This chapter is a prelude. In other words, I'm summing up the episode with a twist. Jade's feeling for Cat. Let me know what you think and Chapter two should be more my vision.

The Best Couple

Jade came into class a little late, wondering where Sikowits was. Taking her seat with the rest of her friends (and Tori) she did what she always does, sulked. The students were also wondering where he could be when suddenly Cat got an idea she thought was brilliant.

"Why don't we act out the final scene from Titanic." She began. "The part where the ship sinks. Oh wait, I ruined the ending." "Spoiler alert!" she screamed.

Everyone went about their usual rounds dismissing it as the weird girl being weird. All of of course except Jade. Jade had secretly admired the the little red head. The way she seemed so air-headed at times, then deep at others. The way she could always find the good in people even though Jade could always find their weaknesses. More than those aspects she admired one above all, the innocence of the girl. In jade's eyes Cat could do no wrong, she was perfect, the embodiment of perfect.

Andre shot down Cat's idea adding a snide remark cleverly disguising the fact that he was calling her an idiot, and Jade silently fumed, knowing she must hold her tongue lest their group become suspicious.

Jade had secretly wanted to be with Cat for as long as she could remember, but somewhere along the way things became tangled and confusing. She declared herself a goth, starting distancing people from her, shot down anyone who dared to step into her circle, but worst of all, she got a boyfriend. She wanted Cat and knew that Cat's most perfect feature would allow her to look past all of Jade's confusing problems. All but one, her boyfriend. It was with this realization that Jade knew what she must do. She had to become single, and soon before the pain she felt of not having Cat ate her away to nothing.

She sat in her chair silently thinking about how she'd become single. She couldn't just leave Beck. Although she wasn't in love with him, she still valued him as a friend. Or at the very least someone who could put up with her attitude. She thought and thought and felt pain and thought then decided she'd have to risk losing him forever, to have Cat. She was going to make him break up with her, by being the worst girlfriend ever.

Opportunity struck quickly when the Latina she had despised for no legitimate reason had her broken piece of crap phone go off. The high pitch squealing and crackling almost acted as an alarm bell for Jade to put on the queen Bitch. Knowing how Beck hated when she fought with Tori she picked at that scab.

"Tori, your phone's making noise" she shouted over the static. Beck couldn't sit by while she bullied his friends, even if she was his girlfriend so he defended her. Giving Jade the perfect ammunition she needed to pick a fight with her intended target, Beck.

The couple argued, and took low blows at one another, Jade's just a tad lower than Beck's, but soon ended because Beck found that fight to be too trivial. Slightly agitated that the fight was as small as it was she hastily sought a new opportunity. Finding one in Robbie's hopeless neediness when he was tasked to plug in Tori's phone charger. She shouted at him from across the room, but to no avail as Beck sat quietly.

The class carried on as usual, Jade took dropped some bait, Beck took some and left others, when Sinjin came into class. He was announcing his game show that he wanted them to participate in. She then had the perfect plan. If he was embarrassed on TV, there was no way he would stay with her, so that was what she set out to do.