Written for the Artist's Competition! Obviously, I'm no JKRowling. But I hope ya'll enjoy!

Nowhere To Go, Nowhere To Be

In between chapters we take another shot.
And one by one we slide from reality,
With nowhere to go, and no where to be...

Hermione tossed her hair back, leaning against the railing. Looking out, she smiled, taking in the beautiful sight. The bright blue ocean gleamed beneath the boat, rocking the boat slightly.

She didn't know the ocean could look so beautiful. The water surrounding England was dirty and murky, while this water was crystal clear. She wanted to dive in and swim around.

Chuckling, she sat down on a beach chair, pulling out a cigarette. She lit it the Muggle way, quickly taking a puff.

Hermione Granger never imagined her life would be like this. But yet, here she was, cruising around the Caribbean on a cruise ship.

After the War, Hermione and Ron had started dating immediately. Six months later, they were engaged. Hermione, usually one to over think anything, barely gave their relationship any real thought. They were married a year later.

To say their marriage was a disaster would be an understatement. Ron had started drinking, and would often resort to violence. Hermione put up with it for two more years, but by then, she was sick of it. She had had enough. Putting her foot down, she told him to quit the bottle, or else she'd be gone.

Well, Ron chose wrong. Not on purpose, of course, but by doing something so idiotic, it even surprised Hermione.

He had gone to the bar, even though she had given him the ultimatum. Well, he drunkenly decided to bring some tart home, knowing fully that Hermione was there.

A few hexes later, Hermione had stormed out. She quickly filled the divorce papers, and was now a single woman.

Twenty-two years old. She should be in the prime of her life, not the slums. Inhaling from the cigarette, she sighed. She had a stupid job at the Ministry, sorting files for Kingsley. She hated it and was planning on quitting as soon as possible.

After things finalized with Ron, she had immediately book the trip, leaving the next day. She didn't want to be around the Weasley's or any other wizards or witches. She just wanted to be alone in a crowded place.

They days had begun to blur together, and she felt so useless in her life. Hermione was the brightest witch of her age! She needed to do something, change the world, not be someone's secretary.

So she decided it was time to try her hand at being a free spirit, with no obligations, no rules. To be able to go wherever, whenever, regardless of anyone else's opinion: that would be heavenly.

Hermione quickly finished her cigarette. Taking one last look at the ocean, she went back inside her room. Maybe going out and drinking would be what she needed tonight.

A small smirk appeared on her face, and she quickly changed into a dress. It was simple, rather old ladyish, but classy. Pulling on her pearl necklace, she checked herself in the mirror. The wind had given her curls a windswept look, making it seem like a lot of effort and hairspray had gone into it.

Smiling, she made her way towards one of the bars.