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A young Earl, now seventeen years of age, sat in his study; squabbling with his chef about the food to be served at his wedding reception. If Ciel was half as heartless as he pretended to be, he would fire his useless chef to spare himself the embarrassment of serving his guests burnt meals. However, Bard had been his loyal chef for years. Not to mention, he doubled as a very competent security guard.

Outside the study; the boy's fiancée had taken to pounding relentlessly on the door, screaming as though she was about to be burned alive. The pressure of the upcoming wedding was weighing heavily on both the bride and the groom; in completely different ways. Ciel felt as though he was losing his sanity. He scarcely had time for his work anymore, with both of his aunts constantly badgering him about his marriage. Francis had even gone as far as to ask about children. Leave it to Francis to be so forward.

Ciel dismissed himself from his chef to tend to his (terribly needy) fiancée. When he finally opened the door, he was greeted with Elizabeth's downtrodden face. Her cheeks were stained with tears, though Ciel couldn't imagine why. Ever since they began planning for the wedding, he had catered to her every desire; most of which were absolutely ridiculous.

"What is it Elizabeth?" the boy said, trying for all the world to sound concerned.

"It's my gown. . . I hate it. It's not cute at all!" she whimpered, before breaking down into tears again. Ciel cringed.

"Is that all? Commission a new one then. We've still got time," he assured, gripping her lightly by the shoulders to calm her.

"Really?! Oh, Ciel, thank you!" she screamed, pulling him into a tight hug. He found his face buried in her full, golden curls. Though he did have to admit they smelled heavenly, he didn't particularly enjoy being blinded by masses of hair. He pulled away, gently; wearing a smile that would have fooled even himself.

"Go on then, why don't you send word to Nina. Certainly she would do a lovely job designing a gown for you," he suggested. Elizabeth seemed to ponder his suggestion with mild distaste. Like most women, she found Nina to be incredibly inappropriate and off-putting. But she couldn't say that the seamstress wasn't good at what she did.

"Alright, goodbye darling!" she screamed as she ran off down the hall, her bright orange gown billowing behind her. Ciel sighed, resigning himself to his fate. As long as Elizabeth was around, he was sure to be short of money. . .

He strolled casually through the manor, in an attempt to take his mind off of his troubles. He found this task much simpler once he entered the foyer and discovered he was due a visitor today; one that he actually welcomed.

There, being clumsily assisted by the Phantomhive house maid, stood the manager of the London branch of the Funtom Company. He had come to offer the weekly progress report, and more than likely, (as he usually did) a friendly ear as well.

"Sebastian, should I be expecting bad news?" Ciel asked, only being half serious.

"Good afternoon to you as well, Ciel," the man replied with a smirk. He had taken to addressing his superior by his given name a couple years ago. Given their regular contact with one another, it simply felt more natural.

"I was just going to have tea. Would you care to join me?" Ciel offered. It always made Sebastian's day when Ciel asked him to stay for tea. Certain days, the boy was too busy with work or tending to his cousin to spare some time to talk. It was always special when he did. To Ciel, there couldn't have been a better time for a distraction. He desperately needed a reprieve from his invasive fiancée.

"That sounds lovely," Sebastian said, pleasantly sliding his hands behind his back. The two retired to the atrium, where they often had tea together. For lack of anything better to speak of; Sebastian decided to ask the Earl of his most recent worries.

"How are the wedding plans coming along?" Ciel groaned at the question, though he was sure he hadn't meant to.

"I'd rather not discuss it," he replied, clearly a bit defeated. Sebastian gave him a sympathetic smile, one that Ciel didn't even notice, due to his preoccupation with a crack on the floor.

"Do you even wish to marry Lady Elizabeth, Ciel? It seems as though you have been dreading this wedding for years," Sebastian ventured. The Earl sighed.

"I do. Elizabeth will make a fine wife," he explained, "I do admit, I'm not very compatible with her. But I make her happy, that's all that matters."

"Certainly her happiness isn't the only thing that matters to you," Sebastian urged.

"A proper English gentleman should only be concerned with the contentment of his Lady. As far as a suitable wife is concerned, Elizabeth is perfect. She's not much for conversation, but I have you to fill that void," Ciel concluded.

