"Damnit!" she yelled.

She was in shock and fear. This couldn't be happening, right? The Mistress was pregnant and she knew all too well who the father was. Out of all the people in the world, why did it have to be the Warden? She had lost control that day. She didn't know why. One moment she was herself, the next she lost all control of the world around her. She came to and found herself in bed with Warden. Oh, how she dread that day! She at first thought it was a dream but realized she was nude in the same bed as him. Her whole world shattered that time. She was glad to get out immediately. However she still had that fear. That fear of the risk of having a child.

"Idiot!" she yelled, swooping her arm across the desk and throwing everything off.

Why that damn overgrown child never put on a condom was beyond her. She hated him for that. When she arrived back at Ultraprison, she quickly got herself tested. She didn't know what the Warden did to himself, or if there were others. But thankfully she was clean of any and all STDs. However a few weeks passed and she got nausea, starting throwing up, not feeling well more and more often. Finally her doctor deemed her pregnant. She at first refused to believe this. She took the test many times and they all came up positive. And now she was angry, angry because she never really wanted to have a child and she definitely didn't want it to be from the Warden. But reality can be a bitch sometimes. She could get the child aborted, but she hesitated when that choice came up. She could very well just abort the baby and go back to her duties like nothing happened. Still she didn't want to. It was her child. Still she didn't believe that she would be ready to raise it.

"What to do.." she muttered rubbing her hand against her forehead.

She was stressed by this. She just wanted to strangle The Warden now. But if she would have the child, she could not bear to tell him or her that she killed her father. But then again he was practically an insane killer with a mind of a child. Would that be worse? She sat back on her chair before dozing off.

Meanwhile at Superjail, the Warden was in his office. He was finalizing his newest boredom reliever. Ten inmates, or wait, make that a hundred inmates would go through his newest and greatest invention. A single tunnel would be it, along with electric water, spliced animals, and shifting floors for more tunnels. Hell, it would be a maze of violence. The Warden quickly scratched a single tunnel and started to draw a maze. He would later add some more crazy ideas. Plus, he would soon have lunch with the Doctor to discuss his recent splicing. Oh, how fun it would be!

"JARED!" he yelled.

"Y-yes sir?" came the response.

"I want you to look at this. It's a maze soon to be filled with all kinds of my inventions. I was thinking a hundred inmates, but they may die so how about a thousand?"

"Sir, I don't think that anyone could survive your maze." said Jared

"Why, thank you, Jared."

Jared was about to speak what he really meant but the Warden would be oblivious to it.

"You know spliced animals, electric water, and shifting tunnels aren't enough. No I need something BIG!" he exclaimed.

"What do you think?" he held up a little blue diamond. Inside was Hunter still banging against the glass.

"Haha, don't worry. Alice doesn't know I took you." he whispered.

"Wait! That's it! I got it, Jared! A NEW IDEA!" he yelled

Jared just stood there motionless. He could honestly care less about what the Warden was about to say, but still this was his job. Listening but not caring.

"Since Alice and, um, Hunter hate each other, I have the perfect solution to bring them together. Now, ten thousand inmates-"

"Wait, what happen to a thousand?" asked Jared

"Jared, shut up. Now, ten thousand inmates will be in the center of my maze and must escape Alice and Hunter who will start from opposite sides of the maze. They will slowly kill through the dozens of inmates and Alice and Hunter will realize they have much in common and get along."

"Sir, do you actually believe that ten thousand inmates will make Alice and Hunter get along?" Jared perked an eyebrow.

"You know you're right. Better make it 50,000 inmates!"

"But sir-"

"Not now, it's almost lunch time, and the Doctor has a few surprises for me. Oh, and Jailbot!" he yelled before the robot came crashing through his roof.

The Warden got the blueprints for the maze.

"I need you to build this around the Earth's core."

"The Earth's core?!" yelled Jared.

Somehow, he could never see an end to the Warden's insane fantasies. The robot quickly left, eager to get started.

"You know, Jared, we need to have an audience."

"I'm sure we can fill the seats with inmates-"

"Nah, we need more than inmates. We need some more people, like peers."

"Like Ultraprison?" asked Jared. It was really the only prison that came toe to toe with Superjail.

"Puff, like I'm inviting her to my Superjail."

"Well then, we could invite some Wardens from New York."

"What? No, those people run their prisons so plain and boring. Find and send the invites to Ultraprison. I'll be surprised if they actually come." he said.

Still he was wondering. He could freak out the Mistress out with the maze. And it'd be even greater to have her inmates in the maze. Another bet?

"JARED! I want those invites sent right away!" he yelled.

"This could be fun." he muttered to himself.