Malki stretched out his hand invitingly. Normally, I would I would be hesitant, but after that week, I felt completely certain with going with the angel, if though we just met. I grabbed his hand, and in a moment, light flashed and all I could see was white.

Soon, the white faded, and before me was a breathtaking sight. I stood on what seemed to be a cloud, yet felt as solid as stone. Before me was large golden gate ornamented with the most beautiful shimmering pearls I have ever seen. Just beyond the gate were blocks upon blocks of houses, mansions, and buildings, all made of precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, bronze, inlaid with precious stones, ruby, sapphire, topaz, pearl, emerald, and diamond, and all these constructions set against a beautiful light blue sky.

The roads were solid gold. There were no street signs, and, stranger yet, people can be seen exiting their homes and walking towards the street, but when the touch the gold, the disappear leaving nothing but traces of yellow, orange, and golden blur. Around the entire city was a beautiful light show similar to the auroras yet more vibrant and colorful. When I thought the view could not get any better, the floor (where there was no road, building, or cloud) was the cosmos – a breathtaking canvas dotted with stars, nebulas, and galaxies.

Before I could as much as believe the view, Malki tapped my shoulder, having me snap out of it. He walked closer to the gate, and the closer I got, the more I was overcome with wonder. This is real. Heaven is real. Never before have I experienced a truth this real. If this was really beyond New York, I can ascertain there's more to life than wishing I wouldn't die the next day. He walked towards a person at a podium in front of the gate. The person, if I were to guess, was an angel. He had a similar aura and dignified look that I saw in Malki. He also had a set of avian wings, however, the feathers did not look at all like feathers, but rather, metallic threads connected to metal stems.

This particular angel's armor was more intricate and looked stronger and sturdier. Aside from being a more complete set of armor, it was engraved with designs that looked like dancing fire. On the podium was his helmet. It had ornamental wings on wither side of it and had a beveled gate on its forehead. The most distinguishing characteristic of the angel is a glowing yellow crystal where Malki's blue crystal would be.

"Gabriel!" Malki called out. The angel at the podium looked are way.

"Malki" Gabriel replied, with a small smile. "Is this the man?"

"Yes, this is Gordon. Gordon, this is Gabriel, the guardian archangel."

"Wait a minute," I interjected. "You know me?"

"Of course we do! We've been trying to reach out to you for years, but, like always, there are agents out to lead targets astray"

"I never knew..." All those years of doubt and depending on reason, was that all the work something beyond me? "Malki, if angels are real, that would mean demons are real, right?"

"They are very real, in fact, they are the agents Gabriel spoke of. But enough, we must not delay. Gabriel, if you could be so kind?"

"Yes, of course." He took a metal tablet that was on the podium and faced it towards me. In a flash of light, the tablet trapped a crystal on my chest, like the angels, except it was brown. "That is the Heavenly equivalent of a Visitor's pass."

"Wait, so I'm not here to stay? I thought I'm dead for good."

"Oh, you are. In your world, anyway."


Malki chuckled and said, "Everything will be clear in due time."

We went right in front of the gates and Gabriel waved his hand up in the air towards the gates. Then they opened slowly and majestically. The sight was so grand, it might have been to be appropriate to hear an angelic choir singing as it opened. As it opened, I was able to fully appreciate Heaven's city. At the heart of the city was a large, golden tower. It may look like it was built with the exact same materials as the rest, but there was an aura about it that felt different.

Malki said, "Gabriel, you can take it from here." Then he turned to me and said with a smile, "Nice to meet you, Gordon." He stretched out his golden wings and folded them in a streamline-like fashion. With that, he ran over to the road, jumped off, and disappeared in a golden blur, much like the humans' but not quite. Other angels flew, but the humans would walk in an orange blur, so I decided to approach the road to do the same.

Angels flew while the humans walked in an orange blur. I approached the road to do the same when Gabriel stopped me.

"You won't get there till next year if you travel on foot"

"Well, how about Malki?"

"First of all, he was flying, and second, only the humans who've earned the right to live here can properly use its roads."

"Okay, you lost me there, how is Malki..."

"He's different. All your questions will soon be answered. Now, are you ready."

"More than ever."

"Then clench up."

He unfolded his wings and stretched out. His wing span was incredibly wide; it must have been more than 3 times his height. After he prepped them, he folded them slightly, as if to imitate a plane, and he ran towards me. Before I could flinch, he reached out for my torso and carried me into soaring flight. It was like nothing I could have ever dreamed of. As we sailed above the city, I could see the inhabitants better. They were all wearing smiles. And I'm not talking about burst-of-happiness or I'm-about-to-laugh kind of smiles. These were genuine I'm-happy-and-content smiles and they all had them, very much unlike back home.

As we approached the citadel we were heading towards, I got more nervous. It's not everyday you get to meet the All-Powerful Being you convinced yourself wasn't real, but nervous or not, I've put this out for far too long. It's time to face the future.