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Chapter 2

Step One

Konoha Council Meeting Room

24 hours after Naruto's return

The meeting room of the Konoha was filled with grumblings, whining, and whispering as the Council waited for the Hokage to enter. It was 2 hours after Minato called a meeting, demanding that all the Council Members, including the civilian half, meet with him, immediately, or face expulsion from their posts. That got the people their quick, with the Ninja Clan Heads being the quickest, the Elders being second, and the irate civilians last.

"This is ridiculous!" said a 50-year-old male member of the civilian side, "We have better things to worry about than what that brat Hokage has to talk to us about,"

"Like what?" growled Tsume Inuzuka, "Cheating on your wife with a cheap 10 dollar whore?"

Some of the Clan heads snickered at that, while the civilian's eyes were wide with anger.

"You bitch!"

One of the Elders, Koharu Utatane sighed in irritation at that, "Tsume, I suggest you not antagonize Ozama-san. And you Ozama, please try to patient. Whatever the Hokage has called this meeting for, it's bound to be important," she said with a chasting tone.

The two continued to glare at each other, before Tsume unleashed some killing intent, making the civilian man cower back into his seat, making said Inuzuka Matriarch smirk.

It was a few moments after, that Minato finally arrived. Everyone was confused by the lack of emotion on his face.

"I apologize for being late. I had very important matters that needed to be attended," the Yondaime said as he sat down in his chair.

"And what 'important matters' is that, Minato?" said Homura Mitokado, only to wince as Minato turned in his direction. Although his face did not show emotion, his eyes were glaring into the Elder Advisor's with malice.

"If I were you, I'd keep that big mouth of yours shut. I don't have time for any bullshit from you, Koharu's, the Warhawk's, or any of the civilians for that matter. Is that clear?," he said, shocking the Elders and the civilians, while the Shinobi were all surprised at this, as Minato continued to speak.

"Now, I will explain the reasons why I called this meeting," the Yondaime said, "So everyone better sit down, and shut up,"

Everyone nodded, as Minato took a breath.

"The first reason, is that the day before yesterday, I recieved a message from Jiraiya of the Sannin," he began, "In the message, he informed me that he had found and brought back a boy who ran away from this village, two years ago,"

He then took a deep breath, "That boy, was the Jinchuriki of Kyuubi, and my son, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze,"

The results were instant, as the Civilians began shouting, while the Clan Heads, and the Elders were shocked.

"The demon!" shouted one Council member and others civilians followed suit.

"He must be killed!"

"Lock him up and throw away the key! We must make he will never run away again!"

As Minato heard the prejudiced words that were directed toward his son, his anger rose to a boiling point, before he exploded.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he yelled, thus silencing the civilians, "Naruto has already been brought back, and is staying at my home with his family! He will not be locked in a cell, killed, or any of the shit you're planning for him!" he then glared at Danzo, "And that goes double for you, cripple!"

Danzo bristled at that, but kept his stoic facade. He wanted to turn the Kyuubi Jinchuriki into his own personal when the fox was sealed in him, but Minato survived and prevented the one eyed Warhawk from ever touching now, the same thing was happening again.

One of the Clan Heads, Fugaku Uchiha of the Uchiha Clan, was silently growling to himself.

11 years ago, he wanted Naruto killed out of spite for what happened after the attack, because people were blaming them for the Kyuubi's rampage. Of course, Minato told the village it was a rogue Uchiha, who claimed to be Madara, and that the clan had nothing to do with it, most of the village still looked upon with disdain.

Minato then turned back to the group.

"Now, for the second order of buisness, I am decreeing that all civilians are to be banned from Konoha Council positions until further notice," this made all the civilians, the Elders, and Fugaku pale, since they had support among the civilians of the Konoha Council.

"Y-You can't do that!" screeched a woman with pink hair. This was Abi Haruno, younger sister of Kizashi Haruno and sister-in-law to Mebuki Haruno, two of Konoha's best Jonin.

"I'm the Hokage, Haruno-san, it's my word, my decision. Deal with it!" The Hokage ground out, wondering how Kizashi could handle his annoying sister.

"Now the third and final order of buisness, is that Naruto is to be enrolled into the Academy, starting tomorrow and will graduate with his age group, along with his sister," this caused the Elders to become spooked.

"Y-Yondaime-sama! I don't believe that is a wise decision!" Koharu said.

"Oh? And why would you think that, Utatane-san?" Minato said, and the older woman felt nervous seeing the glare sent her way.

"W...Well, how do we know he will not run away, again? Or if he doesn't betray the village?" she said, and Minato's eyes narrowed.

