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(Screen Lights back up)

Funny thought: What if there was a Touhou Hot Pursuit game? That would be awesome and so chaotic if they do it right.

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(Screen fades again)

A gap opens infront of you! What do you do?

Chapter 6: Gifts from the Lady of Gaps

[Location: Hakurei Shrine 3 weeks later, Weather: Sunny in the Afternoon]

[Super Mario 64 Opening Theme Plays]

(3rd POV camera goes around the area while this plays)

What the view displays a beautiful landscaping of lush green trees, awesome blue sky with a brief glimpse of something black and white with wings flying there before vanishing behind the clouds. In the distance one could say a many mountains that looked absolutely gorgeous combined with the shine of sunlight creating the shiiing effect on a camera lens. Then the camera goes back north-eastwards to the Hakurei Shine which actually was a lot bigger then it appeared that night of the wipeout with a smaller girl with two horn with a purple bow tied on the left one, ginger (orange) hair, tattered pink shirt with a purple skirt with what seems to be a gorge in her arms sleeping on the roof. Once it got there the car that had been wrecked on right side(left to the walking up stairs) of the shrine had been moved closer to the back where the living quarters were so that to a certain someone it would be more accessible and covered by a woodland camo tarp in the shade of the closet tree. The camera view then swoops around back to the front where two figures are. A shrine maiden with a broom is currently sweeping the grounds while a guy sits with headphones on while typing in the air viewing something while contently eating a snack he gotten after successfully opening the trunk of his wreck mode of transportation…unknown to him the shrine maiden has been making constant glances at him for awhile now.

[Music End]

(3rd POV camera begins to zoom in on Miller)

(Now Entering 1st POV of Player: Miller)

[Miller is listening to deadmau5 - "Moar Ghosts N Stuff" on a playlist on his cell]

Alright been like three weeks now and I've made some progress on the re-restoration of my awesome classic look wise as under the hood is still a mess. Only really did was get my trunk to get unstuck so now I may freely open it to my discretion. Thanks to that cute girl with the horns managed to get the car out of the front to the side closer to the quest room I'm staying in. I admit I was freaked out that such a small girl had such in-human strength found out that she was oni and liked to drink…let me rephrase "F'in LOVE IT". I don't know if there is a word for how much the girl can put down I mean good god that gourd was like supplying a infinite amount to no end in sight and can multiply which is awesome. She tried to get me to drink with her but I declined. She was very persistent was about to force feed me (slightly successful) so I had to play it quick tell I'd drink with her later. Saved my ass for a little while. She's very nice although quite forceful for when it comes to a drink and I'm not even legal to drink but I don't think that matters in this land.. Now on Reimu's case…

I reach for my oreo pack and I look up.

All I see is hair gracefully flowing in the air. Now for one thing I know is that there isn't a breeze strong enough to do that. Must've been looking at me or something…meh. Unlike Suika and Marisa who actually can speak English to me albeit slightly mistake here and there but none the less understandable. For Reimu its another story. Yin Yany orbs and ufudas all over the place at me for stuff. I do something unintentional and makes her blush slightly or knock her rocker oh my gosh take cover…although I find enjoyment in it slightly. I got to use this simple translation window so I can see the subtitles of what she saying to me and project what I'm saying to her in her language which is Japanese I think…although there have been a few miss interpretations here and there on both ends. From a viewers point they were pretty funny although painful for me…must be bad luck.

I close my eyes and start to reminisce what transpired within the two weeks…

(Now Exiting 3rd POV of Player: Miller)


(Now Entering Auto 3rd POV flashback)

[Location: Hakurei Shrine few days within first week of arrival]

"WAKE UP DA ZE!" a girl shouts.


"GAAAAAAH!" Miller yells while rolling on the floor holding his face while someone laughs at his misfortune.

"HAHAHA see Reimu! I told ya you weren't trying hard enough!" exclaims the new voice.

"Wow your right" Reimu says slightly impressed.

"Gah! What the hell did you just hit me with?!" Miller sits clutching his face peering through his hand with one eye open. "Feels like I got hit with a sturdy ass broom bristles!"

"That's right!" the new girl proudly eclaims hold her broom up in a sword like manner.

