annoying laugh that it did when it would outwit him.

"Ufufu" the man rubbed his temples, "The day I catch that thing is the day Im gonna smack it ten times over with a fly swatter" while still watching the area over.

Knock Knock Knock~

The sound of someone tapping on the window snapped the man out of his trance..

This action caused him to jump ever so slightly before going back into his neutral position while rolling down the window. "Dang there must have been two in the car. I got careless over watching again..." thinking to himself. That was one of his greatest flaws as he never truly practiced it for a extended period of time using his ability he would begin to get absorbed into to the point where appears to be staring into space like a zombie.

What he expected was to see was another male with a big belly at his side but he was wrong. Oh so very wrong that actually started to stare dumbfounded to what he saw standing there.

"Going pretty fast their hot-shot eh?" the figure stared right into his face. "Are you aware of how fast your were going?"

Man sense kicking and completely ignoring what she's saying.

This new figure was female. To someone like him she would most likely be considered a little sister seeing how young looking this woman was but he knew better than to make assumptions just off appearances. Though what puzzles him is how her uniform looked it was made to be inverted color scheme symbolizing of some ranking of some sort. Usually the ones who managed to get him to pull over around these parts wear unit forms with colors of blue, white and black but this girl here has one thats red, white, and black.

"She must be player 1 to the rest or something" he off handledly thought why she was talking.

"Well on the Autobahn they drive like this all the time, so I see no problem." the gives a bright smile that only brighten that mischievous nature of a speeder.

The female officer chuckles dryly at the comment that was made "Well." She paused for a moment as if she was listening to something and nods to acknowledge the information just as fast. "You're a LONG ways away from Germany where speeds like that are acceptable. I'm going to have to see your license and registration none the less." She said giving a hardened cold stare of someone whose seen a lot of action. (Damn she'll probably bite my hand off if I try anything. Better play safe.)

After some fumbling around in the glove compartment the man managed to get the items requested and hand them over to the awaiting officer whom takes it promptly takes it to hend back to her unit car. Although every so many steps she makes a quick glance around as if shes looking for something.

"Hm, she's glancing around...alot. Ugh I know its dark but jeez its not that bad." he says as he watches her walk back her police interceptor with a now critical eye on the situation he's in.

All to weird this all is. The guy can feel something is different this particular night now that he's actually stopped to look and hear his surrounding. He did not like it one bit.

The deafening silence. Not a single animal, insect, or faint noise of another vehicles on other roads could be heard.

This causes him sink back into his seat as he taps the steering wheel. "Jeez what is taking her so dang long. It just a simple ticket." with a deadpanned face he focus his rearview mirror more until he saw it thanks to the sudden clearing of clouds to allow the moonlight to shine on the interceptor to show what it really was.

Hidden in the distance numerous jet black under cover police units are hiding with in the overgrowth and hill tops

"The hell?" he whispers to himself while he continues to eye this strange coincidence but then it clicked to him "...they're right outside my range...this is a ambush."

"So...they want to play hard ball eh? Alright I'll play along for the moment to appease your dutiful natures." he tightens his fist slightly as a reflex on this over baring adrenaline of the thrill of a chase is imminent.

[Location: Outside World Some City cities' mountain area, Time: Night, weather Overcast ]

SFX: MGS Codec Call and vibration noises

The cell phone the man had with him rings while vibrating in his pocket. Practically makes him jump out his shoes from his tense state. Gathering his mental sense back to reality he reaches in his pocket and pulls it out to respond. It's a touch screen phone so he doesn't have to flip it out. "Eh?" is all the could come up

Unknown ID Caller

# - - - - - - - - - -

Region: ?, Location [?]

Normally something this out of the ordinary he would discard in a instance but it's different now the moment but seeing as he's been boxed in. He gives it a shot and has a slight hope that its something good.

"…Hello?" he says in a hushed tone into his cell with uncertainty while eyeing his surrounding to see if anyone has made a move.

The pack has yet to make it's move on the lone beast

"Ufufufu" came a laugh from the other end of the call.

"Ok? Look if your someone I know cut the crap. I'm in a jam and I don't need more of it" he says with a slight hint of agitation still keeping a lookout

The response was another laugh from this mystery caller which only made his brow twitch.

"You don't know me you say? How Rude! And after I held up my end of the deal to."