"The reason behind that, is because the people of this village have looked at him with scorn, spite, and treated him like a plague, when he should've been treated like a human being," he then sighed sadly, "And...because of my own actions,"

"Hokage-sama," said Danzo, "The boy is unpredictable and dangerous. It would be best if he were to be placed in a secured area and monitored,"

Minato looked at the Elder with a face that told the cripple to shut up, "If I were you Danzo, I'd shut up. He's my son, and I will make sure he will be welcomed here, instead of being treated like a pariah as you want him to be,"

The older sat down, clearly miffed, but did not show it.

"Now that's over, I want to make one thing absolutely clear: This a Shinobi Village, and is run by the Kage, the strongest shinobi. Not a figure head ruler who you can boss and order around, is that clear!?" He said, everyone nodded, the civilians more vigorly since they didn't to earn the young Kage's ire.

"Good. Now, all the civilians, and Elders...leave. Now," the tone behind the words meant he was serious, and th civilians left the room, but not before the Elders and Abi sent a glare back at Minato before leaving, "Now that they're gone, I want go over things I had planned for the Academy. One: the titles of Rookie of the Year, and Deadlast are hereby removed from the Shinobi Program, and students graduating are to be grouped with those who they work best with, and not grouping the best student with the best Genin Kunoichi, and the least skilled genin, is that clear?" he said and the Shinobi nodded, although Fugaku looked against it.

"Two: The Curriculum is being updated with those who have low reserves, or poor chakra pathways will be given special courses pertaining Kenjutsu and Taijutsu. Also, I've decided to have Academy Students do D-Rank Missions, thus improving on thier teamwork, and their skills, while being monitored by a Chuunin Instructor. Understood?"

The Clan Heads all nodded in agreement, even Fugaku, knowing it will give his youngest son the experience.

"And finally, the odd-person-out of a graduating class, who is not assigned to a team is to be paired with a Jonin-sensei, while said graduate and sensei will work with another team on missions," the Yondaime said, and everyon seemed to agree with that, while Hiashi spoke up.

"Forgive my interruption Yondaime-sama, but if I'm not mistaken, your son is the odd-man-out," said the Hyuuga patriarch, in which Minato responded with a nod.

"Yes, I'm aware of that," he said, "Of course, the decision to teach my son will be up to the Jonin who I will choose to be his sensei,"

Everyone nodded at that.

"Good. Now, if they're are no more questions. This meeting is adjourned,"

With that, the rest of the Konoha Council exited the room, and headed back to their other priorities. Minato sighed as he rubbed his forehead.

'Well, that's Step One,' He thought to himself, 'Now to deal with the other steps'


Woods outside the walls of Konoha

Outside the massive walls of the Shinobi Village, in the surrounding woods, all was quiet except for the songs of the birds. However, the only thing that was out of place was the small orange blur zipping from tree to tree. After stopping at one of the closest trees next to the gate. The blur was revealed to be a orange-colored furred fox kit.

But this was no ordinary fox kit. This was Shippo, Naruto's traveling companion and best friend, and a Fox Yoko. The kit looked at the gates and noticed the leaf ninja standing guard outside. Though the little Yoko could tell they were bored out of their minds, he knew he had to be careful if he had to get to Naruto.

He remembered how he and Naruto met two years ago. The blonde Jinchuriki was lost, starving, and had clearly began to become desperate. When he revealed himself to the Prodigal son of the Yondaime and spoke to him, the reaction was quite comical, as the young demon container freaked out, and jumped 5 feet in the air and landed on his butt. After introducing themselves, Shippo took Naruto back to his family's den and introduced him to his family.

At first, Naruto was intimidated by Shippo's family, but he soon got used to them and became his surrogate family. During the time he stayed at their den, they taught him how to survive, such as how to fight and other useful techniques.

The little Yoko shook his head as he remembered he had a mission to accomplish.

'Hang on, Bro. I'll be there as soon as I can,'

Meanwhile, at the Uzumaki-Namikaze home

Kairi Uzumaki-Namikaze was training in the family's taijutsu style in the backyard of their home, due to it being a weekend. Her mother and Naruto still hadn't come out of the latter's bedroom, and those pesky Locking Seals the Uzumaki patriarch put up were keeping her out. She may be good at seals, thanks to her father, but her mother was at a whole other level.

'Then again, I don't think anyone can best her at seals, except for Tou-san and Ero-Sennin,' she thought as she looked at the window of her brother's room, 'Aniki, I hope you can forgive me for what I did. Just as I forgave you for what you said,'

She sighed as she continued with her training, thinking how she can earn Naruto's forgiveness. Then it hit her.

