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Chapter Four

"We can't fly all the way," Jake said. "We can't hide in the jet for obvious reasons. And because we're kind of racing with the Yeerks here, we can't go aboard a public plane—to slow."

"Great," I muttered. "Well, what are we going to do, ask Visser Three for a lift? 'Visser, we want to stop you from getting to Artemis Fowl. Can you help us get to Ireland?'"

"Actually," Ax said, "we may not be able to go inside the Yeerks' jet but we can stay outside and keep pace with it."

"That does it. I'm sitting this one out."

"Why, Marco?" Rachel asked with a grin. "Don't you want to meet your hero Artemis Fowl, the rich and famous teenager?"

"Let's face reality here, Rachel. Artemis Fowl is not just a rich and famous teenager; he's also a criminal mastermind. Anyone in his right mind wouldn't want to meet him. Besides, if we survive this war, we'd be rich and famous ourselves. And if we don't… well, there would be no rich and famous humans around."

"Now can we please talk about how to save rich and fa—I mean Artemis fowl?" Jake asked exasperated.

We all became silent.

"All right then. How long do you think it would take to reach Dublin?"

"On a normal earth flight, about eleven to twelve hours," Erek answered.

"WHAT?!" I yelled.

"But with the kind of technology Yeerks have, considerably less. Approximately four hours."

"Is that good or bad?"

"This just gets easier and easier," Rachel muttered.

"Erek," Jake spoke up, "Does anyone in the Chee have some sort of transportation?"

"Sure. Subs, planes, choppers, yachts, you name it, and we have it."

"Even rockets?" I asked.

"We don't use primitive rockets."

"Advanced rockets?"

"No rockets, sorry."

"What's the fastest way?" Jake asked.

Erek thought for a few minutes. "Faster than light?"

"Was that humor?"

"Well, we have motorboats or jet-skis. Faster than earth ones. It'll take us about forty five minutes if we take one of those."

"I vote for motorboat," I piped up.

"Me, too," Cassie agreed.

"I'll go with Prince Jake."

~Motorboat… Do we really have to go through water?~

"Alright," Rachel grumbled. "What's wrong with a jet-ski, though?"

"Um, nothing. Just that it's more uncomfortable."

"Okay, then." Erek gestured to the door of the barn. "We will have to go to the docks."

Ax must have been close to the two-hour limit because he demorphed to his Andalite self, and then morphed right back. If we had to go to the docks, we would have to walk, and an Andalite walking the streets of your town isn't something you see every day.

The docks weren't all that far from Cassie's house, but we took a bus to save time. The motorboat Erek had been talking about looked normal enough, but we knew it wasn't. Not for humans at any rate.

Erek changed his hologram to a forty-year-old fisherman, explaining that it would be better if someone didn't see a kid driving a motorboat into the ocean. But I really don't see how he's a kid, considering he's been on earth for about millennia.

We piled into the boat, Tobias in his human morph, and Erek started. There wasn't much vibration; in fact, it went quite smoothly. Smooth, but so fast.

How do I explain it? Imagine the fastest roller-coaster ride you've ever been in. Now multiply the speed by hundred. Add water spraying you from nearly all sides. And subtract the safety bars.

That's what it was like.

I literally felt as though my skin was going to come loose any second. My teeth were dangerously close to shattering. G-force rippled my clothes and my hair strained at the roots as they were blown back like reeds in a storm. This was like any other disgusting and horrifying morph, only this time Andalite technology could not prevent the agony.

The ride was over in an hour—give or take a few minutes—and none of us had spoken once through for fear of swallowing our teeth and tongue. We crawled out onto the docks, feeling incredibly conspicuous in our pitiful morphing outfits which did nothing to protect us from the chill. It was like being in the North Pole all over again, but slightly warmer.

Only slightly.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating the chilly part, but you try and not complain after a ride on the Roller Coaster from Hell.

I tried to shake off the shivers and concentrated on my mission. All around us were boats and ocean vessels, not very different from the quays and harbors in my hometown. But something was different. Call it a feeling, the atmosphere, or the way people around us were acting. But something was definitely different.

Erek was still in his fisherman's hologram, and I wondered how come people hadn't noticed a motorboat speeding thorough the ocean at a million miles an hour.

"Welcome to the Emerald Isle," Erek said.

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