Author's Note;

I apologize for not updating any of my stories for quite a while!

You see, I lost my appetite for continuing any of my stories… It's just… So many new ideas keep coming and going, coming and going! Because of that, I've lost so much interest in my previous stories… And I've decided to make all my progressing stories on Hiatus, because one) I'll be making a story that I WILL finish (Or at least I hope so…), and two) I've lost interest, yet I still want them to be read and reviewed from other people. Just so they can build my confidence to rewrite or update again. I'm deeply sorry… But some of you guys will understand right? I mean, it's a usual occurrence to see someone not update for a while and then say the story won't be updated any longer…? Well, it always happens to me…

ANYWAYS, if you want, you can sorta yell at me, but keep it at a nice, smooth level, 'Kay? I'm really, really sorry!