I walked home from school with Mikado and Anri-chan. "And then the dollars totally surrounded him. Shizuo-san forgot totally about Izaya-kun and punched this one guy so hard he went flying out of his pants." Mikado gave a weak laugh and Anri-chan, none at all. I threw my arm over Mikado's shoulder. "That was weak. Saving all or your emotions for some girl at home?"

Mikado jumped and blushed. To Anri-chan he said, "He's joking. I would neve-" Anri-chan smiled that time.

Why? Why does everybody smile for someone else? I give everyone my full attention but nobody- not one person- is willing to give it back. Everyone seems to be avoiding me lately. Even with Mikado and Anri-chan right here, they somehow find a way to leave me out.

But I guess it's for the best. It seems whenever I get near someone, they get hurt. An image flashed of Saki-chan in my head, only to fade into a picture of Anri-chan lying in a hospital bed, covered in wounds from the slasher. I bit my lip and choked back my emotions.

I knelt on one knee and spread my arms out to Anri-chan, who stopped walking. "What do you say, Anri-chan? Let's ditch Mikado and go hang out. Just you, me, and you erotic body on a romantic date!" Anri seemed taken aback and shy, the way she always did when I flirted with her like this.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. Great. I stood up and pulled my phone out by he bear that was attached to it. I checked it quickly, already knowing that it said and reluctantly looked back up at my 'friends.'

"I have to go. Sorry, Anri-chan. Our date will have to wait until later. It seems I have a friend that I have to go help now. See you later!" Anri-chan and Mikado quickly said goodbye and I ran off down the street. I ignored the buzzing in my pants pocket and headed off in the direction of he manga store, knowing I would find Erika-chan and Walker-san there and with them Kyohei-kun and Saburo-san and hopefully, friends. We hadn't been friends lately, what with the gang war between the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves about to break out, but I was desperate.

I set off into the alleys, figuring it suit my character perfectly, a recluse that had to seek friendship in anybody and everybody. I turned another corner and nearly got run over by- "IZAYA-SAN?!" I yelped. I hadn't seen HIM in a long time, and further more, I didn't want to, either.

He stopped and blinked at me. "Masaomi?" He grinned. "Masaomi-kun!" he said, slinging his arm around my shoulder like and old friend. How far from the truth. "It's been a while, pal. How're the scarves doing?" he said, pointing at the yellow bandana tied around my neck.

I shrugged his arm off. "I'm not your pal."

"Ouch." he replied. He was about to speak again when suddenly-


Izaya-san sighed. "Guess Shizu-chan wants something. Guess I better go. Hey come over to my house in ten minutes. I'll be done with his and then we'll catch up."

I shrugged. "Yeah. Okay. See you soon." My mind thirsted for human interaction, even if it was with Izaya-san. I was so lonely, I would talk to anybody, even if they were trying to kill me and everyone close to me (which wasn't far from Izaya-san at all.)

Izaya-san ran off and I kept walking in the same direction, realizing I had subconsciously started towards his house anyways. I didn't want to get caught up in the mess called Izaya-san and Shizuo-kun's relationship, but in my current state, I really didn't care. Sure enough, a few minutes later after I started off I heard a voice right next to me. "IZAYA!" Shizuo-kun yelled. Just like Izaya-san before him, Shizuo-kun ran around the corner, nearly flattening me, a large vending machine in his hands. "Masaomi-kun? Hey. It's been a while."

Yes I knew archenemies. I wouldn't say I was a friend, more like an acquaintance. Suddenly, a flashback of the day we met popped into my head, like a vivid dream painted in watercolor exclusively for me.

"Hmmm. hat am I going to do today? I have so much work to do today but I don't feel like meeting with the scarves. Hm..." I spotted a busty girl in a school uniform. I smiled. "I know! I'll pick up girls!" I sped off to go talk to her.I rounded the corner and caught up with her, but before I could say anything, a man in a black jacket ran past me.

The man bumped my shoulder, and I was about to turn to talk to him when he vanished around the corner, sprinting as though for his life but smiling like an idiot.

