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Past Circumstances 2: Chapter 2


"Sir, good news. The Leaf is under our control, and after finding all we had to from the elders, we killed all those who opposed us. It is a shame that the Third had to die, but sacrifices were necessary."

"That sounds good. What about Itachi specifically? Did you find out who gave him the go-ahead to assassinate our clan?"

"No, they only said that they were the ones that agreed to it after they saw the Hokage die before them. They were especially talkative after that." The man smiled, almost about to laugh when Fugaku turned away from him.

"Alright. I am going back to Itachi. He is as strong as I knew him to be; this boy hasn't said a word about the plan in all this time we had him here."

Fugaku closed the door behind him, entering into a room that had a two-way mirror. He walked over to the mirror, glancing through, looking at his son sitting down in the lone chair in the middle of an empty room, save for a few select items against the wall. Two shinobi were on the floor, hands locked in a jutsu as they attempted to infiltrate the Uchiha's mind. Fugaku walked up to the door and relieved the two of their posts. He could tell by their expression that they had not finished what they set out to do and although Fugaku wanted to show them what happened when someone did not follow through with his plans successfully, he knew it would be too much to ask because of who they were against.

Itachi had been a known prodigy throughout the Uchiha clan ever since he had been young. He graduated from the Academy at an early age and set off to become a chunin and then a jounin soon after in short years' time. In the clan, although he was still just a child, he was placed with the responsibilities that were on par with the older generation. It was he who was the back bone for many of the missions that were assigned, and it was he who was able to finish them with no problems. One would ask why he went off onto the wrong path, but with all the secrets and shadows that were hidden to the general clan, it would be easy to surmise his rebellion.

Itachi had always thought that the work he and his fellow Uchiha members did was just and good. Being policemen and looking after the peace and the justice that the Leaf had thrived to gain was what it may have looked like from the outside, but in time, the lust for power had grown, and soon enough Itachi was allowed to enter the hidden closets of the Uchiha clan he held in such high esteems.

Fugaku had always watched Itachi, from the very first day the true nature of the Uchiha clan was revealed, making sure that the knowledge he had just gained didn't illicit some sort of unwanted uprising. It wouldn't be the first time that someone who had learned of the Uchiha's true nature revolted and attempted to change things so that those who judged the Leaf Village were also just and fair. Fugaku wanted to make sure that his son, the one who had all this special talent and skill, hadn't wasted it on an attempt to bring down the one plan that had taken years to produce. That was why he had watched Itachi, and every time he came home to dinner to meet his son, nothing would seem out of place. It was just a son leaving in the wee hours of the morning and returning to have food with his family, nothing at all weird about that. Soon though, as Itachi's prowess and skill grew Fugaku had placed a select few on alert in the clan. He didn't notice it himself, but Itachi was starting to worry him, and that paranoia that he got from his son, made him watchful, very watchful.

It wasn't soon that Fugaku and his very elite group of handpicked officers was following after Itachi, but of course, as should have been expected, the prodigy outwitted them. Fugaku shouldn't have been surprised in the least when he had gotten information about Itachi, but by the time all that had actually been able to be investigated, the case was turned around and nothing lead Itachi to anything suspicious.

Fugaku looked up at his son and thought he saw a hint of amusement in his eyes. "I know that you can't get the information out of me Father, so I'll just wait for the next batch of guys."

"You're talking quite a bit today Itachi." Behind Fugaku two more men came in, and they stood at the door awaiting their orders as to when to begin. "Make him talk," Fugaku spoke walking out.


Sasuke stepped out of the forest, his mom by his side as he made his way to the Leaf Village. Upon stepping foot into the Leaf's border, Sasuke realized the severity of the situation that his mom had explained. She had told him the Leaf was getting attacked, but to think that it would be destroyed into the condition it was in now… Sasuke looked at his mom, wondering why this had happened.

"Sasuke, there is a lot about the clan that you don't understand." She looked out into the street and saw a group of her own clansmen torturing a poor family. She shook her head, disgusted, running to stop them from causing more harm. Sasuke watched the layers unfold before him. The just and peace-making clan that he had known had fallen into the depths of nowhere before his eyes, and here only laid the remnants of those fallen strata.

He still didn't understand why though, and obviously his mom hadn't wanted him to know just yet. Even if she knew he was from the future, what did he know about the clan? Why was the clan here, and what was the reason for it bringing war unto the village that had been Sasuke's home? Mikoto ran back, taking Sasuke and leading him away from the chaos and away from witnessing even more of the darker side of his clan.

