Linzey: Welcome to my first Fic. Pan: This fic is another torture Gohan story. Poor Dad Linzey: I know but that shows him how much we like him. Right Readers! Pan: Ok Linzey: Ok my stories' Gohan is very much like teenage Gohan. Except he train and is still the strongest saiyan. Pan & Linzey: Disclaimer time! I/SHE DOESN"T OWN THESE CHARATERS OKAY! Linzey: Ok on with the story. " "taking ( ) thoughts * * saiyan mates talking to each other through their minds ****************************** Day: Friday Time: 2:50 P.M. Place: OHS ********************* Gohan was sitting at his desk waiting for the bell to ring. (Ten more minutes then the weekend) Gohan thought. Mr. Clark cleared his throat. "Students I have an announcement. Next for the whole week we'll be stay at the Capsule Corp. to learn about it and work there. So on Monday bring clothes for the whole week and be here an hour earlier." BBBBRRIIIINNGGGG "That's the bell goodbye and have a good weekend" Almost all the teenagers where all so excided about it except one who was in shock right now and all that was going through his head was (next week is going to be the worst week of his life). ************************ Linzey: How right he is. Pan: Poor Dad. You're not going to torture him too badly. Linzey: No I'm not the readers are. This is an interactive fic where people choose the torture and I write about it. So please review!