This is a new one. Well it's not new. This fic was made by someone else, till he stopped doing it and got rid of it. I loved it. So when I asked him about it. He told me I could do it. He even said that I can even change it up a little bit Even using some of his characters. So this is my version of Slideshow27's Bardock on Popstar. I do not own DBZ or Kirby.

Ch. 1 A warrior's arrival

"Frieza!" Bardock woke up with a start, then gasped in pain as he held his wounds, and sore mussels. He found himself in a forest that he didn't recognize. "Where am I?" He heard what sounded like fighting in the distance. He got up, albeit slowly in order to not to be bombarded by the pain that was coursing through his body. It was painful when he got up. His entire body ached as he walked toward the sound.

He walked to the end of the woods and he saw Sword and Blade, Meta Knight's two followers, and some pink creampuff with his sword, he had a green hat with a yellow puff ball at the end, and a yellow trim as well. He was flying on what appeared to be.

"The warpstar?" he saw the creampuff deflect each and every fireball aimed at him. He then saw the one firing the shots. "Wolfwrath!" He knew that Demon Beast all too well. The fuchsia wolf was huge, with a glowing green gem, yellow eyes, a lion like mane, with big claws, and huge spikes on it's back.

Water was it's only weakness Meta Knight had told him that once. He saw Wolfwrath's front right paw fall right into the water. It was not happy as it flailed around in pain.

He decided to let the cards play for a while before he made his presents known. So with that he saw Sword and Blade attack Wolfwrath and send him into the water. There were cracks and steam all over it's body. That's when he saw the pink cream puff with Meta Knight's sword the Galaxia charge up an attack, he launched it. It looked like it was about to hit it's mark when it dodged.

"Looks like things are about to get harder from here." Bardock said to himself. He was right. It only got harder as Wolfwrath went on the defensive. Bardock cautiously made his way over to the fight as not to be noticed by anyone. The three were having a lot of trouble with this one, so he had to hurry. Once he was in range he made his move.

Jumping the Demon Beast once it knocked the three fighters away from itself, he tackled Wolfwrath into the body of water that it worked so hard to get away from. He then charged his signature move, the Final Spirit Cannon. Sending it straight into the air. It died from the hole in it's gut, thus it exploded in the air.

Wolfwrath was no more.

"Hay isn't that Bardock?" Sword asked

"Aye, I think it is." Blade replied.

"But didn't he die ten years ago when Planet Vegeta was destroyed?"

"I don't know. We'd have to ask him."

Bardock walked out of the water and fell to his knees, "What's your name creampuff?" he asked the little guy.

"His name is Kirby. Is that you Bardock?" Sword replied.

Yeah…it's me. Where's Meta Knight?"

"He's recovering from Wolfwrath's attack he is." Blade said next.

"Poyo. Poyo." Kirby said in an excited tone. He really wanted that guy to teach him a few things about fighting. Plus he looked like a lot of fun.

Bardock smiles looking at the Star Warrior now known as Kirby. "You remind me of Meta Knight when he was just a baby." He then fell to the ground, as the darkness stole him away from consciousness.


Meta Knight made his way to the aftermath of the fight for two reasons. One: He wanted his sword back as soon as possible. Two: He wanted to know why he was seeing four people all the way over there instead of three. When he made his way to the battle field, he saw Sword, Blade and Kirby, but he also saw someone who he hadn't seen in a long time. "Bardock!" he shouted as he ran to his side. He checked his vitals, they were still strong, he was relived at that, but his eyes turned grass green as he looked at the three of them. They could tell he was being serious. He only had one thing to say. "He needs a Doctor! Now!"


"I can't believe this!" Shouted a thirteen-year-old Bardock. "Why did he do that? That was our mother." He stood before his mother's grave. Still shocked that his best friend, his own twin brother had killed his their mother. "I'm supposed to be the bad one, not him. Why did you do this to me Turles?" He then shouted at the sky. "My dad left, and my brother killed my mother! WHY?! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?"

He then saw something shoot across the sky and crash land near the border lines between the saiyans and the tuffles. He didn't have anything to loose now since he really had nothing left. When he arrived there he saw something that looked like a ship. "I don't believe it." he said to himself. He saw a little blue creampuff. It was completely out of it. It's eyes were a deep orange and it wasn't moving, "What are you?"

He then saw in the distance an army of soldiers coming right for that location. He was right at the border, so the little guy was up for grabs. "Sorry eggheads, but this creampuff's coming with me." With that he took the ship, creature and all and left the area.

End Flashback:

Bardock groaned as he began to awaken. He was still pretty sore but it wasn't as bad as it was. He heard a voice coming from outside the door.

"He's going to make a full recovery." the man that he assumed was the doctor said. "He just needs a few days in bed."

"Thank you Dr. Yabui." He heard Meta Knight say from where he was. It made him smile to hear his voice.

"If he's awake I'll let you see him." Then the Doctor walked over to the door and checked on his patent. "Ah, I see your awake. There's someone who'd like to see you."

