This is just another story I came up with. It has multiple chapters which have all been written. I just need to go through and edit them to make sure it all makes sense.

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The morning sun was making its way through the blinds and onto the bed causing Rick Castle to stir from his sleep. He reached over to snuggle into the woman sleeping next to him only to find the bed empty. And judging by the cold sheets, it was like she hadn't been there for quite some time.

It was unusual for Beckett to leave without waking him first, so he expected she would be coming round the corner and back into his room within minutes.

She often woke early and did some yoga before going into work. Castle tried to join her a couple of times, but just found that he got distracted watching Beckett which then distracted her and they would both end up doing their own form of yoga back in his bedroom. He liked those mornings, but today, he thought he would let her have the time to herself. He glanced at the clock beside the bed and saw they still had just over an hour before they had to leave for the precinct, unless a body dropped of course.

Castle took his time in waking up, wiping sleep from his eyes. He knew Kate would want a shower after she had finished her yoga so he decided to quickly jump in before she needed it. After a quick shower, he wrapped his robe around himself and went through the door to his room expecting Kate to be waiting for the bathroom. After looking around the room, she was still nowhere to be seen.

"She must be enjoying her morning yoga session today," he thought to himself, deciding to go check on her himself and to say good morning.

The one thing he looked forward to every morning was seeing Kate's smiling face as he gave her a good morning kiss. The mornings they didn't see each other until he reached the precinct were the hardest. Due to Gates not knowing about them, they had to hold out until they left the precinct and they had some privacy. But he didn't have to worry about that today, because Kate stayed with him last night. Their sleepovers had become more and more frequent over the past few weeks. They were together almost every night, and Castle couldn't imagine it being any other way.

He walked out of his bedroom, and into the study and was surprised that he couldn't hear any music or noise. It was only then that he realised something wasn't right. When he made it out of the study his thoughts were confirmed. Kate was not doing yoga. She wasn't there at all.

He went back to his room and realised her clothes she had on the previous day had gone, along with everything that she put on the bedside table. Had she really left without waking him up? He couldn't believe it. He walked over to his phone, there were no messages or missed calls so she must have left him a note somewhere in the loft to tell him where she was going.

Rick made his way into the kitchen and found the note that he had been looking for. But it did not say what he expected it to say. He picked it up and read it to himself.

"Rick, I'm sorry. I can't do this anymore. I need some time to myself. Please don't follow me. Kate"

That was it. No explanation. Nothing. Just a note saying she can't do this. What was "this" exactly? Was she talking about their relationship? He thought it had been going so well, what did she mean she needed time to herself? Had he pushed her too far too fast? He thought she was in the same place as him in this relationship. He always asked her to make sure, and never pushed an issue with her. He couldn't understand where this was coming from. So many questions ran through his mind.

He thought back to the night before. Maybe he had said something. If he did, he couldn't think of what it could be. They had just caught their guy after a long case and were extremely tired. She came home with him to his loft, had a glass of wine, and then went to bed. There were no arguments and she didn't seem distant or anything. Everything seemed fine. So why was she suddenly unsure?

Rick was a worrier, but he was going to follow her wishes. Pushing her would not help so he decided to call the boys at the precinct, and ask them to look out for her, make sure she was okay.

He pulled out his phone and dialed Esposito's number.

"Hey Castle," Esposito answered.

"Hey Javier," Castle responded. "I have a favour to a.."

"A favour?" Esposito interrupted. "Where are you taking Beckett now? What do you need me to keep from Captain Gates this time?"

"I'm not taking Beckett anywhere, I was actually just calling to make sure she was okay. She left me a note this morning and told me not to come in today."

He didn't want to say exactly what was in the note, he just needed to make sure she was ok.

"Beckett's not coming in today. She emailed us this morning and said she was taking a few days off. She needed some personal time. I figured you were taking her somewhere but she couldn't tell Gates."

"No. Javier, she's not with me today. Did she really just say she needed personal time?"


"In the 4 or more years that I've been working with you guys, I have never seen Kate take any personal time off, something must be wrong. Can you go to her apartment, and check on her."

"You don't want to go yourself?"

Castle sighed. It looked like he was going to have to tell Javier more than he wanted to.

"Her note said she needed some time alone, she didn't want me to follow her. I don't want to completely ignore what she asked. So, do you think you could go?"

Javier laughed through the phone. "Sure Castle, we'll go. I think Beckett will be surprised to hear that you are actually doing as she asked for once."

Rick gave a nervous laugh, "yeah, well, thanks Espo."

"No problem. I'll tell you as soon as I know what's up"

With that, the men hung up.

Castle was starting to worry. The woman he loved had gotten up in the early hours of the morning, left his house, leaving him just a very short note and had emailed the precinct saying she wasn't going to be there for a few days. Something was definitely not right. He couldn't just wait for the boys to respond. He decided to call her father.

Rick looked on his phone for Jim Beckett's number, and gave him a call.

Jim answered within just a couple of rings. Castle asked if he had heard from Kate, which he hadn't. He also asked if the dates held any particular memories for her to do with her mum but Jim couldn't think of anything.

After a few minutes of questions, Jim started to get worried himself.

"Richard, where is my daughter? And is she ok?" he asked.

"I don't know sir. She left me a note saying she needed some space, but I'm worried. I've sent the boys to check on her at the apartment. I'm sure everything is fine."

"You'll let me know if something has happened won't you?"

"Of course, Mr Beckett. You'll be the first to know."

"Thank you"

Castle hung up his phone and waited. There wasn't much more he could do. He's called the boys, he's called her father. Neither of them know what's going on, so she must be at home. The thought of her home alone fighting with whatever she was going through worried him. He knew that she loved him, she'd never said it, but he could tell by the way she looked at him, and by the way she spoke to him that she did. There was no doubt in his mind that she would come back, but he couldn't rush her. Esposito and Ryan would be with her soon and they would at least be able to make sure she was okay.

After what felt like hours, Castle's phone began to ring. It was Kevin Ryan, Esposito's partner. They had arrived at her apartment, but no one was there. Beckett didn't answer the door, so they had used the spare key she had once left with them at the precinct. They had looked through the house but there was no sign of Beckett anywhere.

"It doesn't look like she's been here for days Castle," Ryan said with a grin. "Where has she been?" he said wiggling his eyebrows at Esposito jokingly.

Hearing the smile in Ryan's voice, Castle got a little irritated. "This is no time to joke. Something is wrong. Kate is not here, she's not at home, and she hasn't gone to work. Her father hasn't heard from her and it's just not like her to just disappear. Something is wrong"

"Sorry Castle."

"Look, I'm going to try calling her phone. You guys look to see if you can find something there to let us know where she could be."

Castle didn't even wait for a response, he immediately hung up his phone and called Kate's number. The phone didn't even ring, it went straight to voicemail. Her phone was off. He didn't want to waste time leaving a voice mail, he wasn't even sure Kate would get it, so he hung up and dialed the only other person he could think of that Kate would have spoken to if she really was taking some time to herself.

He called Lanie.

"No, sorry Castle, she hasn't called me this morning. I heard that she was taking a few days off, I thought you were taking her to the Hamptons again or something." Lanie stated over the phone.

This was not looking good. Castle had called everyone he could think of, there was no sign of Kate anywhere. Something had happened to her, someone had taken her, there was no other explanation. He picked up the note she had left and took it with him to the precinct. He was determined to find out exactly what was going on.