I walked by Izaya-san's flat, wondering what the hell he was up to. I stood in front of the large building and looked up at his office window. That's where he usually spent most of his time. A hand grabbed my shirt and pulled me in. Despite the clear glass that made up the front door, I hadn't seen anybody walk up, much less heard the front door open.

"Hey, Masaomi-kun. What are you doing just standing in front of the building?" Izaya-san said. I stared at him. Where the hell did he come from?! "Oh! I know. You're falling for me." He said, leading me into an elevator. He had a mischevious look in his eyes.

I decided to play along. Why let Izaya-san have all the fun? "Well, of course. Izaya-san's very seductive." I flashed him a smirk. Top that. He smiled.

"My, my. Masaomi-kun's so much more seductive than I am." We walked into his flat and he tackled me onto the couch. Izaya-san leaned down and kissed me, closing his eyes. I mentally sighed. When am I going to be able to break free of his grasp? I cursed my weakness. Never. I tried to flip him over, but he had positioned himself so that if I moved, his knees dug into my thighs. A sharp pain wrenched its way up my leg. Itttttteee! Izaya-san pulled back, examining my condition. "Masaomi-kun's so kawaii!" He squealed. "So kissable!" He leaned down again, trying to mentally break me. I smirked into the kiss. I wasn't going to let him beat me. I tried to flip him again, this time throwing all my weight and strength into it, disregarding the pain. I succeeded. He smiled at me, pinned down by his hands. I ran one of my fingers along his chin and down his neck. "You're so much cuter than I am, Izaya-chan." I smirked, enjoying the look of his shocked face. I didn't need anything else to urge me to slam my lips down on Izaya-san's. Soon, his shock wore off and he kissed me back passionately. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me down towards him, trying to get our bodies as close as possible. I was surprised at the amount of genuine love I received from his kiss. But.. then again... Izaya-san's a really good actor.

But I was too...

When we paused for breath and I climbed off of him, Izaya-san said "I didn't notice." I looked at him. "That you liked me that way, anyway." I smiled and laughed. "What?"

I held my side, which was beginning to hurt. "Finally, there's something that you don't know." Also, he's implying that I fooled him. This game... It was all chance. It's like we were playing hide-and-go-seek in plain sight. You could never tell what anyone thought because we all kept our thoughts and feelings hidden. Well, let's keep going... "I didn't realize you weren't playing with me."

He looked at me. "If I was going to play with you, I wouldn't have played with you like this." Izaya-san stated matter-of-factly. "And I probably would've played with you a long time ago if his was my objective." Izaya-san's such a liar.

I smiled, trying to make it as genuine as possible. "Come here." I sighed, pulling him onto my lap, resting his head against my chest. He burrowed in and closed his eyes. He was tired, I could tell. "You haven't gotten much sleep, have you?" I waited silently for his answer but I could tell by his rhythmic breathing and how he finally shut up for once that he was genuinely asleep. I kissed his forehead, just in case he was still awake. With Izaya-san you couldn't exactly tell. "I love you." I whispered, and saw a small smile play at the corner of his lips.

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