Miller examines this new assaulter and what he sees is a blonde haired girl with a side braid with a red bow tied in it on his right which means its on her left. White blouse, black dress, white apron with a traditional witch hat. Without said hat he could see this girl was actually shorter then Reimu.

"And who the heck are you supposed to be? Wicked Witch of the West?!" (1) he ask while rubbing his nose that was slightly red from the impact.

"NO!" she shouts pointing her broom at him in full length for him to grab and pull him up but he flinched none the less.

"Just a Ordinary Witch names Marisa Kirisame. Whats yours Black n Yellow?" (2) she ask a lot nicer suddenly in English.

Seeing that he wasn't gonna get smacked again he grabs the broom and pulled up with Marisa's help.

"Miller Alfonse Confidential is my name. But I Miller is fine with me." He say as he extends his arm out for a handshake with a small smirk that implied "I'm gonna get you back for that"

"Marisa for me then ze." She says as she allows a small smirk returning the handshake.

While the two shook hands Reimu observed only understanding bits and pieces of it but could tell that the smirks she saw were gonna be trouble.

"This is going to be so troublesome I just know it." She said to herself.

(End of flashback)

(Entering 2nd flashback. Auto 3rd POV still active)

[Location: Hakurei Shrine, Miller's wreck by living quaters. Time: Some time in the afternoon]

Miller sits in his wrecker car thinking on what to do…

"Gensokyo huh? Land of Illusion and other abnormalities in which I have yet to see. Place where magic flourishes like wildfire…or something like that Reimu said." He says while reclining back.

The fact the driver door still lay out on the ground just left him unsettled. He did how ever close the passenger side which wasn't that bad and proceeded to look at his cell for last known caller which was the mysterious voice from when he was running from police. What he saw was that the number unknown with no information at all still.

"Still hasn't shown up and I'm here at this ol'shrine alone again as Reimu has went to grocery shop sometime ago…how the heck doe she fly off the ground. I can get Marisa's but her's is all like screw gravity." He says aloud as he starts to nod off from the warmth and breeze.

Miller does eventually nod off only to be woken up minutes later when he smells something achohol.

RUSTLE RUSTLE! –On passenger seat-

Miller's eyes dart open as he looks to his right to see a girl with horns just sitting there drinking from a mysterious object he had no of origin. He didn't freak out as bad as it was daytime.

"…Uhm scuse me." at a lost of words for a moment due to this randomness.

The girl stops for a moment and looks at him…

He returns this challenge of staring with his own stare…

The girl with two horns shrugs and goes right back to drinking from the object seemed to have no end of fluids.

"Wait a second here. Your just gonna ignore me when your in my stuff?" he ask

Miller did not get a reply. This was not pleasing to him.

"Alright! Out ya go!" he exclaims before hoping out himself and rounds the front of the car to the passenger side.

Miller opens the passenger door and points off into a random direction indicating he wants this new girl to leave.

"Kay game is over. Get out." He says as he reaches for her.



"Drink with me!" the girl drunkenly shouts before tackling Miller like a football player onto the ground.

She then takes it upon her self to establish a drinking contest playfully pushing her gorge to his face. Her face literally screams that she's in a extreme condition of drunkenness.

"GAH! No I don't want any!" he yells out fruitless trying to repel this drunkards onslaught.

In a funny display if one were watching from the distance they could see Miller and Suika rolling all over the place as if they were play wrestling. Miller panicking the who time while Suika just has a ball with sake flying everywhere and messing things up.

-wrestling noises-

"I'll drink with you later just GET OFF!" he shouts

By some miracle Suika does stop the assault of trying to force Miller to drink with her. She then gets up and wobbles off before telling him her name and was gone just like that in a nearby bush. Later that day when Reimu along with Marisa came back to see the aftermath Miller and Suika were promptly smacked with yin yang orbs for messing the yard up and had to clean it up. Once that was done Miller actually convinced Suika to help him more the car out from the front to the living quarters as he felt even though the shrine had a lack of visitors it would be better to keep its shabby appeal. Once the moving was done Miller did have a drink(4 before knock out)to appease the friendly oni girl.

