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Timeline: Between Season 5 and 6 of Buffy and pre series of the Pokemon anime series.

Andrew and Jonathon were arguing over which version of James Bond was the best and Warren's eye was twitching, Andrew was alright but he didn't have the magic that Jonathon had and they were drawing an audience.

Warren suddenly yelled out, "Damn it Andrew, I wish you weren't here, I wish you were somewhere more to your liking and we won't have to see you again for a long time!"

A quiet, "Done," was heard and Andrew disappeared, a woman walked out of the shadows smirking and said, "Thank you sweetie, I was waiting for someone to make that wish for me."

Jonathon squeaked out, "Warren, a vengeance demon!"

She walked towards them and said, "Well, he's going to be happy, de-aged but really happy and hey, he will have a better life," She looked at them and said, "See you later."

In Pallet Town Delia Ketchum was moaning; her stupid husband, bless his soul, was on his Pokémon journey, she was clenching her teeth as Professor Oak was rushing her to the hospital as she just had to go to labour now.

"Now, now," Professor Oak said, "Delia, keep calm and breathe."

She looked at him and said, "I am breathing Sam, just get me to the hospital!"

The orderlies took her in once they saw the frazzled woman carrying the older man, who had collapsed on the way in and said, "Please help."

Professor Oak woke up in a bed, jumped up and said "Delia." He ran out only for a nurse to come over and said, "Professor, your daughter is alright."

"Oh, she's not my daughter but," Professor Oak frowned, "She is close, is she alright?"

"Yes, would you like to see her and the babies?" The nurse asked, "Or do you need to rest?"

"I'm fine," He said as she led him to a room and saw Delia smiling as she held two blue blankets, she smiled tiredly and waved him over.

"Two babies?" Oak whispered in shock, "I thought we were dealing with one here?"

"I did too," Diana said, "But look at the second one."

Oak picked the fussing baby up and saw blue eyes and blonde hair, he said, "Now this is odd Delia, I know you would never have cheated on your husband."

Delia sighed as she took back the baby and said, "If you remember my dad had blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm going to name him after dad and his brother is being named after my uncle."

"Ah," Oak said looking at the baby and said, "Andrew Ketchum and Ash Ketchum, I can't wait to see them in my classes and if they're anything like their father they'll be incredible trainers but if you need any help," Oak said, "I'll be here for you."

She smiled and cradled both her baby boys close to her and mused, she had a family now.

She held both babies and said, "You're both going to be great trainers I bet."


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