Red Roses

Chapter 1: Prologue

Pairings: RokuSo RoxasXSora Possible AxelXRiku


Warnings: VAMPIRE! Yaoi, Possible lemon, Blah Blah Blah.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts or its characters whatsoever. Nor do I own any of the shows mentioned in this chapter. However, I do own the plot, computer, and fingers.

Summery: Sora has always adored roses. He just feels complete with them. But he always wondered why a person would place a rose on his door mat. Deciding he would find out, he meets the person who kept leaving them there. Finding out he's a vampire, Sora has one question flowing through his mind. 'What's going to happen now?'

A/N: Okay, so, a fanfic-er pointed out mistakes and so, I decided to re-do this story with a different plot. So yeah.


Roses. Even the word spoken out his mouth sounded perfect. He loved everything about the delicate flower; the fragrance, the leaves, the thorns, the petals. Just about everything. It always seemed like a dream when he walks out his bedroom and into the living room. Red roses, which some were plastic and a small portion was real, littered the room. He just couldn't help but feel free and complete when he sees the flower. The fake flowers always seemed to make his whole house look beautiful.

I was hoping you would find it weird how he has many plastic or real roses in his house. You see, he has had a visitor, or stalker; whichever you prefer, always knock on his door at 12 o'clock in the morning. Checking it, he only finds a rose on his mat, not the person who has left it there.

Many times he has tried to find out who this culprit was, but to no avail, his plans always backfired. One night, he was up, listening for the echoed knock. Once he hears it, he races towards the door and swings it open to find nothing there but a rose. Searching around the area, he finds no one outside, but he does feel a presence. Even though he could feel the person close to him, he has never dared his chances and went outside into the dark night, in fear he may wound up in an alley with nowhere to go. Or he could be caught by some gang. Either way, he was afraid to step into the soundless night.

The brunette, Sora, started getting tired by this whole chase thing and decided that he will get the culprit by opening the door earlier. And living up to this promise, he decided to stay up the whole night watching old cartoons, like 'Spongebob Squarepants' or 'Tom and Jerry', or Et cetera. Looking towards the clock, he squint's his eyes a bit and reads it. 'Ten-Thirty…' Sighing, he throws the blanket that kept him warm off him, standing up to fetch a glass of needed water. As he walks away, he hears footsteps stomp down the stairs.

"Sora, why the hell are you up so late?!" He turns around to see his older twin brother, Vanitas. Funny, they looked alike yet they were so different on many levels.

Sora's complexion was a bit sun-tanned, his eye color a pool of blue, and his hair color a chocolate brown. His personality always shined like the sun. Being optimistic and positive, he could always bring a smile upon anyone's face.

Vanitas, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. Sickly pale skin, golden yellow eyes, and pitch black hair, he could make ones smile turn to a frown. Though he's not a bad person, he has that personality that always contradicted Sora's. He barely smiles, shows care, or anything to do with being happy towards the world. He just simply doesn't have a care.

Now, going back on tracks, Sora smiled tiredly at his brother, turning back around to head to the kitchen. Knowing he was just ignored, Vanitas rolled his eyes and sat on the couch, putting his attention to the TV.

Opening the door, he stalked to the counter, grabbing a glass cup and placing it under the built-in water disposal on his refrigerator. Pressing the button, he watches as the water rushes out, splashing against the inner side of the cup. Pulling his finger from the button, he grabs his needed water and places the glass rim on his lips, tilting the cup so the refreshing cold water hits his lips. Chugging the water down eagerly, Sora wipes his mouth with his hand, happy that he finally got his water. Putting the glass in the sink, he skips out the door, finding his brother on the couch watching 'Tom and Jerry'.

"Hey Van-nii, why are you up so late?" Vanitas looks up, finding his brother smiling happily. Sora walks to the couch and plops himself on it.

"I should be asking the same thing. Why are you up so late?" He points to his brother.

"You know how there's this guy who keeps on knocking on our door every midnight?" Vanitas nods.

"Why, did you finally find out who it was?" Sora shakes his head. Groaning, Vanitas lays his back against the couch. "That guy keeps coming to our house. He shows up and knocks on the door. We open the door, and POOF. He's not even there when we get it! The only we see is a useless flower on our fucking mat!" Feeling offended, Sora slaps Vanitas' arm.

"It's not a useless flower, it's a rose!" Sora remarked.

"Okayfine, a useless rose." Vanitas says with emphasis. Whacking him on the back of his head, Sora crosses his arms, huffing.

Groaning from the pain, Vanitas glares at his brother. Sighing, he grabs Sora's shoulders.

"Fine, I'm sorry. I guess it's not just some useless rose." Turning around, Sora glared at his twin.

"You bet it's not. It's really special to me." Vanitas raises a brow, spectacle of the new news brought to him.

"What do you mean, 'It's really special to me'?"

"I mean it reminds me of something." Vanitas looked at Sora.

"…Are you stupid or something? You don't even know what it reminds you of!" Sora huffs again.

"Shut up. Then what do roses remind you of?" Sora crosses his arms, waiting for an answer. Vanitas glares at his brother.

"I don't know! I'm not even interested in flowers, unlike you!" Sticking his tongue out, Sora turns his attention to the TV. Watching the cartoons for about an hour or so, Sora faces the clock again. 'Eleven- fifty five…' Turning to face Vanitas who was drinking (he got a drink long before), Sora elbowed him. Spitting his water across the table, the raven-haired glared at him, making Sora shrink back.

"S-sorry…?" Grunting, Vanitas dawned back towards the TV, grabbing the remote and changing to a different channel. Sighing in relief, Sora gets up and walks past his brother. Strolling to the door, he leans his ear against the door, wondering if he can hear anything against it.

