The Warden, the Mistress, Anais, NOVA, and the college students all entered the circus together.

Tobias, Reba and Yulia and some of the other diverse youngsters sat on the left side with the gay married inmates Jean and Paul, the serial rapist, the druggie Seth Jones, the zoophile Leif Asgard, the pedophile Hawke Nathanson, and the Venezuelan sniper Manuel Martinez. On the right side sat Warden and Mistress at the very top like usual while below them were more inmates and the rest of the youngsters, including the Native American Keira. While Mistress had on her oversized raspberry tunic, pink shades and gladiator sandals, Warden had on a red top hat with a yellow band and a tiger lily attached to it. His suit was the same kind of colors as the hat, except for the dress-shirt which was the same color as his regular kind. His shades were the same as his regular kind as well, only these were of a much lighter hue. Anais was forced to sit next to the expectant couple so they could watch her at all times. More than anything, this felt like looking after one of their own children and they could certainly use the practice now.

One of the college students, an enthusiastic eighteen-year-old Taiwanese girl named Kayley who was partially deaf, got out her mini-camcorder and started to record the circus as it began.

"Hello, viewers!" Kayley shouted. "My name is Kayley Chang and I've got a wonderful thing to show you all! My friends and I are at a circus where mutant animals, a flame-wheel, inmates, and a woman's interpretation on Jareth the Goblin King are the real entertainers! Emphasis on real!"

"Hey, Kayley." Reba interjected. "Could you keep it down? I know you can't hear very well, but people are trying to watch."

"No problem!" Kayley replied.

Out came Alice and she once again performed her hypnotizing ritual with her metal ball in front of the audience, specifically the men.

"Wait...this is the Goblin Queen?" Ezekiel Abraham, a twenty-year-old Protestant Christian man, asked in a hushed tone to Reba.

"Why not? She's got the metal ball." Reba answered him.

"But there's something in her dress that drives me nuts. Look at that bulge right there."

"So what? It's probably a tampon or something."

"Wait a minute. No, it's not."

At that moment, Reba and Ezekiel witnessed Alice getting a boner from waving her metal ball in front of one of their peers, a jocky twenty-one-year-old man named Edmund Winter. Ezekiel was so sick with disgust that he puked into Manuel's lap. Manuel felt so angry and humiliated at being puked on that he grabbed Ezekiel by the shoulders. He threw him so hard onto the ground that Ezekiel broke his neck and died instantly.

"Good boy, Manny." Alice accoladed. "That should teach him to have a little bit more respect."

Manuel blushed with surprise and hugged Alice's neck.

"Okay then..." Reba said uncomfortably.

"Wow! That was awesome!" Kayley shouted. She had been recording all that on her camcorder and was still recording.

When Alice's performance came to a close, next came the Hunter in her giant bubble. She began her act by tumbling around in the plastic sphere. The audience members, except for the expecting couple and Anais, sat there confused by what they were just witnessing.

"This is taking too long!" Edmund shouted after about seven minutes. "I want to see dancing now!"

The jock took out an unused steel thermos.

"Edmund, no!" Kayley yelled in a desperate plea.

"Shut up, bitch!" Edmund yelled back.

He threw the thermos at Hunter's head, immediately provoking her. She tore through her bubble and pounced at the jock.

"Oh my God!" Reba screamed. "Do something!"

Edmund tried to pull Hunter off, but she grabbed his head and tore it right off along with his spine and spinal cord. She didn't stop there, however. One of the college students pulled the sequins off the blonde woman, further provoking her. She slashed out at the others and jumped around. At some point, Manuel's rifle went off and a few people fell dead. When the remaining audience members stepped back, Hunter, a pale girl wearing all black, Seth, Hawke, an Indian girl wearing a mismatching colored attire and the serial rapist were all laying together, immobile and in a growing pool of blood.

"Keira!" Kayley shouted from across the left side. "That blonde lady just got shot!"

"No!" Warden cried dramatically. "Not Hunter!"

Upon seeing Hunter's fresh corpse, Warden had to delay the next act for a few minutes so Jailbot could clean off the blood and dispose the bodies. After all that was over, a pair of normal-appearing camels came out and began to dance merrily. A few seconds later, Jasmine Klover, River Snake, and the silver tuxedoed gentleman himself came out holding the giant bubble wand together.

Jasmine and River were wearing much skimpier versions of Bruce's outfit and had sparkly face paint. The only difference in the face paint was that Jasmine's was of a golden color and River's was a metallic chartreuse.