I barely had time to react as I saw something red and metal come flying towards me. Those few seconds felt like I was having a wrestling match with a semi. Fear was struck in me and I quickly dodged out of the way, dragging the busty schoolgirl with me, as a large vending machine lodged it's way into the ground next to me.


I turned to look at the person whose voice it was. A bartender stalked towards me, anger clearly written on his face. I sole a glance at the girl, who was trembling, fear plain on her features. She looked like she wanted to run and hide but was too paralyzed with fear to run. I nodded, I had to stand up to this guy. He was scaring my lady! Also, she might go out with me if I showed some courage and saved her life. I smirked. Why were girls the only thing ever on my mind?

"Hey! Wach where you're throwing things! What's gotten you so mad, anyways?" Th bartender paused and glared at me. He obviously wasn't used to people talking back to him. Spectators just usually stood and watched, at a safe distance.

"Who're you?" He asked.

"I'm Masaomi Kida. And you?"

"Shizuo Hewajima." He replied.

"Well, Shizuo-kun. You're going to kill someone. Calm it down a little bit, kay? I just had to dodge a vending machine."

"Oh." Shizuo-kun paused. "I'm sorry..." It was clear he was kinda stupefied.

"You don't need to apologize to me." I said. "You need to apologize to this little lady, whom you almost killed. And to the spectotors. You endangered them, too." I gestured to the crowd.

"Uh... Sorry?" Shizuo-kun said.

"Very go." I grinned. I'm sure he didn't appreciate but, still...

He had run off at top speed after Izaya-san. That was long before I had met Saki-chan or Izaya-san. A few days after that, I ran into him again. We were just walking by on the street, but he had recognized me.

"Oh! You're Kida Masaomi-kun, right?'

I was kind of aken aback that he had remembered who I was. "Eh.. Yeah. That's right. Shizuo Hewajima-kun?"

He nodded. "That's me." Suddenly he spotted someone, the man that had crashed into me the day we met. "Excuse me, I have something to take care of. Let's meet up again soon, Masaomi-kun."

"Yeah." I nodded as he ran off, chasing the man in the black coat.

We met up later and soon, our friendship blossomed. He told me no one had ever had the courage to even glare at him let aloe talk to him other than Izaya-san (as I had soon learned his name was.)

"Hey." I snapped out of my flashbacks.

"This was bad time to run into you. I'm kind of in the middle of something." He said, the vending machine almost forgotten in his hands at the surprise meeting.

"Ya. Don't worry, I get it. Let's hang out some other time." I pointed the direction Izaya-san went. "Careful. He's got something planned. Said he could take care of it in ten minutes. Watch your back."

"Thanks Masaomi-kun. See you around." and he ran off after Izaya-san.

I kept heading towards Izaya-san's house, not caring enough to get back on the main streets. Soon police cars zoomed past the alleyway. I wasn't surprised. Izaya-san was always getting Shizuo-kun arrested. I sighed. He didn't have enough money let alone having to pay a ticket. His brother was going to have to bail him out again. I reflected on Shizuo-kun's life. He was poor, short-tempered, and his relationships with people were always full of tension. But he was happy. He was content with his life. his friends, everything that made up his life. He was even content to chase Izaya-san around the streets and get arrested. I felt a sudden hate for myself. I'm standing here, drowning in my own self pity.

The police sirens faded and I heard the sound of footsteps behind me. I eyed a metal pole propped against a wall and got prepared to defend myself. I was within a few inches of it when something sharp playfully poked my back. I twisted and lunged at the pole, swinging it around at my attackers head. I stood there, my heart pounding. Why was I so on edge lately?

Izaya-san caught the pole's blow on his arm, but his knife went flying out of his hand. "Jeez Masaomi-kun. I get enough of that with Shizu-chan." I set the pole down and leaned against the wall.

"What else was I supposed to do when I feel a knife poking my back?" I said, as he went to retrieve his knife.

"Still, aiming for the head first?"

"What does it matter where the first hit is?"

We continued walking around a corner and into a tall skyscraper. The way up the elevator was silent and once they'd gotten into the flat, Izaya-san jumped over the back of the couch and landed on the cushions like I'd seen him do so many times before. I walked around the couch's (not so full of energy as Izaya-san was) and sat opposite him. "I remember when we used to sit here, just like this." Painful memories came back, seeping into my head like venom. I wouldn't back down this time.