"Mom…" he started and she just looked at him.

"I know. Itachi should be able to explain everything."

They continued to walk away when again following the path to the compound when she spotted someone hiding in the brush of the surrounding foliage. She ran over to him, asking if he was okay. "Yeah I am just fine." Sasuke walked up to his mom and the young man. "Hey Sasuke, did you get your revenge?"

"No I didn't and I may have to rethink it. I may also need some more help."

"Alright I see no problem with that seeing as we need to change the future anyways. I will not allow my student to live in such a sad time if I can do something about it now." Kakashi smiled at Sasuke, standing up to help with their mission.

The trio went up to the police station and after stopping Sasuke, Mikoto spoke to him her plan. "You need to talk to Itachi. Ask him to tell you why this is happening."

"What about you?"

"I will distract your father. If you can get in and stop that sad future from happening, than my job will have been done." Mikoto hugged her son, tears lining her face as she told him to sneak into the interrogation room. Kakashi followed after Sasuke, stopping and looking at Mikoto.

"I am sure if you were alive in his real future, things would be different." She smiled after he left, turning herself toward the police office's door. She stepped in and asked if she could speak to her husband.


Fugaku made it to his office only to find someone running to him, telling him that his wife wanted to talk to him. He sighed, sitting down in the chair and looking out at the door. Mikoto walked in, looking at him with unhidden distaste. He sighed again and asked her to close the door. "What do you want? He asked not at all wanting to get into this right now. He knew what she wanted, and what she wanted wouldn't be able to be fulfilled. Itachi was going to stay where he was, even if he died in the process of extracting the information about the true mastermind behind his plan.

Mikoto stood next to the closed door, eyeing her husband. Yeah, she had always known about the plan to take the Leaf under their control, and even though she had hated the idea entirely, she went through with it… but it was going too far to have their son killed because of wanting to protect the village. Sure it would seem he betrayed the clan, but Mikoto saw passed the "traitorous barrier" and saw something deeper. Itachi was taking the burden of the Uchiha name onto his shoulders (from what she understood from his wanting only Sasuke to kill him in the future), and doing what he thought was right. How could she want to kill him for that? "Fugaku…"

"Nothing you say will change my mind, or the others," said Fugaku blatantly.

"But we just need to talk to him! He is doing only what he believes is right!"

"And betraying the clan is right? Mikoto…" said Fugaku in a dark tone. His voice had become a mere whisper, as if he was threatening her. "As a member of the Uchiha council, I cannot disregard the words you have spoken. They are treasonous…"

"Fugaku…" spoke Mikoto in a voice just as low, "I am willing to die for my sons. I will save him before either of you make a mistake." Fugaku was so awe stricken about her declaration, that he had no time to be taken aback about what followed. Mikoto took her stance, ready to attack the man that she had been through both good and hard times with.

"You cannot go back from this Mikoto."

"I know, and neither can you Fugaku."


Sasuke looked over the wall, watching as two guards walked back and forth in front of the door that led to the interrogation room. The room didn't house just one interrogation room, but a good number of them, and surely in front of every door, there would be a myriad of bodyguards watching over should any of those being interrogated try to escape. Sasuke looked back to Kakashi smiling at him. "I don't know how many people are inside of the room, and there is no telling if you are coming back alive…"

"Well then, I guess it was nice meeting you Sasuke, and I hope that you do do what's right." They both smiled and then after a silence Kakashi went up first. "Hey guards, how would your boss like it if he knew that I was able to sneak in without anybody knowing anything?"

"How did… He's a Leaf Village ninja!"

"Speaking of, I think I do owe you guys for our village…" Kakashi took out the first two guards, and then, after opening the doors, he did a few hand signs and his dogs came out. "Go get 'em boys," he yelled loudly walking into the room with his guard up. No matter how good he was, they were still greater in numbers and still Uchiha; he couldn't get cocky. He turned to look at Sasuke, who had taken the diversion and used it so he could get into the room. With a final nod of the head, the boys looked away from each other to accomplish their tasks.

Sasuke jumped down behind a desk as four other Uchiha ninja ran to the commotion at the front of the room. He looked in the windows, getting glances of other criminals, Leaf ninja that he knew had high status, and even a few other ninja that were a part of his own clan yelling and gritting their teeth as those interrogating them caroused in their minds. Sasuke clenched his fist. The Uchiha, they trusted no one, and they only wanted to grow, with nothing in their way.

