Death note chapter 3

It would be unfair of me to portray every child that came to the Wammy house as emotionless parasites, walking around as robots with no human emotions. There was only a hand full of us who simply remained quiet and restrained ourselves from the idea of being social. I cannot say for certain as to why we do this. There were many children who enjoyed socializing; watching movies and playing games together, most of them in fact. They laugh and smile, joking and playing with each other 'till the sun sets. Enjoying what you believe to be a normal childhood; with the exception of the fact that our lives were anything but normal. I continue to acknowledge the fact that I am cold; a bitter vessel that consists only of logic and facts. So perhaps I am or was an emotionless parasite. Since I was indeed the first child at the Wammy house, I had far more experience than the other children and was held in somewhat of a higher regard. Knowing that 'till this day I was the top successor. Thinking about it now, I have come to the conclusion that this was part of my undoing. But that is another matter entirely. I am straying from the point. I'm sure it would be thrilling to hear of how my first encounter with B was dramatic, full of anticipation and emotions to make your stomach turn. In all reality it was only one thing. An introduction to the boy who was planned to follow along with myself. Another pawn to toss into the playing field. If you would assume that we would relate to each other and wanted to seek a friendship from the very beginning, then you could not be more wrong. B and I almost never spoke, the silence was everything. Although we spent every day together, at each other's sides, we never said a word unless necessary. Not that I'm complaining. If I truly desired a friendship I very well believe I would have made an effort. Again, if I wanted to. Throughout the years B and I never conversed, his silence was joined with a set of piercing eyes that would give you the impression that he could see into the very abyss of your mind. This would give me an uneasy feeling every time that I would somehow make eye contact with him. After meeting the new boy we were quickly thrown into classes together. Being each other's partners for almost everything, since there were no other children. B was given a room as I myself was given once arriving. Once opening the door to the room, you would be placed in a short, wide hallway that expanded into an open room of a decent size. The right corner had a bed and a night stand, to the left a window accompanied by a small fridge. We also had closets with dressers, and our own personal washrooms in our rooms. Nothing too special or extraordinary but nice enough sense we spent a lot time in our rooms. Or at least I did. At the beginning every room near mine was completely empty. That rapidly changed, only three short weeks after B arrived, we were joined by many more. It seemed as if it took no time for these modest rooms to fill themselves with new owners. I found myself always wondering: where did all these children come from? I knew why I was here, but how did they decide who was worthy to come live here, and what were the requirements that we all clearly met? Everything was always taken care of for us. When we wanted our fridges filled or personal essentials we would simply fill out a list and write our room numbers on it. Never making money but always spending it. We had a large kitchen area that was always open to our convenience, lots of tables that allowed us to sit and enjoy, once again giving those who wanted to socialize a chance to sit with their "friends." After some time there were a decent amount of us. Every one of us was different, another personality, a different look about us. I myself never really enjoyed or even thought about the idea of making "friends." I was there to become something greater than what I was, and yet I remain to be that pawn never capturing the king and winning. It seems as if in the end, I'm still not the one.

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