"...What deal?" this caught him off guard. "I don't remember making any deals."

"Ah but you did indeed make one with me. Allow me to fill you back in later as now isn't a good time anymore"

"Hah? And why is that might I ask o ye mysterious voice in the phone" with excellent hint of sarcasm as he said it to boot.

"Because you might be put behind bars before your end of the deal is done." in a cheery tone "If I were you I-beep beep beep-" the voice's connection was cut off before finishing what was need to be said.

"WHAT?!" he slightly shouted to his cell

By the time the call ended the man's mind clicked to what this voice was telling him it was already to late and his id and registration hits him in the face and he doesn't respond to it.


The sound of a weapon being ready to fire its deadly power. All this man can do is let his eyes trail over to the sound where he sees this same woman staring at him with a ice-cold stare with a smirk of "Your under arrest Miller." she says in a firm tone.

"Is that so? On what charges might I inquire?" he displays a cocky grin knowing that the gun is all for show and he sees a fatal error on her part as the safety is on


[Location: Gensokyou, Time: Night, Weather: Clear]

A little youkai of darkness pops her head out of a tree suddenly pouting disgustingly adorably

"Someone is stealing my quotes again!" she says stomping her feet on the branch. "When I find this person who stealing my stuff is gonna get such a nib-WAAH" was she got to say before slipping said branch.

"What haven't you done? Car Theft, destruction of property, illegal street racing the list could go on with your driving madness Miller!" she says

The man whose goes by the name Miller laughs slighty at this notation.

"Driving madness?" he shrugs in a nonchalant way" I usually call it Friendly Road Rage" he smirks which successfully gets a reaction

Almost visible stress mark pops up over the officer's head. "Even when cornered you still crack jokes?" she puts her pistol back in her holster only to cross her arms with her own smudge grin. "Well no matter we still got you Miller so give up!" she says with complete triumph pointing at him. While she's talking a tiny gap appears by her shoulder and a big fuzzy brown spider now sitting there.

Slightly unnerved himself as to how she did not feel that "Maybe. Maybe... all I know is you got a huge ass spider crawling on your shoulder look" he points while saying it

"HA HA HA HA dont try to play that old trick on me!" she yells but her eye trails to the left to see...

A Big Fuzzy Brown Spider just chilling there like sloth

Her face loses all color as she begins swatter at her self at mach 1 "KYAAAAAAH!"

Seizing this moment Miller dashes forward and gets behind the officer in a swift instance to snatch at her belt holster. "Got it!" he exclaims after succeeding

The officer coming offer her girly squealing moment realizing whats happening but not fast enough to react "EH?!"

Miller grabs her but pauses for moment as his face darkens in grave disappointment "...How...disappointing" as she aloud herself to be caught off so easily.

That was the last thing the officer heard before her world went upside down and black soon after...

The sound a car starting up and speeding off is heard only to be followed by numerous sirens following.

Chapter 1 End

End note: Congratulations if you made it to the end. Hope you enjoyed a first attempt. and your brain cells safe. –claps with confetti blast-

Basically: Our Wheelman is in a pickle as he's been left in the dark by a mystery caller.

Miller himself: Pretty easy going once he gets comfortable with something although easily startled with a tendency to do something for his own amusement that might cause trouble. Althought he does not say it he does have some magical ability even though its weak and untrained. Generally this is why people tend to see him typing in the air as he uses the little magic he has on him or his car for its status/performance, navigations, escape routes or blending with the enviroment. Occasionally has a chance of road rage but he tends to call it "Friendly Road Rage".

Miller's Current Ride: A restored custom 1969 Dodge Coronet "Super Bee" (Mostly kept in its original look except for color and other small things.)

Type: American Muscle

Brief info: Likes the billards ball "8 Ball" and sunflowers for unknown reasons. His car may look stock but under the hood it's been revised numerous times to combat the newer vehicles of modern day specs. (Magic involved)

Equipment as of now: Cell phone, Glock 22 with belt holster.

If you missed it: Bit where Miller hears of a BMW running from a corvette is a reference to NFS: Carbon.

Well there ya have it. That's my shot into the world of fanfiction. Its more or less a finger in the fish bowel to test the water. That is rather strange isn't it? Anyways the door to advice and comments is open. Step in if you'd like...(mutters something about beta readers and car chase before vanishing)