He thought of himself.

Hadn't he wanted to do the same when he went for Orochimaru's power? Did he not try to stop all those who had been in his way? Did he have any right to judge his father and his clan for what they were doing when once before he had done the same thing? The boy growled loudly, pounding the wall. He didn't have time for this. Right now he had to find his brother and demand answers for the questions he had. He quickened his pace in searching for his brother, finally stopping in a room in the back. Two guys were in there, panting hard. They had just come back from Itachi's mind, and by the smirk evident on his brother's face, Sasuke surmised that Itachi's mind was just too strong for them. He opened the door, chidori already chirping and crackling in his hand as he attacked the two ninja.

"What a nice surprise."

"Shut up Itachi. I have something to ask you and I want you to answer me truthfully." Sasuke went to the door, barricading it with whatever objects he found lying around the room. He turned to Itachi, looking him straight in his eyes, waiting. Itachi sighed, and looked away from Sasuke.

"I choose the village over the clan… because I felt they were wrong. They were going to take over the Leaf Village, and I knew that they could. The Leaf was still recovering from another war, and they would lose. The Third wanted to talk, and though his heart was in the right place, I knew it would be futile." He paused, allowing Sasuke to absorb his words. "Our clan wasn't one to talk, but to do things with action. I am sure you of all people should know that…"

"But why… why were you going to kill all of them. Mom…"

"Sasuke, I know that you probably dealt with difficult things, and guessing from how much you hated me, I am guessing that I actually was able to pull off the assassination in your time huh?" He smiled at Sasuke, a sad sorrowful smile.

"You knew? How…?" Itachi only looked at him smiling.

"I had to talk to you. Why do you think I got captured? I knew you would try to come after me and ask some questions." Itachi started to move his hands, attempting to get out of the restraints. He twisted and turned his hands, finally getting free from the chair.

Outside there was still the sound of grunts and thuds, people most likely getting thrown into the walls. As more people rushed over to the fray, a man peeked inside of the room with the toughest person to interrogate. He saw Sasuke inside of the room and saw Itachi walking towards the boy. "What the hell?!" he yelled loudly. The men who had been behind him stopped to see what the problem was. "Why is Sasuke here?"

The door knob was wriggled and the men started to budge the door open. Sasuke moved to the door, holding it steady. Itachi walked over to him, putting his hand on his head. "Sasuke, I am sorry, for the pain that I have caused you, and for taking away your family. I knew what I was doing, and I was planning on having you kill me, but it turned out horribly wrong didn't it?" he laughed. "This time I will have to kill the clan, mostly dad because he is the mastermind behind everything… but just know that you won't have to avenge them, or become an avenger. Live your life out like the child you once were." The door was becoming harder to hold steady, but Sasuke was so entranced by his brother's words that he barely noticed. Why? It wasn't as if he forgave Itachi for what he did… right? Itachi moved his hand from Sasuke's head, all the way down to his forehead, flicking him in the way that was special to them both. "I will always love you Sasuke."

Itachi moved Sasuke out of the way roughly, taking on the Uchiha that stormed the room. "Itachi!" called Sasuke as he saw him defeat the men easily, already running out to the hallway, most likely after their father.


Mikoto jumped out of the office, running away to the front of the building. Behind her, she threw shuriken, stars, and kunai at Fugaku, hoping to stop him even just a little. She hurried a little further, turning back to face the door; the real fight would begin when he got outside. She saw the other police officers running to her, about to attack and arrest her for assaulting a police officer, but Fugaku stopped them. "This is my problem, and I will deal with her." He looked at her. "I do love you Mikoto, but I need to do what is best for my clan. It's too bad that I am not sorry…"

Fugaku made a hand sign, throwing a fireball jutsu at the woman. It wasn't just thrown though. It was allowed to grow bigger and more intense as it stayed in place. By this time, it had been so big that she had no way to dodge it. She took her stance. Sasuke and Itachi had to have made up, she felt no more worry for them anymore and that must've been her mother's instincts taking over. She smiled and closed her eyes. She could finally die peacefully now that her job was done.

In front of her, the fireball had grown large and as it flew in the air toward her, she felt the heat on her face. Sweat started to drip down her face, all over her body. The smell of singing hair was strong on her nostrils and she knew it was the end.