"Thank you Dr. Yabui, and yes, my hearing's that good." Bardock had an amused smile, because of the look on Yabui's face.

"I'll let him in." He left and Meta Knight walked in.

"Hello Bardock."

"Hey Meta Knight, what's up?"

"Oh, not a lot. How are you even alive right now?"

"I'm not sure. One minuet I'm in front of Frieza trying to keep him from destroying Vegeta, and the next thing I know I'm here. How's that?"

"Wait…Frieza did it?"

"Yep. I was there. I took that Death Ball to the face and everything."

"And you have no recollection of what happened the last ten years?"

"T-ten?" He nodded. "I've been gone for ten years?" He nodded again, "How could this have happened? How am I here now, when I should be dead? And I've missed ten years of Kakarot's life."

"Who's Kakarot?"

"He's my ten-year-old son."

"But you don't know anything about your own personal life." Meta Knight said in surprise.

"Well things change."

"Well you don't without a good reason." he pressed.

"You really wanna know?" Meta Knight nodded. He sighed knowing that this was going to be for his friend to take in, "It all started when my team and I were on Kanassa…" he began. He then told him everything from the outcome of the mission to his final moments.

"And the rest I believe you know."

"This makes no since at all. You've been dead for ten years…and now you're here." his eyes turned a shimmering green as he tried to figure out what caused this phenomenon. Then it hit him. "Do you think NME has anything to do about it?"

"Well my father was with those guys at the time Vegeta went down. He did say he wanted to kill me." He always kept tabs on his old man for that very reason.

"I wonder how Frieza would react to seeing a man he killed alive and well?"

"I don't know but I can't wait to find out." They both shared a good laugh. Bardock really needed that. After everything he went through, he really need a good friend, and a laugh at the moment.

There was a knock at the door, and when it opened it revealed Sword, Blade, Kirby, and two kids that he never met before.

"'Ello Bardock," Blade said as they walked in. "'Ope you don't mind as comin' in."

"No, not at all. Who are the kids?"

"I'm Tiff, and this is my little brother Tuff." The girl said as her brother waved hello.

"Did you really beat Wolfwrath?" Tuff asked excitedly. "That must mean your really strong. Especially if you were all beat up and could still do it."

"Tuff." his sister said sternly.

"It's okay. It's all true." The saiyan laughed. "If I wasn't in such bad shape I wouldn't have passed out after taking out Wolfwrath. In fact, I wouldn't have needed to dunk that wolf into the water. I could've blasted him into the next world while he was in his own element." Bardock said as he stretched his arms a little to get him feeling a little more awake then he was at the moment.

"Poyo." Kirby said as he walked up to his bed, got right up in his face with those innocent blue eyes of his, and started poking his scar.

Bardock looked really annoyed until he started to laugh. This got some really curious looks from almost everyone. That is until Bardock said, "This little guy reminds me of you when you were his age Meta Knight. Are you related to this pink puff?" Meta Knight blushed at the comment.

"He may be a Star Warrior like myself, Bardock. But I am not related to Kirby."

"Well he's poking my scar just like you did when you were his age." He said while trying to keep his laughter under control. Kirby stopped poking the scar by the time he finished speaking with Meta Knight. "Got that out of your system now?" Kirby nodded. "Good. Now, I hate to cut this short, but I'd like to get some rest and absorb the information that I've received."

They did just that. And now he had all the time he needed to reflect on what happened to him. "Ten years." He said to himself. "What happened? What did I miss? Am I here because of Nightmare Enterprises, and my father? Does Frieza know about this? What can I do?" Then he saw something.


Bardock is leaning against a brick wall with a lot of people doing their own thing. "Where is he?" He heard himself ask.

"Excuse me?" He hears from behind him. He knows that voice. Turning around he sees a boy that looks just like himself, but smaller. It was Kakarot and he was right there in front of him. "Are you one of the finalists?"

"Yes," He heard himself say. "and I came here so I can find my son."

Vision End:

"Kakarot!" He cried, tears were streaming down his eyes at seeing that vision. It was so real, so vivid. It was like he could reach out and touch him, but he didn't. He looked out the window, and stared into the night sky with the stars shining brightly, 'I promise you that one day, I will come for you…my son.'


Meanwhile on Earth, a young boy named Goku was asleep. He dreamed about fishing at his favorite stream catching a literal mountain of fish. Then he heard something on the wind. 'I promise you that one day, I will come for you…my son.' Goku woke up abruptly and looked around his home.

"What was that?" He walked over to the four star Dragonball and asked, "Was that my dad I heard Grandpa? If that was, I hope to meet him soon." He then walks over to the window, and looks out at the stars. Somehow he knew, he just knew, his father where ever he was, was looking out at the same night sky.

I hope you enjoyed this. I enjoyed making this one. I laughed when I had Kirby poking Bardock's scar. Well God bless you all. This chapter was brought to you by a 21 year old Christian.