(Now exiting 2nd flashback)

(Entering 3rd and final flashback Auto 3rd POV still active)

[Location: Hakurei Shrine 2 nights ago, Time: Night]

(Dynamic art style shift) Four figures sit at a table playing the most serious game of uno known to man. Reimu, Marisa, Suika, and Miller sit in square formation with sake all round. Miller with has 4 cards, Marisa with 3, Reimu with 3 as well and Suika only has 8 left ironically. They sit there glancing at each other to see any signs of emotion at all. Reimu currently is displaying the most excellent poker face known to man athough in reality one would assume she's sleeping with her eyes open, while Marisa has been smirking like she's going to win any second. Suika has been jealously displaying a drunkard smile with a brief moment of unaudible words that cause Miller to laugh abit each time because of how she attempts to be serious only to look silly while doing so. (Dynamic art style shift end)

"Say Miller I gots a proposition for ya ze." Marisa said now hatless and flushed cheeks from the sake.

"Hm?" was all Miller did to acknowledge Marisa.

"If I beat you. I want you to come with me on a "treasure" hunt me." She says while leaning over to the right side in Miller's direction displaying a naughty smile

Miller was glad he was already flushed himself from the sake which the talked into having was already in effect. What she said was miss interpreted as something else which caused a small blush and sent his 8 ball sense into tingling although he couldn't tell since he was kinda drunk as events were unfolding.

"Mmm…fine. Although if I win I want something awesome from that stash of stuff you oh so gloated about of magic good." He says hold the cards in front of his face

"Oh oh! If I win you all have a drink some of this new sake I got from the undergrounde haha!" she shouts while holding it up with the smile of a child.

Literally Miller (from the first encounter), Reimu and Marisa flinched at the same time from this notation knowing that if they didn't Suika would go on a crying spree that even the hardiest of men would crumble under.

"Looking a little Yukari there Miller." Reimu comments while taking a sip of sake to break her tension.

"Whose Yukari? You guys are the only ones I know as of now since I haven't left the shrine…and that darkness youkai Rumia." Miller says as he shuddered on his first night whe he meet her.

In truth Miller did try to wandering off a bit but was soon chased back by a Rumia who kept calling him a "Quote thief". Reimu had to own said Rumia to reveal that she looked like a little blonde girl in a basic black dress with a red bow in her hair. Reimu had to explain to him how youkai and other things work along with the spell card system and other small things that came to mind but only half of them really stuck. She had told him that she would take him to the human village few days ago but he and her both forgot and have been content with the way things have been going as of now.

"Ah is that so?, don't worry about it then. She'll find you when she's ready. Heck she's probably been watching since you got here right now" Reimu glance then shift upwards but then comes back on the game.

What Reimu saw was a small gap that quickly close after the mention of already watching. While out of nowhere Rumia pops up from a tree with a adorable pouting face.

Meanwhile at the Yakumos…

"Oh darn. She's blowing my peep-I mean observation skills." Said Yukari while drinking something. "Although he does have a point. He's been idle for some time now. Maybe I should give him something to move around easier as it seems Reimu has been to lazy to teach how to fly." And with that said she gaps a 2 wheel contraption from some poor suckers garage.

Back at the uno game 15minutes later…

"I WON YAY!" Suika declared with her arm outstretch in a child like manner in a wobbly drunkard state while giggling fit.

"…" all three of them sat there in disbelief.

"How?" Miller asked out generally. "HOW IN ODIN'S NAME DID SHE HAVE NOTHING BUT DRAW 2s!?"

"All of her cards…were the same thing." Reimu puts her hand over her face feeling like a fool somewhat.

"Wow. Talk about irony ze! It'S YOUR FAULT MILLER YOU 8 BALL!" She says randomly accusing him.

"Eh?! Nu uh! For once since I been here that streak of bad luck did not strike me. Must have been you!" he shots back at Marisa

"No way ze! I'm not the one who put that yellow "8" down. You like 8's and its your favorite color so it must have been you ze." She says making a strong amount of sense.

"Couldn't have." He retorted. "The way we started couldn't have been me even with reverse cards, because it was how we started. You, Me, Reimu, and Suika was last." Countering with sense of his own.

