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Chapter One

My name is Marco.

And that weekend was supposed to be fun. It would have been, too, if I hadn't read the newspaper.

I normally don't. I mean, who wants to read when you can watch all the news on TV? But I did. I don't know why.

There was a big article about some guy named Artemis Fowl. You might have heard about him. He's supposed to be responsible for a number of great crimes. And he's just seventeen, no exaggeration.

But that's not what the article said. Artemis Fowl was supposed to be seventeen, but he was just fourteen.

That confused me. Three years ago, back when everything was nice and normal, the same Artemis Fowl (I mean, can there be another?) had gone missing without a trace. He'd been fourteen when he disappeared.

Now he had returned, but while the whole world had moved forward, he hadn't. I know, he looks like a vampire, but that doesn't mean he'll become immortal all of a sudden.

The only physical difference was his eyes. From both blue, they were now one blue and one hazel. Is that even possible?

Now, you might be wondering why someone hadn't investigated or something. So let me make a few facts clear here.

One, the Fowls is a powerful criminal empire. Artemis Fowl the Second is its heir and already a juvenile criminal mastermind. To be honest, though the Fowls haven't been quite like criminals lately.

Two, Artemis Fowl has a bodyguard with the highly unlikely name of Butler. The name is crazy, but we're not exactly sane here, either. But you don't want to get in Butler's way.

Three, Artemis Fowl is, like, a genius. I'm not kidding. Anyone dumb enough to question him against his wishes will need to visit the psychiatrist later.

And four, Artemis Fowl lives in Ireland. So all the details wouldn't reach here anyway, or maybe they would. See, I won't tell you if I live in Ireland.

I stared at the article for a long while. There was definitely a mystery here. And we had nothing coming up this weekend. Besides, I might just get to meet Artemis Fowl the Second.

"Dad, I'm going to Jake's," I called.