Jones was happy with his new assignment. In the wake of all the chaos in the previous two years, he was finally given a position where he could be content. He never thought that he would make a good nurse, but it suited him, kept him up on the gossip, and usually enabled him to keep a long list of contact numbers of most of the prettiest girls he had ever seen.

He was making the rounds in one of the long term care wards when his personal com beeped an alarm. No, it wasn't one of his usual patients, this was coming from a room he rarely visited. He quickened his pace and rounded the corner. The alarm was coming from one of the long stasis cryo-pods that had been rescued from the Seattle by the great Admiral Briar! He had heard these things took a long time to thaw, but had thought two years was a bit of an over estimation. Guess he lost that bet.

He stood by, checking the vitals on the casket, then stood back as the unit beeped, then the lid slid open in a hiss of gasses and fog. A slender human hand rose from the mist, delicate with long fingers and neatly trimmed nails, followed by a shapely arm that carefully grabbed the edge of the casket. Jones' jaw dropped as a woman rose from the white haze, with long ebony hair and youthful features. Her almond shaped blue eyes showed no signs of confusion as they surveyed the room. "Care to help me out?" she asked, her voice rich and intoxicating.

Jones nodded and rushed forward, holding out his hand and offering his shoulder for her to lean on.

The woman carefully extracted herself from the casket, kicking one shapely leg up over the side, followed by another. Jones offered his coat when he saw that she was fully nude, but not that she seemed to mind.

"Thank you, that is so kind," she pulled his coat on, and he noted that it covered just all it needed to. "Hey uh, where am I?"

"Oh, Syren I, the year is-"

"I don't need to know the year silly, I've got my whole life to catch up on what I missed," she bent over the casket prompting a barely concealed groan from Jones. The woman then surfaced with a bottle of wine, and tucking it under her arm, she returned to Jones' side. "Is there a roof to this place? I want to see the stars."

"Uh, sure! And I can grab you more clothes along the way. Oh miss, I didn't catch your name."

"Hmm? Oh, its...Sierra."

"Sierra? Very pretty, and what is the bottle of wine for?"

"Oh this?" Sierra giggled. "Its to celebrate my retirement," she walked with him up the hall of the hospital. "Care to have a drink with me?"

"I'd love to. You sure you don't feel sick or anything, I can get a doc to look at you," Jones offered.

"Nah, I'm good," she suddenly paused and looked up at the speakers embedded in the ceiling. They played music throughout the hospital, usually in the common areas. "Oh that's my favorite song!"

"Really, its kinda old fashioned for me."

"Oh I love doo-wop."

Jones smiled and watched her bob her head to the beat, not even ten minutes out of cryo and this woman had stolen his heart. "So tell me miss, what else do you like?"

She giggled once more as Jones led her outside to show her the stars.