"It's been kind of empty in here lately, what with only my temperamental secretary to talk to." He said.

"I certainly has been a while."

"Well, Masaomi, your friends seem to like you."

"Don't just drop honorifics. We may have used just names at one point but that was a long time ago and a lot had happened since then." I said, getting mad a him for being so familiar.

He ignored me. "Especially that girl, always following you around." I looked up. "Of course, she obviously likes your friend more than you. Still can't seem to hang onto your friends, can you, Masaomi-kun?" I gritted my teeth. "Are you going to let her go, just like Saki-chan?"


"Well, of course her condition will probably be worse, knowing there won't be any internal help this time."

Izaya-kun. What are you planning... I narrowed my eyes. "Don't get anywhere near her."

"Oh I won't. But somebody else might." I jumped over the coffee table and threw myself at Izaya-kun. The couch tipped over and we rolled onto the floor, him pinned below me and my fist raised, ready to punch him. "Hey, hey, are you going to punch me?" I trembled with hate. "Oh, you can't do it, can you? After everything I've done to you, you sill can' punch me? This is you running away again. You're just a coward." I lowered my fist to meet his face. He cringed as my hand made contact with his cheekbone.

"You need to learn when to shut up, Izaya-san." I said, smiling.

"Since you're smiling does that mean that this is seduction? Are we going to have an abusive relationship?" He laughed, grabbed my neck and turned over so that he was on top of me. "Then I'll take control of this relationship so that I don't get hurt. I don't like getting hurt you know. Oh! How about our first kiss?" he said, and then leaned down to kiss me. I didn't resist. I knew hat he was taking advantage of me but I didn't care. I lied there, waiting for him to get up. He sat up soon after that.

"Why do you always mess around with my life?" I asked him.

"I get bored." he replied.

"Yes, but why not somebody else?"

"I don't just focus on you. I mess with Shizu-chan."

"Not the way you mess with me. You irritate him but me, you've made it your goal to ruin my life."

"Shizuo isn't as interesting as you. He's been given his strength by a brain defect. You, you're dangerous because of the effect you have on people. A middle schooler with the most powerful gang in Ikebukuro? Much more interesting than a bartender with anger management problems."

"I see. So I'm interesting." I mumbled.

"And I don't want Shizuo." He said, pulling me towards him by my neck into a spine-wrenching kiss. When he released me he said. "I want you."

I stood up. "I have to go."

"Ah. I see I've gotten inside your head." He grinned.

"Like hell you have. I've just got to get home before..."

"Before the Dollars hunt you down as well as half the Yellow Scarves who don't like the way you've been running things and are also- no. Wait, I can't tell you that. The climax would be ruined if I told you anything you don't already know." He smiled mischievously. I nodded. "Well, I'll see you later Masaomi-kun. Don't get killed on your way home."

I turned around and walked slowly out of his building.

Finally it's here! This is just about the first fan fiction I ever wrote but then I watched the rest of the series and found out that what I had wasn't true to the story so I changed it and I think this is a little better. Shizuo and Izaya gave me writer's block while I was writing this xD JUST LEAVE ME ALONE YOU PHSYCOTIC PAIR OF PHSYCOTICNESS! YOU WANT ME TO UPDATE, DON'T YOU?! Anyways, while Izaya and Shizuo aren't bugging me, I'll update this again. So when Kida pulled his phone out by his bear, it was a little bit of me shining through. I do this a lot with my phone, which has two key lanyards, a mini rubber Hitsugaya-chan and a mini rubber key blade on it. Often they break and I'm left having to quickly tie them back on. I found that it was very hard to include Shizuo in this if Masaomi and him hadn't known each other for a while. So this is how it is. In this, they've known each other just about as long a Masaomi and Izaya have known each other. Just to clear things up. Lol right after Masaomi punches Izaya, I get a strong sense of RUSSIA! ^J^ Scary, but cute xD So I was told that my author's notes often mess up the flow of the story and so I've decided to take out all the author's noes and put hem down here. So if you see an author's note in one o my stories, Don't hesitate to tell me and I'll take care of it! THANKS!