While Miller and Marisa squabbled about who screwed up in letting Suika win the game eventually broke out into a hat slap fight. While the brawl went down Reimu sat there quietly looking off to the side sweat dropping hoping they won't catch on to it while Suika sat there drinking from her gourdin the utmost giddy glee.

"You guys, there is someone else that could of done iiit." Suika says ing a sing song manner leaning back so far it looks like she about fall.

Both Marisa and Miller stopped squabbling only to process what was said and look right at Reimu with blank expressions.

"!" Reimu only sweatdropped more and began to whistle innocently.

Both Marisa and Miller after a few seconds start to have the biggest smug grins of the day at the turn of events which they found to be funny while Suika set out for cups with sake in it.

"Reimu we are very disappointed in you missy!" Both of them said at the same time like parental figures which earned a annoyed glare from Reimu. "Shut up." Was all she said

"Well." Miller announces as he takes on of the sake cups. "Bing a man of my word I shall sip this sake!" he shouts like some sort of hero.

Miller then looks over to Reimu and Marisa who are looking down at theres. This was pleasing to see as it amused him greatly in the spur of the moment which cuased him to taunt the two.

"Oh? The Great Shrine Maiden and Odinary Black Witch are afraid of liquid? How laughable!" he says adding a haughty English man's laugh.

This mere taunt earned him the glares of a challenge that has been accepted as they two took their cups. They all raise them high like knights of a table to gulp it down. Seconds later they sat there to digest the contents.


After a good 15seconds literally all except Suika dropped like dead flies passed out from the small dose. Seeing as they are out like lights Suika proceeds to move the three closer left to get the blanket that Miller had. She then comes back and puts it over them before wobbling off into the night swinging her gourd humming a happy tune.

(Exciting flashback as the screen fades out)

(1st POV camera reinitiated of Player: Miller)

I open my eyes again

There it is again. I know she's looking at me now but I don't know why. It is not like I'm doing anything fantastic beside checking statuses, eating my oreos…wait a minute! The oreos! Now that I think about it Reimu is pretty defensive over snacks. I wonder if that's what she is after.

Hehe I should put this to the test since I've got four cookies left.

(1st POV camera zooms off Miller and goes to 3rd POV)

Miller after suspecting what might be up has devised a plan of shenanigans to amuse himself.

"Hey Reimu. I'm going to be out back to work on my ride so more kay?" he calls out intentionally leaving the bait making it sound like he walking off.

"That's fine." Was all she said not even turning back to look at him.

Miller smirks at this as she has set up the perfect chance to fall for his trick. Using the little magic he knows he uses it to blend in with the environment and watch Reimu does when no one is around with snacks so openly available for the picking.

"…" Reimu says nothing as turns around and observes the area looking left and right.

Reimu seeing as the coast is clear swiftly makes her way to the cookies left by Miller. She takes a moment to around again to see if he's gone. Unknown to her he's sitting right watching with the biggest troll grin. Reimu feeling its safe reaches out for the cookies when suddenly…

-SMB3 Tanooki suit reappear noise-

"STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!" he shouts in accent like the character from that youtube video he saw on his phone. "You snack thief have been busted for snack snatching hehehe"

"Huh?!" Reimu has been busted with a hue of red from embarrassment for snack snatching.

What happened afterwards was that Reimu getting duped proceeded to chase Miller who was laughing the whole time from ofudas and yin yang orbs evading the whole time. Miller may have not noticed but since he's been there he's been able to dodge more waves of danmaku easier as time went on. He would still get hit eventually being the fact he was on the ground vs girl who could fly. What the two who were running all over the place didn't notice was the gap that opened up by the cookies was a figure stepping out and taking a seat. This figure though took it upon herself to have cookies.

"My my my well look at thi-" was all this new figure got to say before


The one who came out the gap received a nice face full of afternoon orb Miller ducked to avoid in the face and amazingly did a flip from the impact before being sprawled in a funny fashion across the floor. This caused both Reimu and Miller to stop running around and look at this new figure (to Miller) who had blonde hair, white mob hat, purple dress, fancy shoes and a awesome Japanese fan.

