A/N I present to you the second and final chapter. :3 Sorry if it's a bit shorter than the first chapter, I did my best to make it as long as I could.

The two men stood around rather awkwardly for what seemed like years. Light had both his hands in his pockets, and
he was staring blankly at the ground. L also had both hands in his pockets, but unlike Light, he was looking all over, trying to figure out what should be done next.

Even though it was crystal clear that they were soul mates, they each felt as if their feelings needed to be confessed, as if it wasn't real until it was spoken. A rather difficult task, considering they still weren't quite sure how to explain how they felt when they were alive, which was to be expected. Since the two had always been working against each other, it's natural to assume that any feelings of affection for the other would have been automatically denied by their mind.

Light couldn't bear the silence any longer. Even though he hadn't thought out what he would say yet, he needed to speak, to break the silence.

"Ryuzaki, I-"

He was cut off by L, who had obviously knew just what he wanted to say to his soul mate.

"Light, I do believe I love you."

Light had already figured that this was coming, but imagining it and actually hearing it are two completely different things. This would have surely been the last thing L would have ever said had they still been in the world of the living. Here, surrounded by no one but Light, he could openly think and confess what he'd wanted to say for so long. Light
was still somewhat shocked by the words, yet accepted them and spoke in return.

"Ryuzaki, ever since I actually met you, I've always felt a connection with you. You're the first person that's ever seemed to match my intelligence. I denied any feelings for you, telling myself that it was a crazy idea to even like you. After you died, I couldn't help but feeling bored. It took many sleepless nights to realize that I missed you, and I
finally accepted that I.. I love you too, Ryuzaki."

The dark haired man smiled upon hearing this. For once, he didn't have to question whether Light was telling a lie to toy with his emotions or not. He couldn't have asked for anything more than what he had right now. The satisfaction of solving his most difficult case, hearing from the man he loved that his feelings were returned, and on top of it all, getting to spend forever with him. He was truly happy at this moment.

"You don't know how I've longed to hear that." L seemed as if his eyes were watering in the slightest. Tears of joy, no doubt, if truly tears at all.

Light moved closer to the other man until their bodies were only inches apart. L looked up at the brunette with curious eyes, wondering what he was going to do next. Suddenly, Light wrapped his arms around his partner and pulled him into an embrace, all in one quick motion. Light carefully ran his fingers through L's hair, taking everything in. He wanted
to remember every detail of this moment, and judging by the way he felt just then, he was sure that he would.

A tear slipped down Light's cheek. He truly was sorry for everything he put the detective through. If he were given a second chance, he would have given up ownership of the Death Note for good. His regret would do him no good, he needed to apologize.

"Ryuzaki, I'm so sorry, for everything."

He pulled L even closer, in which L responded by pulling away just enough to look up at Light.

"I've already forgiven you."

Upon hearing this, Light felt a sense of relief.

The slightly older man spoke once more.

"But.. Promise me one thing."

"Of course." Light felt willing to do anything for him.

"Promise me that we can stay like this, together..forever."

Light thought this was an odd request, it seemed to him as if his commitment was already obvious. He took L's chin in between his thumb and his first finger, tilting the detective's head upward, and then kissing him. It only lasted a second, but it seemed to last for hours. He pulled L close again, his head against his chest, in an almost protective manner.

"For eternity."