"Tattie, why?" "Walk-ah, it's only for tonight." "But Tattie. There's a party at the Millicants Mansion , and I really should-" "Walker, will you just be here for one night? Please?"

Grace had interrupted Walker and Tattie's argument. At twenty-two years old, grace hadn't changed much in her personality. She was still boisterous, and spunky. Her long blonde hair had stayed, but been layered, and was always pulled into an elegant duo. She had broken her mother's tradition of having one husband after another, and was happily married to Andrew Carson. They lived with Tattie, and everyone knew that it was Grace who would get the Mansion. Tattie, though older, had not changed a bit. It didn't help matters much that she and Grace were very alike. Walker had become a journalist, and lived in New York City. When he came home, he spent most of his days with his sister and mother, but enjoyed the nightlife with his childhood friends. That was the topic of choice at that moment. "Grace, I don't know why! I haven't seen her in years, and it's not like Squirt has missed me any." "Walker, Hannah is going through a hard time. It would help if her friends could be here." "We were never friends, Tattie." Grace lost it. "Look here, Walker. A LOT has changed in Hannah's life, and it would help her if she could see all of us as a family. Just for once." "Grace, it has been one year since Mitch-" "His name was MARK." "Alright, since MARK died. Don't you think Hannah is over it?" Grace and Tattie looked at each other for a moment. Then Tattie spoke. "Walker.Don't you know?" "Know what?" "Hannah's father passed away last month." Just then Cookie ran into the room. "She's here! She's here!" Tattie and Grace walked out to the foyer, and onto the porch. Walker stayed behind. It seemed as if all the servants were out there, waiting for Hannah. It had been five years since she had been home, and everyone was anxious to see her. As the driver pulled up, Hannah opened the door and stepped out. The years had defiantly been good to her. Like Grace, she had kept her hair long, and the curls that were down gleamed in the evening light. She had grown so much, and her body had lost all it's baby fat. She ran up the steps, and she and Grace shared a tight, long hug, each whispering how much they had missed each other. Then she turned to Tattie, and the two of them embraced. Walker sauntered onto the porch with his glass of whisky. He almost dropped it at what he saw. Gone were the saddle shoes he remembered, and the button up dresses. This was a woman. She wore pumps, and black hoes, with a skirt suit, and a strand of pearls. Her hair, which had been put up in an excellent bun, had soft strands hugging her face and neck. Walker felt the breath being knocked out of him. Standing before him was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. "Where's Andy?" Grace rolled her eyes. "His great aunt is dying, and she wants him at his bedside." "Oh, I'm so sorry." "Don't be. She left me all her jewels, and the broad is almost ninety- five." Grace and Hannah laughed, while Tattie tried to frown, but couldn't. Greer and Cookie hugged Hannah, and they all turned to go inside. Walker was lounging against one of the pillars when Grace noticed him. "Hannah. You remember Walker." "My, yes. What's it been, Walker. Ten years?" "About that, Squirt." Hannah frowned at him. "It's Hannah now, if you don't mind." "My fault. Forgive me." He took her hand and kissed it. "Hannah." The two shared a look, and Grace got her first look of what the future might hold if she played her cards right.