Fugaku turned as the ball hit the ground, a ring of flames covering the area. As he made his way inside, a ninja came out hollering. "Chief! Itachi… he has…" The man didn't need to finish the sentence. Fugaku quickly turned to the ring of flames, looking around for a sign of death, but he saw none. He was about to curse out loud when he heard him.

"I cannot let her die by your hands Father," said Itachi. His mother was in his hands, lain on the roof of the police office.

"What do you think to achieve? Even you cannot defeat the entire clan."

"I know that, but that is not why I am here."

"Oh so I see you would take your mother's place? Alright then," said Fugaku taking off his coat, "I guess it is time that I get serious."


Sasuke ran after his brother, yet even with all that training, he couldn't keep up. Uchiha clan members had caught up with him, attacking him for setting Itachi free. Four men had surrounded him, all of them ready to attack Sasuke simultaneously and he readied himself to evade the attacks. He couldn't stay here any longer; who knew what Itachi was going to do. Sasuke attacked first, going after the one directly in front of him. He used his taijutsu first, punching and kicking the man away from the others. Angering the other three, they attacked him at once, their Sharingan on their eyes. His eight year old body couldn't take the effects of his own red eyes for too long. After having taken out three of the four, he was winded, his chakra depleting to a dangerous level. A few more Uchiha stopped in front of him, and he was trying to hold on as long as he could. He did not want to use the curse seal… at least just yet. He stepped back slowly to a wall, watching with caution, the men in front of him. He attempted to bring his fists up, but he was stopped.

"Sasuke, I'll deal with this, go, quickly to your mother."

"But Kakashi-sensei, you will die…"

"What are you talking about? I am still in tip-top condition!" He jumped up and down a little, but his enthusiasm couldn't fool Sasuke. The older boy was out of chakra too, the Sharingan eye taking the most of his power; he would die any moment, Sasuke noted. Kakashi noticed the sullen look. "Sasuke, it is my job to make sure you get a chance to live your life okay? Now hurry up, I can't stand thinking such a beautiful woman getting hurt while you can protect her."


"No, we will meet again." Keeping the tears from falling Sasuke ran out of the room. He looked back only to see Kakashi fall to the floor, the Uchiha men circling around him to really beat him good.

Outisde, Fugaku waited until his son stood in front of him, both of them eyeing each other as rivals. Fugaku made it clear that no one was to interfere and soon after, the man charged. Itachi too ran forward, meeting his dad half way. They were locked in a hand-lock, Fugaku being the first one to break it by kneeing Itachi. Itachi doubled over as small balls of fire flew around him. Following the flaming balls of fury, the man jumped in the air to attack by hand. Itachi evaded, rolling onto his back and throwing both kunai and paper bombs into the air above him. Fugaku was caught dead on, not being able to dodge the upcoming attack in the air. Itachi rolled away as a cloud of smoke was seen.

Fugaku dropped to the ground, his clothes torn and tattered. He looked at Itachi, his Sharingan shining bright red. "Good job Itachi…" Running forward again, they went at it with taijutsu, both of them anticipating each other's movements thanks to their eyes. Itachi reached his fists out for a punch, getting Fugaku in the face as Fugaku did the same, taking the other side and hitting Itachi with his own fist. Both blows were strong, but Itachi, being younger, had nothing on his father's olden strength. He recoiled back, taking a step to steady himself as Fugaku came at him to attack again.

Sasuke just left the office, not bothering to go through the front door. He saw from a window both of his family members fighting each other. He jumped through the window, breaking the glass, and showering the members of the Uchiha clan below him with the sharp shards. He stepped in front of Itachi, making his father stop instantly.

"Sasuke what are you doing? Are you siding with Itachi?" Sasuke shook his head roughly.

"No I am siding with mom on this. She is right. No matter what Itachi did, he didn't go through with it, and plus, I would never want this for my village. When I chose to have my revenge against Itachi, it was him and only him!" Sasuke looked at his dad. The man only smiled.

"I see Sasuke…" In a flash, the man ran to his son, grabbing him by the collar and holding him against his will. "What are you going to do Itachi? Sasuke or you?" From the roof, Mikoto who had been watching everything ran down to save her son, but those other Uchiha members stopped her.

"Sasuke!" she yelled struggling in their hands.

"Itachi choose now or else he will die." A kunai was produced and it was held threateningly close to Sasuke's neck.

Itachi glared at Fugaku. "I didn't want to use this on you, but…" When he closed his eyes, and opened it again, his normal Sharingan eye had evolved. It was now the Mangekyo Sharingan. His father inhaled sharply, but regained his composure soon after.