'Wait. That's it!' she thought and immediately went to a place unknown to anyone, except for her.

Hokage Office

A hour and a half after meeting

Minato was sitting in his desk chair, after the brief, but still productive meeting with the Konoha Council.

After banning the Corrupt civilians from the Council, the usual large amount of paper work dropped, and it became less of a hassle. There was still more paper to file out and sign, but thankfully these were serious Shinobi related problems, and not the usual bullshit that the civilians kept piling on him, such as the Benefits for retired shinobi, the number of Academy Teachers slacking off, and mental rehabilitations.

But while he was somewhat relieved his job got a little easier, he was still concerned about the threats the elders and the civilians made to his son Naruto. Even though he knew they were hesitant in attempting to harm him, he knew that they will try. The ones he was most concerned about were Koharu, Homura, Danzo, Abi, and Fugaku.

He didn't know why, but something told him that he needed to keep a very close eye on them. He mentally decided he'll have a team of ANBU to watch each person in general.

Nodding his head at that decision he then looked through the roster of who will be best suited as Naruto's Jonin-sensei. He compiled a top-ten list of just who will be the best choice. He scanned through the names and resumes of the Jonin and ANBU Black Ops, they were good, but Minato knew that most of them might have a narrow-minded prejudice against his son for containing the Kyuubi. Not to mention his son will have a hard time trusting them.

His eyes blinked as he caught the name of an ANBU Black Ops agent. He smiled as he knew this person as they were the one who will never judge a book by it's cover, not to mention, this specific person was like an older-sister figure to Naruto. Being Kushina's student, she was a natural in Kenjutsu was taught Fuinjutsu by his wife, although not the same level as Kushina, but good nonetheless.

His choice made he called his secretary and asked that said Kunoichi be brought to his office.

It wasn't long before Minato heard the soft voice a young woman behind him.

"You summoned me Hokage-sama?"

Minato nodded, "Yes, I'm sorry for taking time out of your work Neko-san. But, I have an assignment for you,"

He didn't see the person he wished to speak to move in front him, due to her being an ANBU. He could now see the ANBU Operative in front of him, wearing the signature grey and black armor, metal armguards, an Cat Mask with three red lines, the ANBU insignia tattooed on her shoulder, and a Katana strapped to her back. She had long waist length straight hair, while her facial features were hidden by her mask.

"What will that be, Hokage-sama?" the ANBU asked politely, and Minato looked at the young woman.

"Please take off your mask," he said, and the ANBU nodded before reaching up and removed the Cat Mask off her face, revealing a beautiful heart-shaped face, chocolate brown eyes, and reddish purple lipstick, "I called you here, because there is a future shinobi who will be the odd-man-out, and will need a proper sensei. This boy spent two years alone outside the village with no adult supervision, and will no dought have a tough time trusting others. You, are to be his Jonin-sensei. You will still have your ANBU-status until the assignment is complete, and will recieve A-rank mission pay, once the mission begins,"

The woman looked a bit miffed at that, due to her eyebrows knitting but she managed to keep herself calm.

"And who is it that I'm to be a sensei to, Hokage-sama?" she said, her tone having a slight edge.

Minato smiled, knowing this was going to shock her a hundred, "You know him, because he saw you as a surrogate sister, before he ranaway from here two years ago...due to my own actions," he said the last part sadly.

The purple haired woman raised an eyebrow in confusion at that, before said ocular organs widened in realization. Before she could speak, Minato beat her to it.

"I see you remember. Yes, he is home," he said and stood and approached the ANBU, "I know you've been angry with me and my wife after he left the village. But understand, I intend to make up for what I did, and he will be attending the Academy when he is cooled down,"

The woman looked at the man, and Minato knew she wanted an answer as to why he picked her.

"I choose you, because unlike most of the others, you were the one who tried to help my son through his dark times, and that he will trust you," he then placed a hand on the woman's shoulder and gave her a smile, "Consider this my way of making up for what happened two years ago,"

the woman nodded at that, as Minato went to his desk.

"If you want, you can swing by and visit him, though when you reach his room, you might wanna knock as Kushina is with him and has put up Locking Seals," he said sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head, causing the ANBU operative to sweatdrop.

"I...I will, sir," she said.

"Good, you're dismissed," he said, and the woman, known as Yugao Uzuki nodded, before using the Shunshin no Jutsu to leave the office.

Minato breathed another sigh before laying back a bit in his seat.

'Well, I can only hope, and pray that Naruto will accept this,' he thought, knowing that he had only just begun his long road to redemption. Now, he just had to think what should be step two.

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