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Regret and Redemption


Things were normal in the Shinobi village of Konoha. Civilians were either heading to work or taking their children to school, Ninja hopefuls were attending the Academy, while the Shinobi were either on missions, or patrolling the village rooftops.

But, despite all of this, three people were not in the same happy mood as the rest of the village. In fact, they, the Namikaze Family, were all feeling the same emotions.



And self-loathing.

In the main building of Konoha's Kage, one Minato Namikaze, was busy doing what all Kages hate the most.


But, by the look on his face, he clearly didn't care about the paperwork or how it multiplied tenfold. He stopped after stamping "Denied" on a Civilian Council Member's request to cut money from the Academy Curriculum and put it into funding a shopping mall (Like they really need one) and glanced at a photo on his desk that made him feel completely depressed.

It was a photo of his family, with his wife Kushina, and their two twin children, Kairi, who looked just like her mother, except her red hair was shorter than Kushina's, and the girl's twin brother, who looked like a carbon-copy of the man, same blonde spiky hair, same blue eyes, but had three whisker-like birthmarks on his cheeks.

The man's eyes saddened as he saw the picture of his then 4 year old son, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

11 years ago, when his wife, who was the second Jinchuriki, was giving birth to the twins, a man in a mask, who claimed to be Madara Uchiha, found out where they were and took his son hostage, forcing Minato to take the children back to their home safely, leaving Kushina behind. After making sure they were safe and sound, he then headed back to rescue his wife, but was too late in preventing the masked man from releasing the Kyuubi.

After bringing Kushina back to where the children were, he went off to confront the Masked Man, and stop the Kyuubi, who by now was attacking the village. After managing in forcing the msterious shinobi to retreat, and freeing the Kyuubi from his influence, the Yondaime Hokage then turned his focus to the Bijuu.

It was then he made one of the worst decisions that he will ever regret.

Sealing the Kyuubi into his son.

At first, Kushina planned on dragging the Kyuubi back into her, so it could die with her. But Minato knew that it would only delay the inevitable, so he planned to sacrifice himself by using the Shiki Fuuin and give his soul and half of the Kyuubi's chakra to the Shinigami, while he would seal the rest into his son.

But, instead, he was beaten to the punch, as the retired Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, did the Shiki Fuuin, and Minato sealed the Kyuubi into Naruto by using the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style.

After the attack and the funeral of all who were killed, including the old Sandaime, Minato then told the Council and Clan heads what happened. They were mainly surprised that Madara Uchiha was alive, and after Minato persuaded them that the Kyuubi Attack, was not the Uchiha Clan's doing, the militant Elders, Koharu Utatane, Homura Mitakado, and Danzo Shimura immediately backed down.

When said warhawk brought the subject of what happened to the Kyuubi, the young Kage told them what happened. He would then regret doing that. When Minato told them the details, it caused the civilian side of the Konoha council to go into an uproar.

Minato then decided to order a decree that no-one was to speak of Naruto's status as a Jinchuriki to the younger generation under the age of 18. He sighed as he wished he had included the older generation as well.

For the first four years, despite glares and a random depressed drunk villager, Minato and his family were able to have a happy life. But, that soon ended, when Minato and Kushina decided that Naruto, who wanted to be a ninja, decided he should be a civilian, and Kairi be a shinobi, and thus began their focus on training Kairi in the ninja arts, mainly fuinjutsu, while Naruto was instructed to read books that had nothing to do with Ninja affairs.

It caused a wedge to be driven between Naruto and the family.

Minato sighed as he wanted to punch his past self in the face for what he did. Truth was, he and Kushina never wanted Naruto to become a ninja, because they feared he would beserk by the Kyuubi's Chakra, since he didn't have Kushina's chakra, when it was Kairi who had it. Even though he, Kushina, and his sensei Jiraiya knew the seal was strong and flawless, the parents ignored that and kept denying Naruto to be a ninja.

Jiraiya then accused him of playing favorites with Kairi, which he denied, and thus Jiraiya learned why he focused more on Kairi then Naruto. Kairi was being trained so that she suppress the Kyuubi's chakra in Naruto before it could drive him nuts. In other words, Kairi was to be Naruto's jailer.

'How could I have been such a complete fool?' he asked himself.

Then came the incident where his daughter and son got into a argument that revealed Naruto's jinchuriki status to the younger generation.

A week before that, he made Kairi swore she wouldn't tell any of the other children her brother's secret. Apparently, Naruto said something that caused her to blurt it out in the open where a good 15 children heard what she said. The word soon spread like wildfire to the other children, and the rest of the children understood their parents' dislike toward the Hokage's son and began to act the same way.

Minato had never been so pissed in his life when he berated his daughter afterward, and grounded her before sending her to her room.

Then, a week later, Naruto was gone.

It turned out that Naruto found out what his parents had planned, and waited a whole month, before running away.

Minato, Kushina, and even Kairi, who wanted to apologize to him, became distraught, and guilt ridden after that, knowin it was no one's fault but there's.

That was two years ago

He then breathed a sorrowful sigh, wishing he could take back everything he did to Naruto.

He choose the needs and wants of the village, over the needs and wants of his son. And he did it callously.

He then picked up the photo, looking the then happy family, as unshed tears gathered in his eyes.

'Naruto...I'm so sorry,' where his thoughts as he felt his heart break more.

Before he could think more, a poof of smoke got his attention as a toad summons appeared.

"Yo Minato-sama! Jiraiya-sama sent me to give a message to you!" the summons said, before giving the Yondaime Hokage the scroll.

The Hokage wiped his eyes of the tears, before accepting the scroll.

"Thanks," he said softly, and opened the scroll from his sensei. He winced, knowing he didn't heed Jiraiya's advice when it came to Naruto. As he read the scroll his eyes widened at what was written.

