Apparently I left some open questions and there are several of you I can't PM answers to so here are the most asked questions to clear it up…

How could Brooke marry Regulus after being with Harry?

When Harry died it was Regulus who comforted her, he was her friend, he had become part of Harry's group, she leaned on him. After time things grew. It makes sense, Harry liked Brooke because she was so like Ginny. Harry and Regulus were very similar they had a lot of the same qualities, she would have found comfort in that and made it easy to be together and fall in love.

What happened to Pete?

He was killed when an unexpected complication (FUTURE HARRY) showed up. Voldemort touched his arm and sent the signal, Malfoy killed him before he could run. Evertime he passed info Harry or the order jammed it up (that was a change from the original story) b/c they knew Pete would pass it. Voldemort had grown tired and irritated with it and stopped it.

However he died a hero in his friends' and Harry's eyes, that is why Sirius' son is named Pete.

What happened to Snape?

The same thing that originally happened. He hd already been vouched for by Dumbledore, he returned to the school and continued to teach potions. Nothing changed.

Will Remus have Teddy?

I would assume so….I didn't write that far so I have no idea.

What will happen to Harry at Hogwarts?

Somehow I think this is a ploy to get more chapters or a sequel out of me…..I haven't written it, but I have ideas. I am taking a few weeks, working on Legacy and ATSR and there might be a few fluffull oneshots posted about Harry's childhood based on this story….Likely will be, but they will be separate one shots. I may sequel this but I am torn….That is a lot of writing, 7 years worth! And sooo much will be different, I mean there is no Voldemort or POA….it might be a bit dull don't you think?

Will Harry and Ginny end up together?

Yes, in my head they do end up together, though Lily is right, it is much sooner b/c they will spend more time together as her and Lizzy become friends. She is less shy with him as time goes by making him see her as a girl sooner than originally.

Sirius' wife Amelia….As in Amelia Bones, Fabian's ex girlfriend?

Yup that is the one :) They have two little boys and they are a handful….

What happened to the Grandparents….

I am sorry about this, I meant to put it in the plan unfolds chapter and totally forgot it…I was trying to get it out to you and skipped it entirely…

Anyways, shortly after Harry is born the Potter's are killed when death eater's attack the summer house, thinking that James and Lily would have taken him there to be surrounded by family and lead aurors. (Pete's first false lead) They were overwhelmed and while James saved Harry and Lily his parents were sacrificed.

Lily's parents live until the month following Harry's first birthday. Right after the attack that failed and trapped grown Harry in the house they are killed out of anger, spite, and revenge. No good reason Voldemort is just pissed.

What happened to Petunia? Are there any Dursleys?

Sure there are, they just don't have anything to do with Lily or James. They live happily unaware on Privet drive raising Dudley. No Harry to blight their lives.

What happened to Fabian and Gideon?

They lived. Gideon married Hestia. They are happy. Fabian competed with Sirius in dating as many girls as possible until Sirius married Amelia (which Fabian thought was hysterical) and he began dating Kirsten (one of Sirius' exes from Vday chapter) at the next Potter family Christmas eve party, which James dutifully throws every year. (Sirius was highly amused that after years of competition they end up marrying one of the other's exes) Gideon is a pro quidditch player, Fabian is an auror.

What about Alice, Frank and Neville?

Well, Bellatrix died and Rulolphus kind of lost it when she did, once Voldemort is gone he goes reclusive, without their pressure Barty Crouch never goes after them and they live, happily with their little boy Neville and his three little brothers. They are both aurors (per cannon) and they raise their children together. Neville is much more self assured with his father there to be proud of him and not constantly being compared to something he can't be.

I think that is it. I answered all of them….

Sorry for loose ends. I am glad so many of you enjoyed it!

Thank you again!