"I should have figured…" he said right as Itachi looked him in the eye. Fugaku fell to the floor releasing the Uchiha's brother from his grasp. In Fugaku's mind he was experiencing pain like never before, for what seemed to go on for almost three days. In the real world, the man fell to the floor completely exhausted. Murmurs from the on looking crowd raised the question of how their chief was down from what seemed like only a second that had passed. Another man ran up and grabbed Sasuke as he started to get up, just as the body of the Fugaku poofed into another form. Fugaku looked at his double smiling. "And I did anticipate this. Itachi, there are no more tricks, we have been tailing you for the longest so there is nothing that can surprise us."

As Fugaku finished his sentence, the police officers under his command stepped up and attacked Itachi. Over thirty men with sharp kunai ran to the young man, impaling him as fast and hard as they could. Itachi moved quickly, trying to dodge and attack a number of them, but he only stopped so many. Over the cries of his mother, he heard the saddened cries of his brother. Looking back at him, much like Kakashi had, Itachi, bloodstained and drained, smiled at Sasuke and fell to the floor.

Sasuke looked at his older brother on the floor and almost didn't believe it. He started to call out for him, yelling and demanding that he answer him. Mikoto behind him was just as bad, fighting with the men who bound her, to reach her son. Looking at Sasuke, she knew he was devastated; his brother had died right in front of his face, killed by his own father. Sasuke closed his eyes, sniffling silently. The seal had started to flow again, and when Fugaku saw this, he got stunned and dropped Sasuke as if he had been burning hot. Sasuke looked at him, hatred coloring the red of his eyes.

"I saw this power before when you were fighting Itachi earlier… what kind of power is this?"

"This is the path that I chose in order to enact my revenge…" he paused, allowing all of his abhorrence to accumulate at the surface. "But those plans have changed since I now know who the real enemy is…" Fugaku looked at the boy, baffled. He knew enough of his son to know that only recently has he found out about Itachi's betrayal, and in that short time frame he wouldn't have been able to achieve such a dangerous power… there was something off about the whole thing, but he disregarded it. All he had to do now was take out the rest of his family that stood as obstacles to his plan. He smiled, Fugaku did.

"Oh and you too think that doing what is best for the clan makes me an enemy? Alright then Sasuke, let us see just how much this power has actually helped you?"

Sasuke waited until his dad had started the attack, running under him, and throwing him up into the air just like Lee had done to him. He grabbed him around the torso, turning so that they were both rocketing down towards the ground. Before they hit the ground below, Sasuke let go, jumping away just as the man hit the hard ground. A large crater was formed, and he stepped out, a small bit of blood making a line on the side of his lips; he wiped it away.

Fugaku was angry now. How the hell had he been taken down so hard? Sasuke was only eight, and what is worse, was that Fugaku didn't know what else Sasuke had in store for him. He was starting to feel that he should have paid attention to the boy earlier on in the years… He shook his head, making a hand sign, getting serious again. Fugaku opened his mouth and the same fireball jutsu that had almost killed Mikoto was in the air again.

Sasuke watched the giant ball forming, and decided not to wait until it was complete before attacking. He went over to Fugaku, with a Pheonix Flower fireball jutsu, many fireballs flying around the air. Fugaku dodged them, still adding power to the ball in front of him. Mikoto stared at her husband, knowing he was exhausted beyond compare, and looking at Sasuke, he was in the same state. His eight year old body couldn't compare to the body of one who had fought all his life, no matter if said man had been using his Sharingan since he fought with Itachi. Sasuke was tiring from both the curse seal and the ocular jutsu that were both in use simultaneously, and pretty soon he would be too fatigued to continue fighting.

Fugaku released the large fireball, embedding a great number of kunai and ninja stars inside of it. Even if it didn't hit Sasuke directly, some of the weapons inside would hit him. He looked at his son who had run forward, jumping over the giant ball of flame to evade it, but it had exploded under him, releasing all of its contents. Heat and heated metal flew in all directions, hitting even allies. Fugaku shook his head, trying to shake away the tire that plagued him, but instead took a kunai into his hands. Mikoto took this chance, and started to run to Sasuke just as he landed on the ground, him hurt terribly by the flames. He didn't let that stop him though, as he pulled up as much chakra as he could for one last attack. He ran, his chidori in his hand, cackling as loud as it has ever had, almost as if it too knew that this was the last attack.