'Found Naruto. I'll be at the village tomorrow at noon. I'll take him to your home. Don't tell anyone, not even Kushina and Kairi. -Jiraiya'

Minato felt like he was having a cruel dream, so he pinched himself to make sure.

"It's not a dream," he said "This is real!"

Of course, it has been two years since he last saw Naruto, and he no doubt knew that his son hated him with a passion. He just knew that he and the girls had a lot of making up with their estranged family member, which was going to be tough. But he was just glad his son was safe and was coming home.

The next day

Namikaze Home

Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze sighed as she sat in the living room with her friends. It had been two years since her son Naruto ranaway from Konoha. When he disappeared, Kushina went into a depression knowing why he left. Even though she agreed with Minato in deciding that Naruto will be better off as a civilian than a shinobi, she tried to be there for her child.

But of course, it was not enough. And one day he ranaway, after a fight with his twin sister Kairi.

She had cried herself to sleep for days, knowing it was her fault. She didn't even come out of the Master Bedroom for three weeks, until Tsunade and Mikoto managed to get her out of her funk, and be with her daughter.

Speaking of Kairi, her daughter changed ever since her brother ranaway. She became more focused in her ninja training, and became spiteful to most of the village, especially the other children who still saw Naruto as the Kyuubi, and a freak. Needless to say, it reminded the older red head of her Academy days when she was picked on by the other Academy students. The now eleven year old Kairi had earned a nickname in the Ninja Academy, Aka Sh┼Źnetsu Tatsumaki (Red Fiery Tornado).

She had to suppress a chuckle at that. Kairi had indeed inherited her wicked temper, just like Naruto.

She sighed, knowing that her son hated her and his father for what they planned for him. Held in Konoha like a prisoner, and Kairi the warden. She and Minato, admitted they made a mistake, and promised if they ever find Naruto, they will treat like how real parents treat their children.

There was then a knock at the door, prompting Kushina to stand up, and walk over to answer it.

When she opened the door, she suprised to see her husband's teacher, Jiraiya of the Sannin. She noticed he had a brown sac over his shoulder, that had something in it.

"Hey Kushina!" the white haired pervert said jovially, "Nice to see you're looking as beautiful as ever!"

Kushina had to supress a groan at that, "Hello, Jiraiya. Minato's not home at the moment, but she should be back later," she said as she welcomed in, while Jiraiya shrugged.

"That's okay," he said, as he walked into the living room and saw five women who he recognized as Yoshino Nara, Mikoto Uchiha, Tsume Inuzuka, Tsukima Yamanaka, and his fellow Sannin, Tsunade. And he gulped when he recived narrowed eyes from the group of females.

'Geesh! Talk about a warm welcome!' he thought to himself and gave a nervous smile.

"What's up ladies?! Enjoying ourselves, aren't we?" he said, and the women gave unfriendly smiles, as they knew about the Toad Sennin's reputation as a pervert.

"Oh, we have Jiraiya," she said, and took notice of the brown sac over the Sennin's shoulder, "What's in the sac?"

Jiraiya blinked, before remembering the bag he had.

"Oh! Right," he said and walked over to the coffee table in the living room. He then took the sac and dumped what was in it...or rather someone.

The person was a young boy, aged 11 at most, dressed like a shinobi, wearing black cargo pants, a black hooded jacket, and black ninja sandals, with black tape around the heels. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and had three whisker like marks on his cheeks.

The women were completely surprised by this, but none moreso than Kushina who instantly recognized him as her missing son, as he looked in her direction, as unshedded tears formed in her eyes.


Said boy's eyes were wide as if he were a cornered animal. His hands were bounded behind his back as he sat up, and continued to look at Kushina.

It was as if hours moved by as the two continued to stare at one another, until Kushina made the first move and began to move cautiously toward her son. The same son, who had ran away two years ago, because of her and her husband's paranoia. As soon as she close enough, she knelt down to look into the blue eyes of her child, which were filled with apprehension, loneliness, caution, and fear.

"Naruto, is it really you?" she said as she extended her hand to touch his face. This resulted in Naruto in flinching away from her.

"Don't touch me!" he yelled, suprising the other women, as he attempted to get away from her, only for the desperate mother to stop him by placing her hands on his shoulders.

"Naruto stop!" she said, as Naruto began to struggle only for her to wrap him in a embrace as tears escaped from her eyes, as well as Naruto's, "Please! Listen to me! I'm sorry for what I did! I'm sorry for my part in denying your dream! I'm sorry for all the pain you had to go through alone! I'm sorry for not being a real mother to you! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she said as she began to cry.

"How do I know you're not lying to me!? Let me go dammit!" he shouted as he continued to struggle.

"Naruto please! I'm not lying!" she said as she continued to hold him.

"No! Let me go! I hate you! I HATE YOU!" he shouted, clearly ignoring her cries, as he continued to struggle. But then his world went black as Jiraiya tapped a few pressure points on his neck, and went limp in his mother's arms, who was clearly distraught by her son's harsh words.

"Kushina?" said Mikoto as she placed a hand on her best friend's shoulder, who continued to hold the out cold Jinchuriki in her arms.

Jiraiya sighed sadly as he looked at the scene in front of him. He knew this would happen, and it would get worse as soon as Minato and Kairi come home.

"Jiraiya, what the hell is going on?" Said Tsunade as she gave her teammate a seriously confused look. She knew about Naruto running away from home, but she believed it was a disagreement between him and his parents. But the young blonde's

"Apparently, Minato and Kushina made a huge mistake, and Naruto found out about it. He's been out there for two years, and now, that freedom he had has come to an end," the Toad Sage said, as he continued to look as Mikoto continued to try and comfort the mother of the Prodigal Son.

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