Let me begin by saying to anyone following this, sorry for taking so long I haven't really been into the story what with trying to keep Jade as herself, and you can probably see that near the ending, so I'd also like to apologize for a hasty ending I've really been struggling with this story. Enjoy as much as you can.

"I think I should go." Cat said, excusing herself from the table. "I'll have my brother pick me up."

Meanwhile Jade sat their thinking. The girl I fell in love with just neglected me so harshly. Maybe she's not the girl I thought I loved. No, that's nonsense. She said I was evil...Could I be? Am I too evil for the pureness of Cat to change? Sobs came shortly after. She continued to sit there for minutes after the event took place.

Next day at school, Jade showed up an hour or so late, entering the building from the front door she looked across the hallway to where her friends, (and Tori) stood at Andre's piano locker. Swiftly making her way over to them in hopes of reconciliation, she strode, heels clacking her presence. After being alerted to her, by the sounds of her shoes on the tile, Beck took that as his cue to leave.

"Alright, I'll see you guys. Don't wanna be late to class." he said as he waved walking away. Cat too found a reason to make a hasty escape.

"Bye guys! I gotta go get this rainbow flavored gum, they just delivered to my locker." she too ran off waving. All that remained was Andre, Tori, Robbie, and now Jade.

"That was awkward." Tori quietly said. Jade glared at her, causing Tori now to leave.

"Well, I suppose I should go make sure Cat's rainbow flavored gum gets here in one piece. Bye!"

"I assume Cat told you about what happened last night." Jade began.

"Why should she have to tell us." Andre started. "We were there. You and Beck were in the middle of an argument. He got up angry, and left."

"Oh that's right. I completely forget you were there." she departed without saying more, all that could be heard was the clacking of her heels on tile again.

So Cat kept it a secret. Could this mean I have a chance? Probably not. I really just need to apologize, it'd be easier if she wouldn't run off every time I come close.

The day progressed as usual until lunch when Jade came out to a table devoid of any friends. I must have really messed up this time. Off in the distance a car pulling up could be heard. She investigated, to find it was her group. She went close to them but felt something inside of her stop her. What is this? Why can't I just go towards them. Am I... Guilty? Realizing this feeling was stronger than her she succumbed to it and walked off instead. To eat lunch alone until she was ready to face them.

Next day at school, Jade arrived on time again, seeing her group there in front of the lockers of one of her friends. She strode over to them again, this time ready to say what she needed to say. Beck spotted her first and again made his leave. Cat second and was on her way when Jade shouted out.

"Cat wait!" Cat stopped momentarily,

"I gotta go, I need to floss a weasel." she then began walking off towards her class. Jade, now content on fixing this problem, pursued her. Straight past her group, she sprinted with not even a 'hi' and they watched. She caught up to Cat, who ran surprisingly well in four inch heels, and grabbed her wrist.

"Cat just talk to me. Why are you shunning me?"

"Because I don't like evil." Jade released her grip. It had seemed to hurt more now, even after her preparation.

"How can I be less evil?" Jade plead.

"Well for starters you could be nicer to people."

"I haven't insulted anyone in three days."

"More importantly you could apologize to Beck, and tell him the truth."

"I try, but he runs."

"That didn't stop you from catching me, to say what you wanted to me." Awestricken by Cat's seriousness, and ability to maintain it, Jade didn't even notice when she walked off. Sadly moping to her first class of the day, Jade though about what she'd say to Beck when she finally got to say to him what needed to be said. I suppose coming clean would be the best thing I could do. What if he runs away like Cat did. God this is...just too much.

After class she made her way to Beck's locker, making sure not to stomp so that he wouldn't flee. To no avail as he saw her out of the corner of his eye and began to walk away. Silently jade called out to Beck to stay by dropping in the middle of the hallway in tears. He ran to her to help her.

"Jade are you okay?" he asked with concern heavy in his voice.

"No." she managed to sob. "I did so many bad things, and I'm now starting to feel it backfire. I've hurt the ones I loved for petty selfish reasons. I feel terrible for hurting you. I lied and manipulated, I-"

"Jade" Beck interjected " I forgive you." She wept into his shoulder for the next few minutes. After the bell rang they decided since they were late anyway they might as well go take a break. They left the school in Beck's car to relax in an open field as newly accepting friends.

They sat in the open field having laughs about the events that transpired over the past few days.

"Don't get mad but... I had wanted to break up with you because I have been falling for Cat."

"Ha. What? Does Cat know?"

"Well that's the only reason I fessed up to you, so that she'd accept me."

"Wow, the irony is, me and her are together now."

"What!?" Jade shouted seriously.

"Relax I'm just kidding. I deserve some payback for the way you've been treating me lately. So after this you gonna go to Cat and tell her you apologized?"

"No actually, I don't think I'm ready for her yet. I want to mature a bit and come into my own before I bring others into my life."

"Well that's some pretty mature thinking, I guess you're already halfway there."

"Not really, I read that in one those How To Be Deep books you gave me for my last birthday."

They shared more laughs as they piled into the car with the past passed and the future shining bright.

"Did I ever mention how 'great' it feels to get books on your birthday. Let's just chalk that up to one of the real reasons I broke up with you."

"Ahem, broke up with me. If I remember correctly I was the one who left."

"Yea left like a girl as I set this whole thing in motion."

The friends playfully argued as they drove back to civilization, and so ends Jade and Beck's strife, with the potential for so much more in store.