"Whao…Reimu I think you hit a bystander." Captain obvious Miller pointed out after seeing what happened.

Miller after seeing such a dazzingly hit chose t save that for future playback purposes.

"Huh? Oh she's fine." Reimu dismissed any concern over the person she hit awfully quickly.

Miller approaches the new person who he declared a women once he got closer. Once Miller was close enough for some unknown reason he had the urge poke her and promptly did so.


"ACK!" Miller choked out as he finger was caught in power grip.

"To poke a girl when she's down and not help her up. What a greeting!" as she said getting up to a sitting position.

Miller couldn't say much as he was to stunned by the beauty that he saw in that moment. "Wow" was all he able to say.

"Ufufufu stunned by my ever so beautiful self that your at a lose of words?" She ask.

That laugh echoed through Miller's mind like a acoustics at the mountains before snapping out of it.

"Dat laugh! It's you!" he points at her in a phoenix wright type of way before backing up behind Reimu like a coward. "That lady from the phone call."

"Why yes. It is me who helped you out back then. Aren't I so nice?" saying that while trying to be cute.

That slightly worked on Miller but his BS meters were skyrocketing thinking back to what transpired. Before leaning up to Reimu asking…

"Who is this lady and where did she come from? Cus I know it was just us here til she popped in." not moving at all from behind Reimu who is his shield.

Reimu sighs at this lack of knowledge Miller possesses. "That Miller. Is Yukari another annoying youkai that hangs around the shrine every now and then." She says.

"Seriously? I'm looking and all I see is a lady in her twenties with blonde hair and purple eyes…" he says

"How rude to assume someon's age. I'm only 17! (3)" she retorts.

"Bullshit" Miller says in a hushed tone which actually caused Reimu to snicker at the comment.

Yukari raises her brow at this as she has a feeling that there was a remark at her statement before opening her fan infront of half her face to make a witty comment.

"Well look at this. You two have become awfully friendly with each other. Just look at how close you are." She says pointing out with a smirk behind the fan.

Now Miller did not react to this as he was just steadfast staring at Yukari but Reimu caught the comment and swiftly elbows Miller causing him to back off somewhat rubbing his stomach.

"Jeez bi-polar much Reimu? Gosh" he says completely missing the witty comment Yukari said by miles.

Reimu ignored that before asking "What do you want? Here to steal more of my snacks again?"

"No not this time but soon enough. I only came by to see how he was doing." Referring to Miller.

"Lets see…ofudas, orbs, helping around the shrine, fixing my car, sake, prevent Marisa from borrowing my stuff (ongoing) and being chased by a ball of Darkness every time I wander to far from shrine." He continues to list off things at random.

"I see. Well today is your lucky day "8" ball as I have brought you both a gift!" she says clapping her hands together.

"How did she know of that nickname?" he thought to himself before remember that Reimu said that Yukari likes to be a peeping tom. He mentally "FFFF'd" at that.

"Gifts?" Both Reimu and Miller said in unison.

"Why yes!" Exclaims with a happy face.

Yukari snapped her fingers and two things fell out the gap which caused Miller to literally jump in Reimu's arms Scooby doo style from this sudden act of logic breaking, although Reimu wasted no time in dropping him like a rock still complaining that he is "heavy".

"These things are ca-" was all Yukari could say before Miller cut her off.

"Ah! That is a 2006 Yamaha WR450F Dirt Bike and a Sony Xperia T phone JB edition(4)." Miller interjects preventing Yukari from boasting about her knowledge on outside goods.

The dirt bike in particular complimented to the same color scheme of Miller current attire which was a main yellow body, black seat, the white marking unchanged and the number on the front by the handle bars was a "8". For the phone it complimented Reimu as it was red main body with a yin yang sign on the back of it with ofuda wallpaper on the screen.

"Yukari this is nice n all but I don't see what the point in all this is." Reimu says raising her brow at this strangeness.

"Oh that's simple! The bike is for Miller so he may be able to get around easier and the phone is for you. Seeing as you two are comfy with each other's company." She says while smiling.