"Indeed," Sebastian chuckled, taking a sip of his tea. Ciel followed suit, relishing in the comforting warmth of his most treasured drink. Somewhere in that comfort, his mind found a thought that had been lurking about in his head for some time; a kiss. More specifically, a kiss from Sebastian.

He wondered what it might be like. Just entertaining the thought was terribly improper and absolutely ridiculous, especially so near to his own wedding. But it was a persistent thought that he simply couldn't escape.

"Why haven't you taken a wife yet, Sebastian? You certainly have a sufficient amount of charm and money to woo a fine woman," Ciel pondered aloud. Sebastian seemed taken a bit off his guard by the sudden inquiry.

"I've not found the time," he replied, sounding quite unsure.

"I see. Do you not wish to marry?" Ciel persisted.

"Not really, to be honest. I find marriage a bit tedious and unnecessary," the raven admitted, taking another casual sip of tea.

"It's quite necessary if you wish to carry on your bloodline," Ciel added.

"I suppose. If you're interested in that sort of thing," Sebastian chuckled. Once again, Ciel followed suit; allowing himself to laugh lightly at his employee's amusing proclamation.

The entire conversation had been Ciel's way of gauging Sebastian's interest in women. Although it didn't exactly give him much information, he had enough to know that he wouldn't be taking too big a risk. Sebastian's entire future depended solely on pleasing him. That being the case, Ciel felt completely safe exhibiting any sort of behaviour in front of his dear raven.

With absolute confidence and an unwavering resolve, Ciel stood and walked casually over to Sebastian, who remained seated and very confused.

"As you know all too well, Sebastian, I am very accustomed to getting exactly what I want," Ciel purred, tilting the raven's head back with his lace clad fingers.

"I do know this," Sebastian moaned, wearing a faint blush, "Is there something you want from me, Lord Phantomhive?" The sarcasm wasn't lost on Ciel, but he was far too engrossed in his task to care.

Rather than grace him with an answer, the teen leaned down to claim the man's tempting lips. He found, once their lips touched, that they were worth every bit of temptation they enticed. It was all the more gratifying when the crafty raven wrapped his arms around the Earl, pulling the boy onto his lap. It was incredible, Ciel thought, how during this rather long awaited kiss, time did indeed seem to slow. He had assumed that only happened in fiction. But sure as the sun set in the evening, the sweet bliss that was Sebastian's embrace lingered for, what seemed to be, forever.

When, finally, it did end; Ciel found himself breathless. Elizabeth's lips, he noted regrettably, were no contest to Sebastian's. Meanwhile, the raven was lost in a Heaven all his own. One far greater than anything he'd ever imagined. It took all he had in him to come back down to Earth. But come back down he did, after a couple minutes. Only to be delighted and horrified to find Ciel still straddling his lap.

"Oh, dear. What would your lovely fiancée think of that display?" Sebastian finally gasped, trying to hide the smirk that threatened to emerge.

"I don't intend for her to find out," Ciel mumbled, wrapping his arms around Sebastian's neck. He only hoped that the man enjoyed that exchange as much as it seemed he did. Should he decide to tell his wife about it, he would certainly be ruined.

"My lips are sealed," Sebastian assured, "but don't you feel a trifle guilty?"

"Should I feel guilty about finding pleasure in something? Besides, I've not yet made any promises to God. . . Even when I do, it's no concern of mine. I have no need for anything as trivial as the belief in a deity," Ciel explained. It was clear to Sebastian that he was very much serious.

"So, am I to assume this will be a regular occurrence during my visits?" Sebastian wondered. Ciel gave him an incredulous smirk, one which made the man want to claim the Earl's lips once more.

"Do you even need to ask?"

"I suppose not," Sebastian laughed, "Should I be expecting this to stop after your wedding day?" Ciel scowled.

"Weren't you listening to me? I see no reason to feel guilty about finding pleasure in someone, as Elizabeth does with me. It's only fair," the boy proclaimed. Sebastian, abandoning all reason, reached up to stroke his butterfly's beautiful cheek.

"And what will you do when just my lips are no longer enough?" he ventured. Ciel smirked, glaring at his raven through seductive cerulean eyes.

"I am the master of games, Sebastian. I find that the rules are best made up as you go."

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