Seeing this action, Vanitas goes to Sora and kicks him on the butt, making Sora jump and squeal like a girl. Vanitas stifles a laugh with his hand while Sora rubs his sore butt. Looking up at his other, he presses a finger to his full lips, silently telling Vanitas to shut up.

"Is someone out there?" Vanitas asks in a low voice. Putting his ear against the door again, Sora hears rustling. Nodding his head, Sora noiselessly got up and reached for the knob, slowly turning it and…

Sora swung the door open, finding the culprit ready to put another rose into the bouquet of roses. Dressed in a black cloak, Sora and Vanitas widen their eyes at the teen, seeing honey-blonde hair poking out of the hoodie he worn. Vanitas moves Sora aside and guards him, watching the boy.

Not noticing the two boys standing in front of him, the blonde male places the last flower into the red bouquet. Pointing to each rose, he counts the amount in an inaudible whisper. Lifting his other hand, he does a knocking motion with it. No noise was heard, so he looks up, gasping at the two males standing on the doorway.

Both the boys gasp as they look at the man's features. His slightly pink yet pale face was seen with big blue eyes wide with a small tint of red in the iris. Looking on, Vanitas gasped, widening his eyes more than ever. 'H-he looks exactly like Ven!'

Vanitas was right. This boy did look exactly like his boyfriend, Ventus Strife. Ven had the same complexion, their hair stuck up in the same way, yet this man's hair is a shade darker. He had the same eye color as Ven's, but without the red hue. Vanitas shook his head. He knew this boy was not his Ventus. Ven would TELL him that HE was placing roses at his door step. Besides that, Ven doesn't have two…long… FANGS?!

Vanitas' and Sora's eyes creep down to the boy's lips, which was slightly agape. They look at the two smooth fangs, slowly feeling panic go through their systems. They shook their heads, thinking (or hoping) the fangs were just plastic. The unknown blonde stands up quickly, turning around ready to run away.

Vanitas was quicker. Grabbing the unknown blond by the sleeve of his cloak, he drags the boy with ease, the other squirming around. Sora, amazed by his brother's braveness, walks towards them, his eyes not leaving the blondes face.

"Hey, could you stop wiggling!" The blonde looks at him, growling at the raven-haired in warning. Growling back, Vanitas grabbed the other arm, crossing them both behind the blonde's back. Turning around, Vanitas saw Sora slowly following. He calls to his brother.

"Hey, Sora," Sora looks up. "Go grab a rope for me!" Listening to his request, Sora runs off fetching a rope. Finding one, he races back to find Vanitas has the blonde on the couch, his arms pinned to his back. The blonde's hoodie was off him, showing his windswept hair. Vanitas saw his brother on the corners of his eye, lifting his free hand and opening his palm as a signal to throw or hand him the rope.

Sora saw this action and ran towards his brother, giving him the rope and watches as Vanitas wrapped it around the blonde's wrists. Slapping his hands together, Vanitas grins in triumph, looking down at the blonde.

"You better get me out of this." The blonde says.

"No way, not before you tell us who you are."

"Fine, I'm Roxas. Now let me go!" 'Roxas' squirms.

"Alright Roxas, how about this, answer all our questions truthfully and we'll let you go." Sora says, making the other males look at him. Roxas nods, looking at Vanitas.

"Hey, this position is really uncomfortable, can I please sit up?" Sora ran to the blonde, grabbing his sides and pulling him up into a sitting position. All the while the blonde was blushing as he felt Sora handle him. "A-and I won't talk unless you guys untie me. This rope is killing my wrists." Looking at each other, Sora and Vanitas contemplate whether to let Roxas loose from the bond.

Staring at the two brothers, he rolled his eyes. "I won't run away. I promise." Facing the blonde, Sora looks into Roxas' eyes, finding honesty in them.

"Untie him Van-nii." Vanitas looks at him. Searching his eyes, Vanitas sees that Sora trusts him. Sighing, he lets Roxas wrists free. Roxas grabs his wrist, rubbing it softly. Getting into a much more comfortable sitting position, Roxas looks at the two.

"So, what did you guys want to talk about?" Sora walks towards the blond, sitting right next to him.

"Okay, first off, why do you have those fangs? They must be fake. No one has teeth like that." Vanitas says.

"Well, vampires have teeth like this, and since I have them, I must be a vampire, which I am." Vanitas glares at Roxas while Sora scoots away.

"Then show us, Roxas." Baring his teeth, Roxas growls at the raven-haired.

"I'm warning you, I'm not afraid to sink these puppies in you." Vanitas, showing no fear yet still petrified in his mind, looks away, not wanting to have a vampire latch onto his neck. Turning towards his brother, Vanitas finds Sora on the edge of the couch, horrified.

"Aw, now look what you've done. You scared my baby brother." He says, pointing to his brother.

"H-hey! I'm not a-a baby!" He stutters out. Roxas faced Sora, smiling at him.

"Don't worry. I already had my fill." He says, trying to get Sora to feel better. Rolling his eyes at the two, he taps Roxas on the shoulder, causing him to turn around.


"The next question." Sora and Roxas turned to Vanitas with full attention. "Why have you been placing roses on our door mat?"

"You know how red roses signify love right?" Nodding their heads, they look at the blond to continue. "I love someone. That's why I've been placing roses on your guy's door mat."

"Then… Who do you love?" Sora asks hesitantly. Roxas faces Sora, grabbing his hand and putting it in between his own. Roxas looks into Sora's eyes deeply.

"I love you."

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