"Oh I see. Easier way for me to get around instead of walking and talk to Reimu from a distance for help?" pretty much seeing the whole picture of where this is going.

"That is 100% correct." Yukari gives a simple nod to Miller's quick thinking.

"But I don't even know how to use this thing." Reimu added while fiddling with it like a elder with a flip phone for the first time.

"That's so simple a caveman could it." Miller says while operating it like a pro. "See now you in the contacts screen to view whose digits you got…apparently you got mine and Yukari's already." He adds.

"What?" Reimu takes a look to see Miller spoke the truth.

With effort Reimu fiddled with Yukari's contact until she found the delete option. She wasted no time in deleting Yukari from speed dial, favorites and Yukari all together. This caused Yukari to pout at such a tactic.

"Oh that Reminds me. Besides here. Have you taken him anywhere else or atleast let him meet other besides Marisa and Suika Reimu?" Yukari asked with a hint of taunt in there

Miller was busy inspecting his new two wheeled mode of transport to not really pay attention to what was said. Reimu on the other hand flinched at being reminded about telling him some time ago she'd take him out to the village where he could get info on Gensokyo life. But alas she and he both forgot.

"Ehehe...can I say I'm working on it?" Reimu said while sweat dropping.

Yukari could only smile at this Miko's laziness. "Oh I see. So I would assume that's a no then? If I were Aya I would assume you two are a "couple" seeing as how much time you two spend together and write news all about it." She says loud enough to get Miller's attention.

"Huh what? Sorry I missed that one say it again?" He asked as he literally was in his own world.

Miller received yet another orb to the head to prevent him from catching on to these jokes that were being made.

"Jeez fine. I'll take him tomorrow ok? Just enough with the jokes." Reimu said with shfty eyes looking for any sign of crows.

Yukari only chuckled at this. "Very well. Just don't take to long. He might be useful to you more then you think." She says as gap opens up behind her. "I'll be seeing you. Choa"

With that Yukari was gone leaving a Miko and a unconscious guy sprawled out on the ground with swirly eyes from the sudden assault. Reimu looks down at Miller who probably not going to be waking up anytime soon before huffing and looking up at the sky.

"What did she mean by more useful? The guy's jumpy and a goofball...but he did fix my box and even donated." She only sighed as she gave up trying to figure it out.

After dismissing the thought Reimu goes to aid Miller back to the living quarters while complaining about him being "heavy" the whole way. Miller on the other hand was babbling about sunflowers and a few other things she couldn't make out but this caused her to smile from it.

"…such a 8-Ball" was all she said.

(Camera starts to zoom off the two and up to the sky to show a Tengu hovering before taking off)

Chapter 6: End

End note: So it seems Miller is on good terms will 3 Touhous as Yukari is forever unknown. Congrats if you made it! –fireworks-

So it appears Miller has attempted to explore the surrounding area only to get chased by Rumia as he has no means of self defense, although he does have a spell card thats about it. ugre to dash off into the Gensokyo wild life (Its danger to go alone take this!). Apparently Miller is just as lazy when it comes to things not of his interest henceforth 3 weeks passing with him chilling/helping at the shrine. Anyways it looks like Miller is able to roll out now with instant speed dial to the one of the best people you can have beside Marisa (maybe?) outside of the village. Anyone see any crows flying around? I sure didn't :0 (Longest chapter yay!)

Important: Seeing how this style fits my interest eventually I will be going back and revising chapters 1 through 4.

Miller's Current Ride: 2006 Yamaha WR450F Dirt Bike that was mostly likely stolen.

For those who wonder: Miller's favorite color is Yellow with Black/White in second, favorite number is 8 hence forth occasionally being called 8-Ball (Bad Luck or Good Luck) and likes sunflowers. Does indeed use a tranlator when talking to Reimu at the moment.

(1): That one is reference to the movie "Wizard of Oz" if it wasn't any more obvious haha.

(2): Jab at the song "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa. (Although I like Green and Purple better)

(3): Yukari age joke. She's only 17 which I think is a load of bull-gapped-

(4): This one would be pretty easy to miss but this one is a jab at the James bond editon of that phone.

Alas I shall see you people in the next chapter! (Walk through a door that vanishes behind him)