"I mean it, Lisa, it's all about precision."

Ned Oldham and his half-sister, Lisa, sat in the diner over breakfast as the early morning activities wore on. People were coming and going, going to work and going home, and just busy with their everyday normal routines.

"You tell me that every damn day," Lisa said. "When do I get to actually see it in action?"

"Today," Ned replied. "I am really happy that you wanted to get into this line of work."

"Connie doesn't strike me as one to favor me because she knows you," Lisa said.

"Connie is by-the-book," Ned said. "But she knows when to push the envelope."

"Like the Triple-Seven Incident?," Lisa asked. She remembered watching the news as her brother, who she loved dearly, assisted in the rescue. She had been disappointed that the newsman said "Two heroic men" rather than "three" men. After all, Ned was essential in stopping that train.

"Yeah, she knew we had to stop that thing and quickly," Ned replied.

"I was afraid for all of you," Lisa said. "Since Dad died, you're all I have, Ned."

"What about Kevin?," Ned asked. "You're getting married soon."

"Ned, you know what I mean," Lisa replied.

"Yeah, I do," Ned said. "You're the best sister one could have."