Mikoto was becoming desperate. If she didn't reach Sasuke now, all would be over; if Sasuke missed, everything for him and the village that he once knew would be finished, never to be revived or remade. She took a final jump, landing right in front of Fugaku, facing him. "Stop it Fugaku," she cried, but he only smiled. He had won this, he thought. Sasuke's momentum had been way too fast to stop and even though he wanted to, he couldn't. Fugaku grabbed his wife and held her in front of the crackling chidori, knowing that Sasuke would impale her and not him, and when that was over, they would both be blown to bits by the paper bomb that was on the kunai. Fugaku knew that was the only reason Mikoto had ran in front of him, to stop Sasuke from getting hurt by the bomb.

Right before Sasuke reached them, Fugaku took his wife and kissed her. "Since this will be the last time I see you Mikoto…" he said before turning her so her face was facing Sasuke. Her visage was sad and sorrowful, tears running down like streams. Sasuke finally hit her, his hand extending all the way through her body, and the expression that was seen on Sasuke's face only made Mikoto cry harder. Fugaku hit her with the paper bomb kunai, throwing her onto Sasuke. There was an explosion and Sasuke fell to the floor, his dead mother on top of him.

"Mom! Mom!" he yelled out, crying his heart out. This was just like the past except only now it was another person who had assassinated his family. He hadn't expected such a turn of events… was it because he had gone back in time and changed the future? He didn't know because he was still in the past… what would the future look like if he went back to it? Surely now he didn't even care for it. All the hard work that he had attempted here in the past had been destroyed, finished off by his father… He would rather die than deal with all those problems that will be posed to him in the future if he went back; he was at peace here. He closed his eyes, not even caring what his father was doing behind his closed eyes.

"Is that really what you want?" Sasuke's eyes went wide inside of his mind. "Sasuke, did we raise you to run from your problems?"

"Mom? Aren't you dead?"

"Yes, and I am going to help you. You need to go back; you cannot stay here… or die here." She didn't have to specify "where" because he knew she was talking about the future, his future.

"Mom, there is nothing back over there for me!" Sasuke was surprised that he had talked at all to her, being he always bottled his feelings, but he figured it was the same thing as to talking to her through her grave, except now he was able to see her. "I abandoned EVERYTHING to get my revenge… now I see that it was all for naught…"

Mikoto walked over to her son, laying her hand on his shoulders. "You can change your past Sasuke, and change your decisions." He stared at her. "What do you say Sasuke?"

"Mom…" Sasuke said speechless. Mikoto laughed and kissed his forehead.

"Now remember Sasuke, live for yourself, not for the village." When she hugged him, he felt warmness flooding over him. His vision was starting to blur, knowing his mom was gone for good. As the last tear dropped from his eyes, and ,ade its way down his cheek, Sasuke's vision went black…


"I will never be like you or Naruto…" said Sasuke a ways away from Sakura who stood behind him. She was already in tears and she was already opening her mouth to retaliate when Sasuke got a headache. He felt himself loosen from the grips of reality for a second, a voice that was familiar to him telling him to live for himself, not the clan. He looked around his bearings, after recovering from the short momentary loss in reality, seeing the crescent moon high in the sky, the familiar pathway, the bench that he laid Sakura on those years ago… He was back in the village, the day when he had left to meet up with the Sound ninja to gain Orochimaru's power..

"Do you really want to go back to being alone? You told me how painful it was to be alone! Right now, I know your pain…" The girl's words passed right through Sasuke's ears as he thought about what had happened. Why was he here at this particular point in time? Sakura came back into his mind. "I love you with all my heart!" Sasuke looked at her, shocked. The first time this had played out, he had listened to everything she had said. Even though she was an annoying girl at first, she was genuine in her feelings for him and that is why he had thanked her. He appreciated her attempts to be a friend, but he threw all that away for power, to kill Itachi…

Sasuke turned to her, walking up to her. She had gone quiet, only the occasional sniffling ruining the silence around the duo. "Sakura," Sasuke said, "let's go home." Sakura had been so happy, that she hugged Sasuke, crying onto his shirt. He smiled at her softly, pushing her off gently as they walked back to their houses. He stopped for a second and looked at the moon. It was the same one that had been there when Itachi killed the clan, but startling to him, he harbored no resentment, only sorrow for all those that had died by his brother's hands and for Itcahi as well. He looked back at the girl waiting for him, a smile bright on her face as he walked back to her. Things would surely be different this time around…


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