This story has no relation at all to any other story I have ever written.

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When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue

Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true




Chapter 1

A Different Kind of Magic

The weight sitting on Harry's chest was almost more than he could handle. All he wanted to do was sit and stare out of the window. He didn't want to be with anyone, not that he ever wanted to be with his aunt and uncle anyways but right now he didn't even want the company of his two best friends, not even Hedwig was given a warm welcome now a days. It felt like a cement block had settled down and taken root deep within him.

He was gone. His Godfather, the closest thing to a parent he had ever known was gone. Sirius would never smile at him again, never give him reckless advice, he would never be there again. He was gone, it was final, Harry had no one. With his thoughts so incredibly low, it was no wonder that he didn't dare believe the letter that Dumbledore had sent, informing him of his early departure from Privet Drive. Besides not believing it, he wasn't sure that he even wanted to go with him. He was undoubtedly taking him to the Burrow, where he would be fawned over and doted upon by Mrs. Weasley. Ron and probably Hermione would be there at every turn, asking about the prophesy and wanting to talk about what happened at the ministry. He wasn't ready to handle that, he didn't want to face it at all.

So here he sat staring out at the endlessly inky black sky, looking at the sparks of light the shone from the stars above. He remembered the stories that his teachers from primary school had read him and he wished that he could live in those magical worlds. Where he could make a wish on a star and it would come true. Where he could just close his eyes and think about the people that cared about him and be transported to them. He didn't even care if it meant he was dead, he just wanted them. He couldn't face being alone anymore. But he couldn't face the people in his life that had everything he did not, either. He needed that different kind of magic, the kind that really didn't exist.

He had spent all night thinking about his godfather. So, the act he did next came naturally. He struck out on a purely insane (seeing as there were countless death eaters and a maniac after him), a spontaneous, and reckless journey. He threw all of his things into his trunk, he locked Hedwig into her cage, against her will, and strapped her to the top of the trunk, and he hoisted his firebolt up under his arm. None of the Dursleys said a word to him as they watched him leave the house in the dead of night. The thought that a murderous criminal was after him was a moot point.

He turned to take one last look and said quietly. "Dumbledore is picking me up later tonight, tell him I will be in Godric's Hollow." and he walked out of the door.

Upon reaching the edge of the street he held his wand out and took a step back as the violently purple knight bus roared to a stop in front of him. An unfamiliar young woman greeted him at the door. Her chestnut hair was pin straight and cut to her chin, her eyes were so brown they were nearly black.

"Welcome to the knight bus, I'm Shanye and I will be your Conductor for this evening." She said sweetly.

"Where's Stan?" he blurted.

"He doesn't work on here anymore." She replied, sounding mildly insulted. "Did you need a ride, or were you just wantin Stan?"

"Oh, er, I-I need a ride to Godric's Hollow please." He stammered climbing onto the bus and depositing money into her hand.

He glanced at Ernie the driver once and decided that he would rather be alone than have conversation so he climbed the stairs and found a bedpost that was at the far front with no one around it.

Sleeping on the knight bus was impossible, it would have been under any circumstance but when your mind was reeling with thoughts it made it moreso. His mind kept reliving the moment that Sirius fell through the veil, the days that followed where finally everyone believed him, but now it didn't even seem to matter, Sirius was free, he was a free wizard and it didn't matter because he was a dead free wizard. He could have finally gone to live with him and now he couldn't because he was dead, like everyone else who really loved Harry.

His mind was so wrapped up in these thoughts that he didn't notice the time passing and he didn't even notice them arrive at his stop. It wasn't until Shanye came to tell him they were there that he registered anything. It was when he stepped off the bus and it disappeared that he realized he hadn't thought this through at all. All he had been hoping for was to see his parents' graves and to see the house that he had last known family. But he hadn't thought of where he was to stay once he got here, how was he supposed to eat, it wasn't like he could use magic, he was still underage. This might have been a very bad decision on his part.

Knowing that it was too late to change that now, he walked forward into the quaint little town. The first thing he noticed was the huge war memorial that stood in the center of the square. As he walked closer it began to change, he found himself staring at his father and mother and unbelievably himself as an infant, immortalized in stone. He stood for several moments and just stared at it. Wondering why people would want to come look at this, why was his family worth this when so many others had given everything to defeat Voldemort too and they were not remembered this way. He let his eyes wander past the memorial and saw the cemetery a short ways off. He grasped the end of his trunk and drug it behind him, he really wished he could magic it to be feather light, but he didn't need another trial right now.

He walked on towards the graves that stood in the heat of the summer night before him. He reached the kissing gate and sat on his trunk for a moment, needing time to take a break. He sat for a moment before again lifting the end of his trunk and walking the rows of headstones. He read out names, some familiar, like Abbot or Prewitt, Longbottom, to his surprise even Dumbledore. He found himself wondering if the two that were buried there were related to his headmaster. It was eerie being in the cemetery at night, alone, but he felt as if the first time he was here he should be alone, he needed to see them by himself.

It took another 15 minutes before he wandered onto their grave. His arms were burning from pulling the trunk by now so when he saw their names he instantly sat it down beside himself. He dropped to his knees on the thick grass that covered the earth. He didn't realize he was even crying until he felt his tears hit his hands.

Unadultered grief washed over him, it was a feeling he had never allowed himself to feel before, the pain of losing his parents, and now the pain of losing his Godfather, the closest thing to a father or family he had ever known. Every loss that he had ever felt fell upon him in that moment, his parents, Cedric, Sirius, the childhood he should have had rather than the one he did have. All of it fell onto his shoulders in that moment and he fell forward onto the headstone and wept like only a child crying for their parents does.

He did not notice the stars shining above, he did not notice how alone and exposed he was. At that moment what he noticed was the pain he felt deep within. As his tears poured from his eyes and seeped into the very ground his parents were laid to rest under he cried out to them for the first time he could remember.

"I just want to be with you, is that so much to ask? Just take me, keep me safe, hold me, keep me there with you. I just wish I could be with you."

A crack resounded through the night air and when Harry opened his eyes he found himself sitting on a bare expanse of grass in pitch darkness.