"Hooray! Now this is going to be awesome!" Kayley shouted upon seeing the three fancy-dressed performers.

All three of the performers waved the giant bubble wand around, producing many spectacular giant bubbles that even Mistress was astonished to see. However, these were not ordinary bubbles as the audience members would soon learn. These giant floating spheres shapeshifted on their own, merged and divided, and even came with flashing lights that fortunately were not enough to blind anyone.

To add more to the fantastic display, the camels were dancing around the bubbles, grunting with delight.

Without warning, Warden abruptly announced "Okay, I think I've seen enough now!"

"What are you doing? They were just warming up!" Mistress protested.

"I know, but I want to spare everyone the boredom. Jailbot!"

The tombstone-shaped robot with the green pixelated face presented himself in front of his daddy.

"Jailbot, bring Alice back out here! I want to see her move her ball again." Warden commanded.

"What?!" Bruce shouted. "You can't be serious."

Jailbot ignored that and brought Alice out onto the arena anyway.

"The hell?" Alice asked upon seeing Bruce, the two ladies, and the camels. "What are you doing out here?"

"Performing until Warden told that pile of junk to get you." Bruce sneered.

"In that outfit? I don't think so."

"Don't you dare say that about the Silverman!" River Snake shouted defensively.

Alice went ahead and punched the Native American in the stomach before throwing her at the tuxedoed sir.


River got up and ran as fast as she could anyway before the two transsexuals collided and tumbled around on the ground. Jasmine tried to stay out of it but found herself kicking the Goblin Queen across the face. The Persian German woman couldn't let herself go and was thrown out onto Jared, who had just been coming out to see what all the commotion was about.

"Now this is interesting." Warden said, leaning closer to see who would win even though he already knew who the winner was.

Finally after twenty minutes of fighting, the Silverman and the Goblin Queen got up and got physical near a pillar. Without any foreshadowing, Alice felt herself getting a really hard punch to the dick and stumbled backward into the pillar. The marble column made its slow descent down across to the right side of the audience.

"Timber!" Warden shouted in a drawn-out manner as the pillar was falling.

"My name is Timber!" a random inmate in the audience shouted before being fatally crushed, alongside several other audience members, by the pillar.

Except for the Warden of course, everyone else in the audience was shocked at the gruesome sight. The Mistress had actually fainted moments after the pillar smashed part of the audience to death.

"Oh, Alice!" Warden shouted flirtatiously. "Look what you did!"

"Shut up..." Alice quietly muttered as she lied on the ground.

The surviving audience members gathered around Mistress out of concern that she may've been overwhelmed by what was all happening at once.

"Is she okay?" Keira asked her quiet brunette friend Penny.

Penny shrugged.

"Maybe she needs mouth-to-mouth?" one of the college students, a twenty three-year-old playboy, asked.

"Hey, that's my job!" Warden shouted. He then leaned over to Mistress's face.

"Hold on. She's coming around." Anais said.

The Mistress did come to and was pulled up to her feet by her two escorts.

"Oh... I must've swooned." Mistress sounded dreamily.

"Is the little one alright?" Warden asked out of concern.

"I think so." Mistress answered.

Out of the blue, she felt a strong cramp slithering its way down her abdomen.

"Are you okay?" Anais asked out of concern.

"I think so. It must be cramps..." Mistress assured her. She then sat back down.

Then another cramp hit and another. And another. And another. Each came at a three-minute interval.

"Do you want a bubble bath? It might help you mellow out." Warden said.

"So you have been reading the book?" Anais asked.

Mistress then got up and grabbed Warden by his dress-shirt collar.

"Listen here, Tuxedo Mask!" she seethed at him.

"Heh heh. It's funny because it's not me." Bruce smirked at Alice.

"In too much say anything..." Alice winced.

"I'm fine. It's just cramps, okay?!" Mistress yelled. "I don't need you to treat this like I really am in labor. So do me a favor and butt out-"

A splashing sound, like water hitting solid metal, could be heard and Warden and Anais now looked at each other with fright. Mistress fell to the ground upon feeling another cramp and became immobile with agonizing pain. It was then that she finally accepted that she was indeed going into labor. She then screamed from the bottom of her throat.

"Uh, sir..." Anais nervously sounded. "I think it's time..."

"Suddenly, I'm not so sure I want to continue the circus today." Warden dubiously shared. "How could you possibly top a woman knocking over a pillar and killing several members of your audience?"

"Not for another circus act, you idiot." Mistress seethed. "She meant time to have the baby."

Within minutes, Warden fainted.