I have no idea what the rest of the house looks like. From my point of view, there is a terrace on the second floor that runs completely around the whole house, and can be accessed by each bedroom. *************************************************

Walker stood on the terrace, looking out onto the lake, observing the stars, and drinking his brandy. Absently, he thought of how much brandy he had consumed that evening, and didn't want to become drunk, so he poured the contents of the glass over the railing. The sounds of Grace's little poodle being splashed, and the poodles little yelp made walker grin.

"Bulls eye."

From down below, Grace's voice could be heard.

"God Damnit, Walker."

And then he lapsed into his own world. There was a figure walking by the water, looking at the moon, and he instinctively knew it was Hannah. Only she walked that way. There was a wonderful sway to her hips; not obvious, but just.Hannah. There was a tingling feeling when he thought of her, and didn't like it. Well, he liked it.but he shouldn't. Ever since she'd walked into his life hours ago, it was already upside down. He felt like he had years ago, when he was just becoming a man of nineteen, and she was that fifteen- year old girl.

(((Flashback))) Years ago

Walker stood looking at the lake, the tears in his eyes highlighted by the moonlight. Brianna. She'd broken his heart. He'd really thought he was in love, totally, completely in love with her. And all the while she'd been after his money, and his best friend. Down by the lake he saw Grace and Hannah skipping stones, their light from the stars glittering above. As time went on, they turned into the house, and then came up to say goodnight. Grace had given him a quick peck on the cheek, but Hannah had lingered.

"I'm sorry, Walker."

He gave a sarcastic laugh, and turned his attention to her.

"I'm sure you are."

"I understand what you're-"

"You can't. You can't understand till you've had your heart ripped out and trampled on. That's when you'll understand. You're just a silly little girl who doesn't have a clue about what the world's made of."

As she turned away from him, he saw tears on her cheeks. He immediately felt bad, and moved by a power he'd never experienced.

"Don't cry. I'm sorry. Really."

He took her chin in his hand, and wiped off her tears. His eyes caught hers, and his breath caught in his throat.

"I hated it when she cried. When she wouldn't get her way, or.She looked just like.you."

Without another thought, Walker dipped his head down, and captured her lips in a kiss. It was a small affair, just a brushing of lips once, twice, a third time, before he pulled her to him and deepened it. A minute passed. Two, before he took a breath, and rational thought came into his brain. He wrenched her away from him, and practically pushed her away.

"My god.I thought you were her, for a moment-"

"Walker, I felt something. We had a connection, we-"

"I thought you were her. Same perfume, same body type. My god."


"That's all it was. You were just a stand in for her. Nothing more. That's all anyone will ever be. A stand in for Brianna. I love her. Not you, Hannah. I know you've had a crush on me, but move on. You'll never be as good as her. Not even close."

Without another word, she turned and fled into the house.

(((End Flashback)))

That was the last time Walker ever saw Hannah. Till tonight. And oh lord had she grown up. He heard footsteps on the deck, and turned around to see her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was out here. I'll just go-"

"NO!.no. Hannah, please. Come here. I.apologize for this evening. Everything. My behavior from the moment you walked through the door."

Hannah smiled, and walked to the railing, standing next to him.

"It's fine, Walker."

"No. No it's not. And I apologize for the other night. The last one."

Hannah looked down.

"That's okay as well. You didn't know what you were saying. I've completely forgotten about that kiss."

Walker looked at her. Studied her, like a painter studies a masterpiece. She was beautiful. Beyond beautiful. Freckles gone, full lips, her hair down and streaming in the light breeze, and her face illuminated by the moonlight. Once again, Walker ignored his head, and listened to his heart.

"I haven't."

He pulled her to him, and looked into her eyes for a moment. Clear brown orbs gazing into stormy blue ones. And then he brought his lips to hers. It only took a moment before the kiss scorched them, igniting the flames within each other. He deepened the kiss, and wrenched her against his body. Her hands went to behind his head, holding his head in place, and his hands were at her back and waist. He finally broke them apart, and looked at her.


It was like the last temptation. His mouth started on her neck, making her make sweet pleasurable sounds while he kissed and sucked, and her hands traveled everywhere; his chest, arms, waist.


He brought her lips to his again. Again and again. It was like he couldn't get enough of her. They didn't break apart till they heard a voice calling.

"Walker! Walker! Could you help me with something?"

It was Tattie, and Walker cursed.

"Wait for me. Here. On the deck, in my room, anywhere.do you promise?"

Hannah nodded, not trusting herself to speak. With one last devastating kiss, Walker left her to smile out all her joy, and confusion at the stars.