Title: The Repercussions of Lies

Author: Bendyfish

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, just borrowing them for my little story. And I don't own the dialogue in the beginning of this story just borrowing the words to set the scene for my story.

Rating: M (for swearing, some scenes of a sexual nature and other adult themes in later chapters)

Story Line: What if Ianto didn't have a pteranodon to get Jack's attention, and Jack runs over him and then retcons him. What if Jack and Ianto still form a relationship but Ianto knows nothing of TW but something doesn't ring true.

A/N 1: There is no Gwen in this story, this all occurred before Gwen come to Torchwood, which I am grateful for.

A/N 2: the story has been written in its entirety and I will post every day (although some technical issues may be outside of my control). I would love reviews for each chapter but I know that some people just couldn't be bother, if this is you, please review at the end, I would love to know what you think.

Chapter 1

In the park at night

J: Thanks

I: No, thank you

J: And you are?

I: Jones, Ianto Jones

J: Nice to meet you Jones, Ianto Jones. I had it under control.

I: You think so? Looked pretty vicious, you're ..umm…..you were bleeding

J: I had worst from shaving

I:It looked like a weevil to me

J: I have no idea what you're talking about, I'll take him from here. Thanks for the assistance.

I: Anytime. By the way love the coat.

On the pier at Cardiff Bay

I: Morning. Coffee?

J: Wow

I: I want to work for you

J: No vacancies

I: Look, let me tell you about myself

J: Ianto Jones, born August 19th 1983, able student but not exceptional, one minor conviction for shoplifting in your teens. Number of temporary of jobs mainly a drifter until 2 years ago you joined the Torchwood Institute in London, Junior Researcher, Girlfriend, Lisa Hallet

I: Deceased

J: Sorry

I: Look you checked me out

J: You knew what a weevil was, thought I was going to have to come 'deal with you'

I: But instead you can see I have the right qualifications for the job

J: There is no job. We're nothing to do with Torchwood London. I severed all links.

I: Yet when it burnt, two members of your team scavenged the ruins.

J: I don't want the equipment getting into the wrong hands.

I: And you're the right hands, are you? Trial period, three months.

J: No

I: Three weeks, three days. Let me prove myself to you. I'll work for nothing

J: No

I: I saw what they did at Canary Wharf

J: (sighs)

I: What am I supposed to do with those memories?

J: You are not my responsibility and we're not hiring

I: Same time tomorrow, then

J: There is no job for you here and there never will be

I: I really like that coat.

On a road leading out of Cardiff.

Jack sighting Ianto standing in the middle of the road.

J: Oh

J: Okay this has to stop

I: No, listen to me

J: I don't have time for this. Look I don't care what your problem is. I want you out of this city by sunrise. There is no place for you here. Go back to London, find yourself another life. Keep stalking me, I'll wipe your memory.

I: No, but the thing is….

J: Look, any conversation between us, no matter what the subject is over, finished, done, forever! I'm getting back behind the wheel of that car. If you are still standing in the road, I'm gonna drive through you.

Jack turns with a swish of his coat, "I'm not moving" Ianto said determinedly, standing his ground, he had nothing, he just hoped that Jack would see his worth of information from Torchwood One would allow him entry to Torchwood Three.

"Then it's good bye from me" Jack says as he climbs in his car, knowing that no one would continue to stand in the road if a car is coming towards them. Ianto continues to stand unmoving, staring wide eyed with full determination pasted on his face.

Jack turns the key in the ignition, looking at Ianto, trying to place that determination, then recognising it, it is the same determination that he himself has, well there is only space for one person here on this planet with that determination and that's him, he thought. His foot presses down on the accelerator and picks up speed almost immediately and travels towards Ianto, who is still not moving, his hands behind his back, his legs spaced apart, his face uplifted and his eyes staring at the approaching car.

As Jack's car gets closer to Ianto, in that fleeting second their eyes lock and they both see the lost and pain that they have experienced, before the car strikes Ianto falls to the ground. Jack spins the car around and stops, shaking his head he looks, unbelieving that this man would continue to stand in the way of a car, preferring to be struck by the car rather than give in. Jack sees that Ianto is moving, he sighs with relief but wonders what would cause this level of determination in one so young. Jack grabs a flask of retcon that is always at the ready as well as pulling out his mobile, he calls an ambulance. Jack gets out of his car and walks over to Ianto with the flask in hand.

Ianto with his leg bent underneath him, looks up at Jack as he approaches pleadingly, "Lisa?"

Jack remembering that Ianto's dead girlfriend was called Lisa, he says to Ianto, "Yes, it's Lisa, here drink this, it will take away the pain"

Ianto drinks the offered drink, "Need to help…..Lisa"

"Yes, help is on the way" Jack misunderstanding Ianto, thinking that Ianto was seeing his dead girlfriend as he was laid there in pain and probably thinking that he would die. From what Jack could deduce from Ianto's injuries he appeared to have a broken leg and some minor scrapes all consistent with a slow moving car. Jack offers the drink again which Ianto takes willingly again ensuring that he would forget the past two years.

Maybe it was the combination of the pain and the retcon, Ianto began to drift off to sleep almost immediately. Upon hearing the ambulance Jack stood up and approached the ambulance officers, gives his Torchwood authorisation code and explains that this young man stepped onto the road before Jack could react to miss him altogether. The ambulance officer thanked Jack, recognising the Torchwood authorisation, noting it down and got set to assisting Ianto.

Jack walked back to his car, holding the door further ajar before he steps in, his car door already open from when he rushed out when he stopped after hitting Ianto, he looks at the scene, knowing that Ianto will survive the 'accident' however his memories would be wiped for the previous 2 years, all memories of his time in Torchwood, his dead girlfriend, the battle of Canary Warf would be wiped from his mind. It's for the best, Jack thought, this way this handsome man can get back to living a life, yes, Jack noticed Ianto was very handsome, almost breathtaking, with eyes that bore into your soul, his lips so pink and full, and his Welsh accent just made Jack's skin tingle. Whoa Jack thought, you're just run over this gorgeous man and now you're thinking of ….what? ….pounding into he, Jack you really are sick, Jack thought with a smirk on his face. Jack drove off, shaking those thoughts away to deal with the rift alert.

Climbing down into his bunk under his office Jack yawned and his thoughts drifted back to Ianto Jones. He hadn't seen that level of determination in a long time in others; it was a quality that Jack admired, as this strength is what it took to get things done. He wondered yet again what would cause someone to have this strength of character at such a young person. The Battle of Canary Wharf was an awful incident that should not have happened, so many lives were so cruelly taken, the lovely Rose was one of the many causalities, not by the Daleks or the Cybermen but by her ensuring that they were stopped. There were not many survivors from Torchwood London, and he thought that those few numbers were all either re-settled or dealt with counselling or moved off shore, out of harm's way from revealing the true story of what happened that day. How was Ianto dealt with, Jack wondered and why would Ianto seek Jack out, did he need validation or help in some way, Jack remembered that Ianto said that he needed a job, but why would he want to work at Torchwood after seeing the devastation of Canary Wharf. Oh well, Jack thought he would never know now, as the retcon would ensure that Ianto would not remember Canary Wharf, Torchwood or sadly his dead girlfriend although Jack suspected with his good looks he would have no trouble in obtaining another girlfriend…..or boyfriend.